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La Plata County Jail Noise Demo (Durango, CO) - New Year's Eve 2011/2012   4 years 42 weeks ago

Wow insults, that's the best you can do? No facts, on real argument. I live in Denver and yes I was not at the La Plate county Jail, so what. Your post is filled with misinformation I might add.  America does not have more prisoners because we treat them well. Come on really?? What people migrate here to go to our good jails, is that what your saying? That"s idiotic.

I can see you do not know what your talking about but for those who are reading this with us let me point out a few things. I will site sources. I bet you can't or wont. I stand by what I said earlier about you sir I think your a right wing shill/troll or a prison guard, ether way your not real or suffer from Stockholms syndrome (you'll have to look that up on your own).

Our prisons do torture people consider the article be the ACLU on the use of solitary confinement (found here, Oh You don't believe it's torture I bet. Maybe consider this article on human rights abuses

Read this article "Hellhole The United States holds tens of thousands of inmates in long-term solitary confinement. Is this torture?"  You can find it at

Maybe you'd like to read this article called Human Rights Watch condemns US prison system, immigration policy, By Kate Randall, 28 January 2011 which you can find here

You may also want to read the report, Commission on Safety and Abuse in America's Prisons which you can find here

Now let me try to at least help you get real facts. The Bureau of Justice Statistics is a part of the US department of Justice. It is considered by experts to be the US government most reliable source of justice statistics. Here is the home page

You may want to do a little reading.

As to riots in Europe come on get real sir. Do you speak any language but English? Do you know anything about Europe? That is almost a joke to say that the reason we have less riots then there because of our prison system. Prove it!! site two sources that say that that are reputable! I dare you!

I agree sir that Ron Paul is an Idiot and that is all we will agree on. I will not wish you a nice day.  I do think as a victim (if you are not a right wing shill or guard) that you should consider getting some help.

La Plata County Jail Noise Demo (Durango, CO) - New Year's Eve 2011/2012   4 years 42 weeks ago

Phil, you are a hypocrite.
You talk the talk but you dont walk the walk.

Where were YOU on new years???????????
You sure a hell weren't at La Plata jail because ZERO of you showed up. Hey it was in the paper ZERO.
America has more prisoners because we treat them well, no torture, good food, TV, that's why we have less riots than europe or any other place and fewer executions (which I don't belive in but I will make change by VOTING )  
And I'm not a republican prison guard

By the way Ron Paul is an idiot, almost as bad as YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Have a nice day :)


La Plata County Jail Noise Demo (Durango, CO) - New Year's Eve 2011/2012   4 years 42 weeks ago

You should take a little personal responsibility for posting an attitude that has made America a prison state. We have 4.7% of the worlds population and 25% of all the prisoners on the planet thanks to the reactionary attitudes and fascist policies of people who think like you!! I do not believe you are real. I think you are a right wing shill, maybe a republican jail guard or a Ron Paul fascist/racist.

At the least you are someone who in my mind suffers from Stockholm's syndrome or some sort of guilt/shame complex with a serious need to show he can be a good wage slave to his boss masters.

La Plata County Jail Noise Demo (Durango, CO) - New Year's Eve 2011/2012   4 years 42 weeks ago

As I read your post I have to wonder, are you a jail gard trolling to rebut the obvious evil that you represent?  Realy.  I think you are fake personally.

La Plata County Jail Noise Demo (Durango, CO) - New Year's Eve 2011/2012   4 years 43 weeks ago

I just talked to my buddy in "La Plata Ramada" he said you people are and I quote "Stupid fucking dumbasses who have nothing better to do than to stir shit up cos you have no life"
Further he went on to say he hopes "you stupid fuckers DONT show up and wake him up"
He closed by saying the rest of the inmates in his cell block feel the same.
Then he said you were "Vegan cocksuckers" which that oxymoron busted me up.


Just sayen.....


La Plata County Jail Noise Demo (Durango, CO) - New Year's Eve 2011/2012   4 years 43 weeks ago

How awesome. Its ben a LOOOONG time since I heard someone stand up and admit it was they who messed up and didn't try to blame someone else.
I too have spent time in La Plata County Detentions, food was GREAT, deputies were polite and pleasant, treated us with dignity didn't belittle us, warm in the winter cool in the summer, color TV, endless hot water (not like home where I gotta take a shower in under 7-8 minutes).

I talked to my buddy there, he said all you "protesters" are stupid idiots for wasting your time and he hopes you DONT show up because he doesn't want to get woke up buy your "Looser rally"

La Plata County Jail Noise Demo (Durango, CO) - New Year's Eve 2011/2012   4 years 43 weeks ago

I feel for you having been in jail and I support you wanting to own your actions. Having said that the sentiments you state are to a great extent colored by your experience and a combination of guilt and shame in my opinion. I do not mean to judge you harshly or to be in any way mean or disrespectful.

You did 6 months for drugs (o ra crime directly related to your use of them) if I read you right. I do not know if you got a felony or if it was a mister miner but I do know that drug addiction is a disease. You where punished for having a disease. If you got a felony then that punishment will sadly be forever as you will most likely never work for a major company or be able to hold a license in a wide range of professions. In some states you will even be barred from educational help as well.

Yes there are some evil people in jail and prison. The number of as you call them "chomos and chicken hawks" however is a small number and yet you make it out as if the jail (or even prisons) are just full of them. WRONG!

My bet is you had to interact with one or two. But my bet also is you have little knowledge of there crimes if indeed they commuted them, after all your in jail not prison and felony sex offenders do not serve their sentences in county jail. County jails house mister minor crimes and people awaiting trail and the people awaiting trail have not been convicted yet.

There is a syndrome called Stockholm syndrome in which people who are captured, kidnapped or otherwise held by a tormenter/abuser come to identify with their abuser. They even defend the abuser.

Know this you will be considered one of those shit bags by most people in this society however unfair that may seem. There will be little in the way of real second chances for you or most people with a record. The punishment will never really end.

I can say this with experience as an ex-felon and unlike you I was in a real prison not some cushy county jail. Putting yourself above others who you where incarcerated with in my view is a product of your anger and expresses a willingness to escape from a more complete and holistic examination of both your responsibility and the responsibility of society as a whole.

Keep in mind that the USA has the highest incarceration rate in the world! We have 4.7% of the worlds population and 25% of all the prisoners an the planet. It is not due to freedom, or choice. It is an industry and we are a police state!

You sir are as much a victim as you are a perpetrator weather you see it or not. Yes own your actions but do not for a second try to say that you are not also a victim of a system that will punish you for the rest of your natural life.


I wish you luck and a good life.

La Plata County Jail Noise Demo (Durango, CO) - New Year's Eve 2011/2012   4 years 43 weeks ago

I was incarcerated at the La Plata Jail for 6 months. I just got out. I hate every second of it. I learned a lot when I was in there; being that, I was responsible for my actions. I have an affliction; drug and alcohol dependency. I fucked up, not my family or the cop that arrested me, or the judge who put me away. It was me who put my ass in jail. There are a lot others like me in there, but there are some scary creeping evil fucks that don’t need to see the light of day. I’m talking about the child rapists (chomos and chicken hawks), robbers, and murderers. I had to interact with them in jail, and I loathed it.
I appreciate the sentiment, and wanting to express your concerns for the incarcerated population, but the bottom line is, we all make choices. If you screw up, you go to jail, or prison. Coming to the jail on New Years Eve to make noise and support inmates would be a slap to the face of the victims of our community. Because theses victims suffered heinous crimes, crimes that were committed against them by some of the shit bags in the La Plata County Jail.

Its beginning to look like an anarchist x-mas   4 years 43 weeks ago

Hey y'all.. appreciate what you're doing, but a major tip for wheatpasting... don't do it if it's going to get below 32 degrees (below freezing). The paste will freeze, making it crack and easy to peel off.


Just sayin... winter wheatpastin tends to not end up as good as you think it will.

Its beginning to look like an anarchist x-mas   4 years 43 weeks ago

I like the banner drop and the white pasting!!! Good work and happy anarchist X-mass to all.

Scoop Nemeth Reporting - Occupy Denver Saturday March for Immigrant Rights   4 years 44 weeks ago

I loved you report scoop.  Thanks It brought a smile to my face and warmed my heart to hear your report.  Very direct, I like that. 

Occupy Denver Saturday March for Constitutional Rights   4 years 44 weeks ago

Well I learn something every day. I always knew you as scoop but now I know to call you Scoop, sorry Brian.

Occupy Denver Saturday March for Constitutional Rights   4 years 44 weeks ago

My name is not Nathan, I'm Brian.

But, I go by Scoop Nemeth

Just like (Denver broncos cornerback) Champ Bailey's real name is Roland Bailey.

Just call me Scoop

Occupy Denver Saturday March for Constitutional Rights   4 years 44 weeks ago

Nathen, I think you did a very good job on the video, thanks for the report and your work.

Thousands Headed to NYC for Wall Street Occupation   4 years 45 weeks ago

Good post

Denver ABC Statement on Occupy Denver   4 years 46 weeks ago

I have met some good people at the OD marches and rallies and have made several alliances as well. Having said that it comes at a high price. I have witnessed first hand the energy that DABC has expended and done what I could in my limited way to assist them with some feelings of trepidation at doing so.

Occupy Denver is made up of people who have at best (this is a generality and comes with all the limitations and exceptions that generalities come with) have both a limited understanding of issues as well as a myopic view of anyone who is not white, and once middle class. My impression has been that the movement in motivated by anger at middle class people loosing opportunity and falling from the middle class. Yes there are a few people who saw broader social and economic issues and the need to make a system that did not exploit the poor, a system that did not use prisons as a means of social control, and a system that was not dominated by a few robber barons at the top making wage slaves of all beneath them. These where a minority!

Most of the organizers still believe that capitalism works. Most of these organizers do not see our justice system as a means of oppressing the poor - to me it is like a cheep whore who demands that one pay it for service or get second class justice. Most of the organizers do not see the very chains of oppression that bind them to servitude and wage slavery.

Why is this? Because these are people who have until recently never had these issues. These are people who have never felt the harsh whip of oppression because they themselves where once middle class and good servants who now find that their master has turned them out. They do not even see the slave status that they where bound up in and like a good slave they will run to the next master or back to the old one because it is what they know.

Having said this some did see. Some who started off saying that the police are part of the 99% where not saying it weeks latter. Some did learn. It may well take a lot more to open the eyes of the majority. DABC has done a lot. DABC has done more then most in fact and should not feel any remorse in its decision to pull back a little. There will be other times and places.

To the slaves who read this my words may sound harsh.

Denver ABC Statement on Occupy Denver   4 years 46 weeks ago

...I have also noted censorship of anarchist-inspired messages, verbal abuse of ABC members, and ridiculous pro-police propaganda distributed at OD, some of it printed on paper with the OD logo.

I am led to wonder how people who only recently discovered that there are any problems worth protesting can be so abusive toward those who have been long aware and have given years of their lives toward building support systems for those of us trying to bring positive change.

As a formerly homeless person, I am extremely grateful to the anarchist community and to people everywhere who devote their talents and energies to fighting oppression.  As a student of social movements and longtime activist, I am proud to have such allies.

With dudes like these, who needs The Patriarchy? Why I left Occupy Denver.   4 years 49 weeks ago

I have to say, as a frequent participant of Occupy Denver (OD), not representing any particular group and only my own viewpoint, that I have also witnessed mysogynistic behaviors at OD that are not only disturbing, but speak volumes about why the demographics of the crowd at OD do not reflect a true contrast with that of the founding of the United States itself. It is still mostly white males in control, and the only difference is that property ownership is at a significantly lower rate. White, male property owners dominated the founding of the United States, and OD is dominated for the most part by white males, though most of them do not own production property. I think the difference is irrelevant if those in dominant positions are unwilling to even reflect on their own power and privilege. Whether they own alienable property or not is beside the point, in other words, and were they to assume roles of real power we really couldn't be surprised to see them revisit the same oppressive behaviors, and still impose unjust policy in the same light. What troubles me now is that Denver Anarchist Black Cross has been so supportive of victims of police brutality at OD, for which DABC deserves props like never before, but that ungrateful OD participants don't even take that as a sign to consider their own personal positions on issues of gender and racial disparities. Many with OD have been unruly, hostile and provocative toward the media and police and those who behave in this way, by and large, are not only not anarchists but they are the very same mysogynist jerks who demean the best of their own side of the fence, those who spend time, money and resources, and even risk their own safety and freedom, to support the OD movement as a whole.


The Denver Police and their corporate media lapdogs have already decided that their line is to blame anarchists for everything bad that may be attributed to OD via their claim that anarchists have somehow taken over OD. The irony is, I suppose, that the actual anarchists involved there have been the only ones to display such extraordinary levels of mutual aid, mutual respect, and self-discipline. My fear is that at-large anarchists will be blamed for behaviors that directly contradict anarchism itself, and it is the behavior of those mysogynists that is more justifiably to be scrutinized, by anyone, but to pin that behavior on anarchists is a practice of misrepresentation of anarchist ideas and viewpoints yet again by the corporate media. In other words, what justifiably would be bad public relations for white, male, right-wing mysogy-prone groups that have been strangely deeply involved in OD, is actually being spun by the corporate press against anarchists overall. Historically I wonder how much of peoples' understanding of anarchism is misunderstood, or simply mistaken out of innocent ignorance, and how much of this history of misunderstanding was constructed intentionally by opponents with clear agendas. The dynamics of this current view of the movement that OD is part of certainly indicate that such confusion and misunderstanding is intentionally exploited and/or fostered by arrogant corporate pigs who view anarchism with enmity. Thank you for speaking up, you are not alone and there are many who completely agree with you about this matter.

The Other Way to Occupy Denver   4 years 51 weeks ago

it's worth pointing out, should anyone try to use the addresses on the first link for shelter, that just because all of these houses are not currently occupied doesn't mean they won't be. The houses that are marked "Under Contract" upon clicking on them are houses where a buyer (though not necessarily a resident) has agreed to buy it from the bank, and are not advisable at all (though still a good illustration of how many open homes there are in this city. Each unit should be investigated before any further motion is made, though the ones marked by rectangles instead of squares appear to be ones that are not on the market as a rule. Otherwise, solid article and glad to hear these topics being discussed.

A! Anti! Anti-capitalista! The Revenge of the Dance Party.   4 years 51 weeks ago


I'm so ready. The Anti-capitalist march was the best thing about Saturday. It's nice not marching with snitches and bourgie fucks.

The Other Way to Occupy Denver   4 years 52 weeks ago

Any reason this is not on the main page? It seems at least as relevant as the other articles recently posted, and has resources in it with the potential to save lives. It's way more likely to be read if it's one of the main headlines instead of just a sidebar, speaking from my own experience

Spokesperson for Occupy Wall Street may lose position with public radio   5 years 3 days ago

It is none of their damn business what Ms. Simeone does in her spare time.  No employer has a right to put such a condition in a worker's contract.

Remember Who Sold You Out   5 years 3 days ago

A political party is nothing more than an operative arm of a power base.  Historically, since early modern times, there have usually been two power bases--landed wealth and business.  About 150 years ago, those power bases began to merge.  Now, there is only one.  So now, the Dems and the Repukes both represent the same power base.  The differences between them are purely aesthetic.

What we need is not another political party, but another system.

#OccupyDurango // #DecolonizeDurango Starts Friday!   5 years 1 week ago

Phase two of #OccupyDurango includes continued presence in Fassbinder Park, 17th Street and Main Avenue in Durango, CO with General Assemblies held at 5:30 PM daily.

Throughout the week, we are calling on all occupiers and supporters to spread the word, recruit friends, and send the message that after being pushed out by the police last weekend, we're calling for support from the community with the intent of having enough numbers to hold our ground and stay Friday and/or Saturday nights.

Occupy Denver's march on Saturday Oct. 14   5 years 1 week ago

for the video described above:

another video about Occupy Denver confronting police on Saturday:

Thanks to Chun Pan for these videos.