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Pictures from Denver DNC Retake the Streets 8-24-08   8 years 3 days ago


Tensions Begin On the Eve of the DNC   8 years 3 days ago

The FOX NEWS reporter "Griff Jenkins" that was removed for being a supporter of a fascist war-mongering so-called media outlet. Link to fox "news" video on it. His comments are idiotic and hypocritical. He whines about "freedom" and so-on. Guess what? Militants don't care about being incredibly PC when it comes to a tactical situation in ousting THE ENEMY.

He also comments about how "most of these protesters weren't even BORN in 68'" Who cares? Seriously. THis guy is a complete MORON.

Five Community Organizers Arrested by FBI, Denver PD   8 years 3 days ago

How can five people walking down a public street be arrested for criminal trespassing? By the local police and the FBI, no less? That sounds really weird...something doesn't make sense any rate, it's a good thing for them that they didn't speak or answer questions until they saw a lawyer...because the first thing the lawyer would have done was told them to not answer any questions.

If whoever posted this has more details and wants to ask defense lawyers specific questions, you can get free legal advice here. It sounds like The People's Law Project has things covered, though.

- Nick from Avvo

Gathering Storms: A Statement on the Upcoming 2008 Convention Protests   8 years 3 days ago

Typically I appreciate the analysis that comes out of Team Colors, but this amounted to nothing more than cynical griping. Declaring the convention protests as a failure before they began? Seriously? At least wait a week until the dust settles!!

To declare that " these protests, overwhelmingly, do not come out of substantial movements, and will not generate substantial movements." is to show Team Colors to be out of touch with the movements they claim to understand so well. It's time for this collective to get out of the revolutionary armchair for a bit, ease up on the heady analysis and give things time to unfold. Putting out gloomy forecasts of storms that are still building isn't going to help strengthen our movements. Honesty and genuine reflection is needed, but right now people are busy in the streets. It's time to lend a hand, not tisk tisk from high above.

Gathering Storms: A Statement on the Upcoming 2008 Convention Protests   8 years 3 days ago

While I respect this call for reflection and recentering our efforts, which seems especially poignant at this juncture, I think we have to be careful to establish a movement narrative that is too linear or that unproblematically privileges certain kinds of struggles over others.

Power works in many ways - certainly economic, but also political, ecological, psychological. Its effects on the imagination are frequently as profound as its effects on the body. Spectacular disruptions of the narrative of power - as in the electoral party spectacle - can certainly provide a point of departure by which space is opened for radical imaginings. While this does not in and of itself lead to the social transformation we desire, it can certainly be a significant catalyst for opening the field of the possible upon which the nitty-gritty, day-to-day of political organizing takes place. It should not be poo-pooed, and frankly production and labor-based forms of movement and struggle, while quite legitimate, do not set the parameters for the field of legitimacy.

Pictures from Denver DNC Retake the Streets 8-24-08   8 years 3 days ago

Still having problems uploading images...
Started a flickr pool - anyone can join & upload their photos.
Just have to have a yahoo account which is quick & easy & can be made w/o using your real info. All Indy media sites can also easily access any photos there.

Pictures from the DNC, Sunday Afternoon Demonstration   8 years 3 days ago

fact is, this site is not very functional. i'm rather disappointed that the IMC techies have not yet responded to criticisms or heeded suggestions. this is a major protest event. the latest news and photo/video coverage can be found, unfortunately, by typing a few keywords into the search prompt at and sorting by date. hopefully, will be better prepared.

Five Community Organizers Arrested by FBI, Denver PD   8 years 3 days ago

Ted Forsyth, Rochester Indymedia

Amnesty International presents Gitmo cell replica   8 years 3 days ago

Guys, this is the great fizzle of 2008. I work downtown and expected a show. There is nothing going on. Therefore, the other protesters need to just stay home.

In fact, it is so lame that the roads on the protest routes have reopened.

The Party is in the Streets! A Personal Account of Reclaiming the Streets in Occupied Denver   8 years 3 days ago

Thanks for the report. I feel like you think anarchists look a certain way. It's a politics, not fashion. Maybe lots of the mom and kid crowd, while not sporting the ever-awesome black hoody look, were anarchists too.

The Party is in the Streets! A Personal Account of Reclaiming the Streets in Occupied Denver   8 years 3 days ago

I was there to witness a confrontation between the Police and the Radicals, and I need to say that I am disgusted with the shit that you think you could've gotten away with.

The entire march was highlighted by strange, belligerent behaviour. Anyone with so much as an Obama t-shirt on his person was threatened, and the poor fools who tried to stand up for themselves, their party and their candidate were attacked viciously without warning.

Police were taunted relentlessly and had garbage thrown at them. One particularly twisted black bloc member repeatedly tried to bait a black cop with racial slurs and insults. "You fucking nigger pig! Go back to Iraq!" No doubt he was out of his mind on whatever mix of drugs that was swimming in his head...

What the Fuck? Indymedia claims to be a bastion of truth, coverage of the world that the corporate media won't dare give you. Yet here it is, equally baised coverage, only this time bent in the direction of a handful of trust fund assholes, thinking they can change the world if they cause enough property damage to the local Starbucks.

Grow the Fuck Up!

St. Paul Obama Office Vandalized   8 years 4 days ago

I think they should burn all pro-war political offices to the ground starting with the Democrats first. Fuck off right-wing DP/GOP filth!

Pictures from the DNC, Sunday Afternoon Demonstration   8 years 4 days ago

Please change the code on the site to allow users to upload more than one photo. OK to limit it but please make it at least 10 images.

Also page request times are really slow. I'm I the only one experiencing this?

BLOCKING MEDIA Satellites- Denver/ Twin Cities !   8 years 4 days ago

The first things that will cook will be your eyes because they have not enough blood flowing to cool them.

Links to DNC content on other Indymedia sites   8 years 4 days ago

The Chicano literary weblog, La Bloga, will be posting erratically about the DNC, in our own distant way.

We won't supplant Colo Indy, but will add a diffferent perspective as we can.

Check out our first installment at:


Ragin’ the 16th Street Mall   8 years 4 days ago

when protestors quickly head to the closest media vacuum to search for evidence of their action, e pluribus unum have lost....

protestors no longer look at their ability to change things for themselves and/pr people who cannot

they look at their ability to get validation from major media..

coopted protestors

too bad

the new world protest order tour...get your t-shirt before it is too late

tune in, get on tv, get ready for another road trip...

oh look its the guy from the funny political talk show, bill "some of my best friends are poor" maher....

stop doing anything,, even reading this crap

ignore the idiots that are running for office and build anew

do not risk imprisonment

go where these freedom prevention idiots are not

if you're going to jail make it worth your while

best regards from,

Peter Petropoulos
name provided to see how celebrity I can get.....

hey media whores, check out these links..

Joe Dolce, the thoroughly obnoxious former Star editor, through Huffington post is promising clients it can "guide you through the new media landscape -- ensuring that the attention you receive is the attention you want." go greenpeace and ruckus society! Hire this guy and work even less to get on TV

The Atlantic is just trying to expand its appeal, as new Atlantic president Justin Smith admits: "We think the brand's relevance has a broader appeal than the current footprint. ... You could argue that doing a story on the celebrity economy and the new paparazzi economy is a broadening of the footprint."

keep up the good work...

The Party is in the Streets! A Personal Account of Reclaiming the Streets in Occupied Denver   8 years 4 days ago

Much love and respect to all those kicking things off the right way. I'll see you in the streets...

Anarchists Win the Day   8 years 4 days ago

Keep up the great work!
Smash the State!
Abolish Capitalism!

The Party is in the Streets! A Personal Account of Reclaiming the Streets in Occupied Denver   8 years 4 days ago

As many know this convention is an important one in our current history. It means an end to a administration that has done nothing but given us and many others in the world, hardship after hardship. Now is a time to look forward to the future and hope that past mistakes can be corrected and that this nation can once again be looked at as the shining beacon of hope that it once was. So with this stated, I present to you, the first example of what will most likely become a daily event to many that are there to peacefully protest things that they would like to see changed in the government. I was witness to this first arrest/detainment (I didn't witness what caused the persons involved to become a suspect and detained by the authorities). I can only show what the aftermath was in the attached photo. While this was happening, I did see an officer pointing his weapon toward the crowd (an AR-15 style weapon that is chambered to fire non-lethal projectiles). The officer then fired two shots toward one individual that attempted to request that the officer release the person they were detaining (I didn't physically see this person touch the officer(s) involved). Another office then approached this individual and physically accosted him by grabbing him by the throat and shoving him forcefully back into the crowd. This individual was hit twice by these shots, once in the left side of the neck, just behind the ear and once in the abdomin (I also have photos of the after effects on this person, it is nothing more that welts, but I'm sure the initial effect and the bruising that will follow, was/is rather unpleasant).

So take care this week, say what you have to say and do what you have to do, but remember the man is watching you and as backwards as it is, his word will carry or weight in their system than ours, even with multiple witnesses. Liberty and Justice for all.....we'll see.

the spies among us   8 years 4 days ago

Today in front of Union station during the Funk the War demonstration I noticed a fairly shot man of a heavier body set with a ridiculous comb-over. He had a camera man like tan vest on and was wearing your everyday jeans. I happened to notice him talking into his should every few minutes between his snapping of picture with an a small consumer camera. As I watched him closure and listened, he seemed to be dispatching some over a mic under his close. Every 30 seconds or so he would radio in the direction in which the protest was moving and what was happening. I got even closure and noticed he had a very camafloged ear-piece that he would listen to as he wasn't talking. I got closer as started at him very obviously, I could see in his pocket some sort of governmental badge issued by the city of Denver. He noticed I was staring at his pocket and quickly placed the badge lower in his pocket out of site. I briefly turned around for a moment and when i turned back he had disappeared.

The Party is in the Streets! A Personal Account of Reclaiming the Streets in Occupied Denver   8 years 4 days ago

I am sad not to be there and this raises my spirits. A great report, look forward to more.

Each of you represents your sister and brother anarchists who cannot be there in Denver for every reason from incarceration to just sheer distance and poor planning... so when you are joyfully taking action against the police state you have the force of many many behind you and with you, we love and support you all!

The Party is in the Streets! A Personal Account of Reclaiming the Streets in Occupied Denver   8 years 4 days ago

I was there and you captured the spirit and the events perfectly. I hope it keeps up!

BLOCKING MEDIA Satellites- Denver/ Twin Cities !   8 years 4 days ago

I'm an owner/operator of one of these satellite uplink companies who are hired by the large media outlets and will be working at the RNC in the Twin-Cities.

If you haven't tried this already, then I welcome you to try it. The amount of radiation you deflect from it's intended target will in fact make you the target. Regardless if you use some sort of long pole, big stick, or climb on top of one of our trucks... You're body, being like a sponge to RF radiation will soak up most of the deflected signal and will be as if you're standing directly in the beam.

Please try it... People like you shouldn't breed anyways. Perhaps your mom tried this when she was pregnant with you... Which explains why you're so freaking dumb.

I promise this isn't a mere attempt to deter you from you're childish mission, but the "Danger - RF Radiation" and "This Equipment may KILL YOU" signs are very serious. So serious in fact, that even I don't go up there when I'm transmitting.

I'm laughing at you lack of basic common sense. Please leave my country. Maybe Mexico will be a... No... Nevermind. Even they won't take you.

Ragin’ the 16th Street Mall   8 years 4 days ago

You're using this site to post celebrity sightings? James Carville nonetheless?
A corporate political pundit. Geez thanks, I'm glad we found out he's here.
Yep that's newsworthy alright. Glad to know he's in town and shopping on 16th street mall.