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Rally to Show Solidarity for Striking Georgia Prisoners By Phillip Reynes   5 years 44 weeks ago


I stated multiple times that the strike was over. In fact, in the reminders for the demonstration that were sent out yesterday, they clearly said "the strike might be over, but the struggle continues".

The entire point of the speech I gave was about the threats that prisoners have made, NOW THAT THE STRIKE IS OVER, to carry out violent rebellion against the prisons...

And everyone I know in the crowd knew it was over...

I don't know where this misunderstanding came from, but makes me feel that you didn't listen to a word I or anyone else said last night...


Court of Appeals: CU, Regents Cannot Be Sued for Violating U.S. Constitution   5 years 44 weeks ago

Come on people, did we expect anything different from a board of regents that has a history like this one has? After all they where on the leading edge in supporting McCarthy in the 50's and zealously purged the UC system of communist.

It is hard to imagine a more right wing and anti freedom group as the UC regents who also seem to hate intellectuals and education when it leads to questioning the blind patriotic vitriol that so many of the regents seem to spew out. These people represent the plutocrats that have destroyed the middle class and their goal is not real education but rather the manufacture of good worker bees for the ruling elite.

It would bode well if people would read what some of these regents have said and where they come from. I urge all of you to check them out.

Introducing "'Til it Breaks", a Denver Anarchist News Website & Periodical   5 years 45 weeks ago

You apperceive what, if I'm a racist for not absent to accompany a medievil adoration that thinks annihilation innocent women and accouchement is OK, that thinks throwing acerbic in the face of girls just because they wish to go to academy is religiously sanctioned, that glorifies the ache and crime of humans who accept differently...well OK you got me. I accept it, I abhorrence the haters."

Again, you're basing the angle of an absolute citizenry (the fastest growing adoration in the world) off of a few individuals who accept been added or beneath ostracised from their own religious group. I grew up in the UAE, a country that's appropriate next to Saudi Arabia. I knew lots of believers of Islam and even now in the states I still do. Of all of the humans I've met, none of them even got abutting to accepting accord appear or assertive in the accomplishments of Bin Laden and the assorted added humans you've mentioned. For the a lot of part, followers of Islam are a amiable group, abounding of them abutting Pacifism as Pathology. I animate you to attending at the 5 pillars of Islam, the 5 founding statements that ascertain a lot of the base for Islamic ethics.

"On the added hand, your bloggers accept little believability and I can't advice but admiration if there is a advanced straek of Jew hatered active in this community. I haven't apparent abundant in the way of criticism of Hamas here. Why not? Their declared ambition is the abolition of Israel. Is that OK with you? Is it OK they body hundreds of afar of tunnels for their accoutrements and bombs and leaders but not a individual bomb apartment for their people? Is it OK to shoot hundreds of their adolescent Arabs artlessly because they accord to addition political party? Is it OK they use schools and awful busy civilann areas to shoot their accoutrements and missiles alive any respose from Israel will aftereffect in noncombatant casualties?"

I don't anticipate anybody actuality has said that they abhorrence Jewish humans or that they would like to see them all dead or annihilation of that order. Denouncing Israeli attacks on Gaza do not automatically beggarly abutment for Hamas, but that's your logic. It's simple to accuse an absolute citizenry of humans (Islam) based on the accomplishments of a few (Bin Laden). What's abundant added difficult, mature, and reasonable is to attending at the motivations of said baddest individuals and acquisition some way to chronicle to them. Imagine that you, your family, and your absolute ethnicity had been active about for bags of years. One day, something happened that dead off a lot of of your ancestors and relatives. Sounds like the Holocaust doesn't it? Also sounds like activity for those active in Palestine. testinside The Jewish people, afterwards the Holocaust, appropriately acclaimed that they should accept their own safe-haven to anticipate something like that from accident again. I don't accept any botheration with that. They best Israel because it was accustomed to them by somebody abroad and for its religious significance. Instead of amalgam with the association they confused into, they austere the hell out of it until everybody left. And they're still accomplishing it.

Denverites Protest Israel's Bombardment and Invasion of Gaza   5 years 45 weeks ago

Hey, what can I say. I am what I eat? After all, I've lived on a steady diet of hateful talk from the Religion of Peace (I don't want to say anything that might be hurtful to any minorities) who have been telling the world that if they don't convert they'll be killed. The talk's not new, it's been going on since the seventh century. You know what, if I'm a racist for not wanting to join a medievil religion that thinks butchering innocent women and children is OK, that thinks throwing acid in the face of girls just because they want to go to school is religiously sanctioned, that glorifies the torture and defilement of people who believe differently...well OK you got me. I admit it, I hate the haters.

On the other hand, your bloggers have little credibility and I can't help but wonder if there is a wide straek of Jew hatered running in this community. I haven't seen much in the way of criticism of Hamas here. Why not? Their stated goal is the destruction of Israel. Is that OK with you? Is it OK they build hundreds of miles of tunnels for their guns and bombs and leaders but not a single bomb shelter for their people? Is it OK to shoot hundreds of their fellow Arabs simply because they belong to another political party? Is it OK they use schools and highly populated civilann areas to shoot their guns and missiles knowing any respose from Israel will result in civilian casualties?

I feel bad about the women and children in the crossfire (except the ones who've been on the news talking about how they want to become martyrs) I really do. But elections have test inside consequences and in war things get broken. The people of Gaza elected Hamas who started a war with Israel (because they want to destroy Israel right?) What we see today should come as no surprise but I am baffled by your community's decision to come down squarely on the side of the Barbarians.



CU Banner Drop in Solidarity with Student Uprisings   5 years 46 weeks ago

I do think this is an exceptional cause, and we must need to wake up for this reality in our country. I think free college tuition must be a right in America. It shocked me to know one of these days that they have free university even in places like Brazil and Cuba.. So the question is what is wrong with our system? Specially after the that our economy passed through, I think it is time to look to the future and start to make a change, and make this happen in America!

The Reasons Why the US Economy is Dead by Phillip Reynes   5 years 47 weeks ago

Colleen you should do a little reading. The mortgage crisis was cased be the government failing to regulate securities and investment banks and is a direct result of the repeal of Glass Spiegel and other long standing laws.

Health care is a part of why the economy is bad but not for the reasons you wrongly think. Our health care in America is very poor we rank 37 in overall health in the world and 35th in infant health because of it. We pay more then any country in the developed world for this outcome which puts small business at a competitive disadvantage.

The coast of education is also a direct result of conservative and librarian policies that have hurt America. Librarian economic principles (I'm guessing you are one from your short post) are just one more flavor of fascism of the economic type.

The Reasons Why the US Economy is Dead by Phillip Reynes   5 years 47 weeks ago

From what the news tells me the recession has been over for months! The truth is it's very much not. I'm seeing very respectable people not being able to find a job for the life of them. My brother for example has a good education, and experience to back it up. The problem is most people will tell him he is over qualified, or they just don't have the room for new employees. For instance he finally got fed up and applied for a roofing postition, they still wouldn't hire. It probably doesn't help that we have people working under the table for cheap being paid in cash either. As they say,"It's a hard knock life, for us".

Fort Lewis College President Dene Kay Thomas Threatens Students with Kent State   5 years 48 weeks ago

I've seen many professors in Colorado get thrown out for their political 1st amendment speech and activities over the last few years.  (There are many other examples from around the country as well, like David Graber). Usually they only target faculty without tenure (with the notable exception of Ward Churchill, whose appeal will soon be decided) because it's much more easy.  I assume that Dr. Evans did not have full tenure (or else there would be a faculty review before termination).  I went to school in Boulder and usually they'd pressure faculty to resign first, like Lowe of the INVEST program, but one notable case similar to Dr. Evans is that of Adrienne Anderson.  Anderson was a major thorn in the side to CU Boulder's two biggest contributors, Lockheed Martin and Coors.  Students protested for reinstatement but unfortunately were unsuccessful.  On the other hand, Jim Walsh, a labor historian at CU Denver was threatened with termination recently and students there organized in support, and whether or not that had any effect, that is an exact understand of causation is unknown to me, but either way Walsh managed to keep his job.

But the article speaks to larger issues of student activism.  It seems that Fort Lewis might not be used to protests critical of the administration.  The Admin is playing the same game that every administrator plays, although perhaps not very well in this case, with the Kent State reference, which is actually quite off, historically and morally.  The people who were shot weren't even part of the protest, they were just walking by.  I think the people in this campaign are pretty savvy and much of this might seem rudimentary, but allow me to indulge in some advice without condescension or offense.

One campaign at CU Boulder less than 5 years ago where a genuine threat of a sit-in brought the administration to the table and demands won (however, it was for something much less difficult for the admin to swallow than reinstatement of a professor).  Also, that sit-in had the support of the city community, most especially much older activists who might make the university look good when they peperspray and arrest geriatrics in wheel chairs and such (people sympathize with that more than college students).

But on the other hand you can look at the recent sit-ins in California and how ineffectual they were (although they were mostly young and middle aged participants, not much older allies), and how the university did prosecute the students.

But back to my point about the Admin game plan, they have several strategies and rebuttals that they use.  It is important to have a savvy media campaign and also a savvy talking point list to effectively rebut the criticism, as the media will often take sides with the Admin or give them the last word.  This is a well-developed Administration Public-Relations hand-book (metaphorically speaking)  These are by no means exhaustive :

The 1st Admin strategy is to ignore, and not give any impetus to the cause by recognizing it, especially in the media.  This is only done so-long as the university/college does not feel like it has anything to risk in its public image because the activists are too disorganized, small, etc. to be taken seriously by anyone important.

The 2nd strategy is to infantilize the students with ad hominem attacks (a fallacy of logic).  It comes from a cultural tradition of "in loco parentis" where Universities and schools used to act like they were your parents, and exercised some of the same rights, after all back then adulthood wasn't until 21, as 21 was the age to vote and also to be drafted before Vietnam (see the documentary Berkley in the 60s, a MUST for any student activist).  They treat you as childlike in the sense of inability to really have a well-formed judgment or to make your own opinions, essentially less than fully human.  This is patently false, both biologically and legally.  These attacks can be as blatant as calling students spoiled kids, and irrational, or as subtle as making references to youth, emotionality, etc.

The 3rd strategy is to appease the students, making gestures of openness without surrendering any ground.  Open door policies are one tactic, another is the announcement of forming special committees to discuss the subject and "deal with" the subject, but the committees are usually not delegated any real power, instead they are just advisory.  Students from the activist organization try to get on the committees, usually with only one representative or two, the rest are chosen by the admin or faculty, and maybe one by the student government.  Committees are used to waste the students' time and attention, and to distract them.  The main strategy is to sap the momentum of the issue so that students lose all of their support. They can drag on for years.  Even when they do make sensible recommendations, the good recommendations are almost always ignored by the Administration.  Sometimes the 3rd strategy is skipped if the demands of the students are very radical, because to even appear to partially agree to the legitimacy of radical demands makes the college lose face to its conservative controllers and donors.

The 4th strategy is often concomitant to some of the others, but usually not, unless they are already losing the media battle or at least you are already getting some press.  This is to have a formal PR/Media campaign against the student group.  The Admin takes a big risk by doing this, attracting more attention to the activists.  However, if done well, it can completely discredit them.  Usually the admin will get more articles, longer articles, more prominent articles, and the last word in every article.  One reason for this is because for the journalists, the admin is a much more newsworthy source and story than student activists.  The paper also usually has an editor-in-chief who is conservative or agrees with the admin (look at the consolidation of the media if you don't believe me).  Sometimes reporters can be very liberal, but the editor controls everything, and even uses liberal reporters to gain access to weaknesses and problems in the students' groups.

The 1st tactic is the Red Hearing tactic (also a fallacy of logic).  The newspaper writes a story about you, but to be "objective" they have to contact the admin for an opinion. This will usually be the last word.  They don't just quote the admin in response to your accusations/demands/questions.  Usually, they'll also print something else that the admin says, and not go back to you to respond to the new accusation from the Admin.  So say you say that Tina Evans was fired for her politics, the article will state your opinion, then ask for a comment by the Admin to rebuff it, but the Armin’s PR person will comment about something else, say that Tina Evans doesn't want to fight her termination.  Whether or not its' true, its probably irrelevant to the question of why she was fired.  Secondly, you are not given the ability to respond to the new accusation, so the newspaper is not really being objective (but hey, objective journalism is like the tooth fairy).  I saw Red Herring being employed in one article on the FLC paper.

The 2nd tactic is a pure media bias tactic, but the newspaper will just either give the Admin more space or state the best arguments from the admin, that are usually sophisticated, while your quotes will be vague and distorted.  Often the paper will write an introductory comment or closing comment in every article taking the Admin's understanding of the facts (such as in Churchill, The Colorado Daily always wrote at the beginning or end, "Professor Churchill was fired for academic misconduct" which in fact was the whole question, and although nobody disputes the fact that he was terminated, the question was always why.  A jury of his peers found that he was fired for 1st amendment free speech, not academic misconduct - see

The final strategy (5) is to criminalize the students.  If the Admin is doing this then you know you've done something right!  This strategy can take the form of ad hominem attacks (name calling) in the media, threats, surveillance, sanction, or even arrest/prosecution (not necessarily for anything more than downloading music, jaywalking, or other bulshit charges).  At this point the Admin has given up on trying to destroy your group from the inside, and can only isolate it or smash it.  Sometimes you can fight these attacks in the media, or legally (a great resources, although libertarian and therefore kind of right-wing, but none-the-less principled is, foundation for individual rights in education.  They've routinely helped students who faced sanctions from University officials.  )  Otherwise, you need to make sure that by this stage you have your own media and that you keep your members and allies very well informed of your intentions and the facts so they are not scared off.  Having a very tight-knit movement is the key, and constantly pressing back against the attacks with outrage, if only in print.

Anyhow, to fight these strategies there are several strategies for activists:

1. Now, the FLC media might be slightly more friendly than my experience.  Nevertheless, I recommend develop talking points and sticking to them.  Some of them can be secret.  Everyone in your group should either be extremely knowledgeable about the situation or should ALWAYS defer to a media contact that is.  The person who is should stick to the talking points.  Put these out in press releases before rallies or media events. Feel free to change your talking points as a group when needed.  The Talking points should be simple, clear, and indisputable.  They can be questions or statements, but they should be very short (easier to quote) and backed up by evidence.  However, let the evidence speak for itself.  Don't talk about anything besides the points.  Journalists will become frustrated, and ask you questions. But remember, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER MEDIA QUESTIONS.  Often they will ask questions that they will use against you, (like, how did you get started in activism? - the purpose is to psychologically and sociologically isolate you and paint you as fringe or essentially less-than-fully-human.) (  Another example is, asking about who funds your group, what age you are - usually done to isolate older 'professional activists' as not part of the traditional student body and therefore illegitimate representations and other cultural questions meant to make you look different) (Some journalists will even ask one member of the group to comment on the decision of the whole group or answer questions about other people.  Never do this, at best it’s displaying your dirty laundry in public, at worst it's snitching.  )  Journalists may even ask you about the substantive issues, but you should avoid answering unless you have a rock-solid short response based on evidence (and its best to just refer to the evidence by handing them a copy rather than talking), or a quick quip back , like a question answering a question.  Never go into the detailed reasoning for your arguments with outsiders like journalists because it can be taken out of context.  Don't be rude, but after a while of repeating the talking points the journalists will get that you’re not answering their bullshit questions.

2. Be creative.  This is activism 101, but seriously, the media is not your friend, but it still loves anything catchy, funny, or controversial.  IF you can do an action or make a display which says your point for you in a way that the media can't criticize as boring, emotional, juvenile, etc. it's 10x better than any interview or Op-Ed.  The best is to be Ironic, but sometimes being insulting is also great, seriously.

3. Be Bold.  Traditional fliering locations, chalking, or other methods of outreach are ineffective.  If it's sanctioned, don't do it.  Campuses have rules about such things that are really violations of the 1st amendment (see .  The entire campus is a free speech area. Students learn to tune-out messages from sanctioned channels, mediums, and locations.  Putting them elsewhere in different and unusual ways makes them not only standout, but also the medium of your message says that you're not another bullshit club, and that you're serious, skilled, and smart! I'm talking banner drops, spray paint, wheat pasting, and more.  Also, call the Admin on their shit.  If they're infantalizing, say so, if they're using ad hominem, make a point of it.  Know the fallacies of logic. Defeat their arguments with simple one-sentence references to fallacies of logic or references to the facts.  This can be done in media quotes, op-eds, fliers, pamphlets, conversations, etc.

Another part of being bold is not being afraid to do personal attacks.  Bad decisions are made by people, and they'e the ones responsible, not just the group to which they belong.  Calling out individual admin members, rather than institutions, really affects them psychologically, and draws more media attention.  And, damn it’s being real too.  The best kind of attack is to find evidence of a serious contradiction in their statements and/or actions.  The second best is to just focus on one outrageous statement, action, or lack of action (The Kent State threat is a good one in this case).  Be creative with this too, but also be bold enough to take unusual actions as long as you are smart about it (not getting caught).  Make sure that you have some factual basis for your attack and also that you don't push it so far that they fear for their safety.  People don't like to give in when they feel their personal safety is threatened.


Military recruiter uses homophobic slur during ASVAB test in Durango High School: PLEASE COMMENT!   5 years 48 weeks ago

Millitary runs on public money. So it is also their duty to remember the public interest while doing  anything.

End DWCF's 'labia lift' search policy   5 years 49 weeks ago

IF any person want to change sex to wait at least one year before undergoing a sex change. Sex changes are outlawed completely before the age of 18, and for those aged 18 to 20 parental consent must be obtained.

The Reasons Why the US Economy is Dead by Phillip Reynes   5 years 49 weeks ago

The economy is suffering for three reasons: Mortgage defaults, student loans, and control of private health insurance by the government. I hope this recession ends soon.

Animal Liberation: How Do We Get There?   6 years 3 weeks ago

Words are useless unless they translate into action. We all know what the issues are. We do not need anymore masturbatory debates about welfare v. rights nor do we need to entertain the enemy by debating their insidiousness with them. They are all criminals and they all need to be stopped. If we start with that very simple premise, then we can easily shift the conversation toward one thing and one thing only: HOW?

The tormented prisoners are waiting for us to figure it out. I have many ideas. You need not agree with me. But, if we ever intend to create change, this is where we need to focus.

The Objective

We need to define an objective before we can quantify effectiveness.

I cannot open all the cages. So I think the next best thing is to make it uncomfortable and unprofitable to be an abuser. Does fear and intimidation accomplish this? To some extent. And exposure is a means to this end. But I want to go beyond making it uncomfortable and make it untenable. I want the enemy to be scared, I want them to be socially ostracized, I want them to live in fear, chaos, and panic when they see strangers… I want to make it so unbearable that they close up shop and retire.
Fear is an effective instrument. But how do we employ it and to what end? I’m a huge proponent of intimidation. No abuser has the right to live in comfort.

Working Together

My limited experience tells me that we each have a piece of the puzzle to put together. We had some minor success in recent months using confrontation and intimidation tactics that yielded a rather compliant abuser. Then, once the discussion was opened up on our terms, other associates were far better equipped to negotiate liberation measures and offer expertise. We have a colleague who still monitors this situation weekly. This example can be viewed as a microcosm of what we can achieve if liberationists come together against the oppressors. It’s a place from which we can build.

Forget Conventional Activism

The law is a part of the oppressor’s system and addressing it is useless. Government has nothing to do with the “we the people” mythology — it is the manifestation of the corporate-industrial complex. Petitions are a convenient way to waste time that could be spent being effective, if we could just figure out how.

We need to go beyond protests. It’s not enough. I’m still waving signs but combining demos with various actions. And, obviously, we can’t be too specific in a public forum, but I have a number of private discussions open about precise strategies. All I can say to that end is that there seems to be a wealth of effective approaches that have been successful to varying degrees but they are not in the public domain. I think this needs to change.

We cannot stay in the confines of “activism” that is prescribed and sanctioned by the enemy. These conventional, enemy-approved, comfortable paths will ensure that we as a movement continue to stagnate and guarantee that the raging holocaust will continue unimpeded.

Continue Reading:

A Cry For Help from Federal Supermax   6 years 3 weeks ago

Thanks to everyone for their positive comments and support. And a special thanks to those who made it to the oral argument. Unfortunately, the Federal Court of Appeals affirmed the district court's denial of my motion to permit DNA testing of the murder weapon under the Innocence Protection Act. LINK?. The court reasoned that even if someone else's DNA is foundon the wapon, such as the DNA of Sean Riker, that would prove only that Riker handled the weapon at some time (Riker actually denies ever handling the weapon), and will not prove that I am innocent. The court basically interpreted the Innocence Protection Act very narroly to permit DNA testing only where the results will prove conslsively exonerating. A copy of all proceedings in this case under the IPA, including the appeal court's February 11, 2010 order, can be found on on the "Criminal Litigation" page, under "Pending Innocence Protection Action Proceedings". LINK?
I also want to separately address the sorely misinformend June 16, 2010 comments posted my "Hmmm". First, as to what is or is not "ON FILM", the video evidence used at trial is now availabe to the public at, on the "Criminal Litigation" page, under "Section II. Trial and Sentencing In District Court". We hope to also have the entire trial transcrips posted very soon.
While it is not at all clear from that video, I did manage to get ahold of the murder weapon immediately after BOP/FBI confidential informant Sean Riker stabbed the victim, my former cellmate and friend. I did then run behind the victim - between him and his assailant - after he was stabbed by Riker. Although not on video, which mysterioulsy skips over this activity, I did throw the murder weapon on a rooftop and run to a Bureau of Prison' Lieutenant to assist the victim, Davin Brian Stone, who died later that day. Further contrary to the commenter's misstatements, the actual assailant, Sean Riker, was not "seen leaving the scene long before the stabbing happened". Indeed, the video places him with the victim minutes prior to his assault and the government's own star witness, Gary Collins, a fellow gang associate of Riker, testified to Riker's presence at the time of the stabbing.
I cannot fathom how this commenter could have gotten so wrong such demonstrative facts concerning what the video evidence does/doesn't depict, or why the commenter would incorporate such factual misstatement to tarnish my case for justice. Please review the video. LINK? Which should be available any day now @
I encourage that commenter to also review my proposed trial testimony at pages 105-112 of "Jordan's Amended Motion to Vacate" ?, which is pending before the court and available at, on the "Criminal Litigation" page, under "Section VI. Pending Motion To Vacate Conviction". All of the evidence, save the perjured testimony of two jailhouse rats, one of whom has since recanted, is entirely consistent with my proposed trial testimony, my not assaulting anyone.
Finally, I remind that commenter that Federal Judge Lewis Babcock refused to allow my defense to call Sean Riker to the stand in my defense, as a witness, to ask him whether and why he in fact stabbed the victim. The basis for Judge Babcock's refusal was that my doing so "would confuse the jury".
It is clear to me that justice in my case will not be administered by the courts or by way of my release. I expect only that my innocence, my wrongful conviction, my be proven publicly and that the public will administer justice in grater awareness, progressive changes in the criminal justice system, and the prevention of further wrongful convictions. It may be too late for me, but it is not too late for change. There, will I find my justice.

Marijuana plants earn Prisoner 17 years on 2 year sentence   6 years 3 weeks ago

Situations like this are the direct source for the exorbitantly high and incorrectly reported "return to prison"rates. Parole, probation and community corrections are fundamentally designed to incarcerate known "criminals" by requiring them to perform unrealistic conditions. I personally have spent over 8 years of my life desperately trying to stay unincarcerated. Excessive toxicology screening, which I am financially responsible for, as well as excessive visits to my P.O(usually 3 of each per week) Plus being ordered to pay the probation/parole dept for supervision.Failure to comply with any of these conditions could result in my parole/probation starting all over again. Now i ask you, Colorado citizens, How am i supposed to fulfill my obligations to my employer who requires a 24hr on-call status, potentially having to leave 6 times a week to comply with my conditions of release? How can I be expected to keep my job? I wouldn't hire a person on parole/probation. ALL of my violations of state law are drug (mainly marijuana) possessions. The State would rather spend thousands of dollars to incarcerate me, than having me be a productive member of society. The more petty criminals like myself who willingly choose jail instead of probation are increasing deficits in the state budget, local economy, and creating the need for more correctional funding. which you the average law abiding citizen of Colorado must incur. It is time to end unnecessary funding of the Colorado Judicial Economy. ABOLISH PROBATION/PAROLE AND RESTRUCTURE SENTENCING LAWS! SENTENCED TO 1 YEAR IN JAIL, SERVE 1 YEAR IN JAIL. It'll never happen, there is a entire industry, thousand of coveted state jobs and the benefits that come with the job. Why should they lose their jobs? I broke the law. Meanwhile ALL Colorado citizens end up bearing the unnecessary financial burden. No wonder America is broke.

Iconoclast Publisher's Suspicious Stroke -- a warning to all patriots   6 years 4 weeks ago

Your right this is bad!!!  I am a COIMC editor and this is one I missed.

I have to say that this happens very seldom.  You may want to temper your anger a little or better yet volentier to help COIMC.  Having said that this article is bad.  I will delet the contents of it now and ban the writer. 

Iconoclast Publisher's Suspicious Stroke -- a warning to all patriots   6 years 4 weeks ago

.... because they allow anti-semitic horseshit like this to get posted to this site.

Get fucking real. This whole Jewish World Conspiracy thing is bullshit, and you know it. Go post these stories on instead of COIMC.


And COIMC moderators: Maybe more folks would use and respect this site if it seemed like y'all cleaned it up so horse shit like this didn't stink up this whole site.


-A concerned anarchist in Denver.

We Are Change - well, not really.   6 years 4 weeks ago

This year (2010) we did it again at the same location with three times the people participating in the Street Action with three bull horns, large professionally made banners and signs. Obviously, the writer of this article in 2009 is an excellent example of the reprobate minds created by our Marxist dominated "higher education" system these days. Such totally brainwashed reprobate minds cannot possibly understand that it is wrong for a government of elitists to murder masses of innocent people (in our own country and in foreign countries) and lie about it in order to achieve a long range agenda and realize billions in personal financial profits from "investments" at the same time. Millions of filled coffins and mamed bodies is just "collateral damage" in the cost of "doing business" these days, isn't that correct? It's just business! How horrible that the American people are so mentally twisted that acting like God hating Communists has become the norm and people have become so de-sensitized and cold-hearted toward their fellow man that many could simply walk by undisturbed if they saw a small child being raped on the sidewalk right in front of them. Think it's not true - then you are horribly living in denial. People simply do not care that the monsters that they have voted into office could either actively participate in a series of mass murder events or simply consent in participating by their silence. 

We Are Change is an organization that is attempting to wake up the zombies that the people have become in hopes that those people would swing into action, demand prosecution and execution of those in positions of power who have either actively participated in mass murder for corporate profits or those who looked the other way and silently consented. We Are Change is wanting the country to return to the Constitution and return the freedoms that have been lost out of corporate and personal greed and government corruption, of course. To date (Sept. 2010), there are now tens of thousands of common people of many professioanl occupations who are pushing forward to have the elitists criminals exposed and dealt with as those guilty of High Treason against the Constitution and the people of the United States of America (not to mention the millions murdered and tortured in foreign countries) all based on lies. It is time for real justice and if that means that someone's family member or friend has to pay the price for crimes they have committed against humanity, that's tough shit isn't it?

Maybe we should roll out some guillotines and drag out the members of the white house, house of faux-reps and senate and see what kind of sidewalk confessions we might get. We could then roll it up to the pentagon, the Federal Reserve and the Counsel on Foreign Relations building and see if the canaries will sing in an attempt to save their filthy lives. What a thought - actually better that the day dream of winning the Lotto. To the writer of the original article: You really need to stick to entertaining yourself by writing Hai Ku or some other form of worthless form of surrealistic prose.

Five Community Organizers Arrested by FBI, Denver PD   6 years 4 weeks ago

What was the reason that they arrested those people.. They must be doing some suspected activities.. FBI is smart enought to catch them.

Banner Drop in Lafayette in Solidarity with Marvin Booker!!   6 years 5 weeks ago

Sorry to bring up an old conversation, but I've been thinking about it for a while and it's been bugging me.

I don't think we should use a state and religion defined word like "murderer."  The same goes with, "accessory to murder".  In that sense I disagree with Evan, who wrote, "the question then is how to put that form of conscientious objection into legally pertinent terms and identifying and defining the substance of it."  

Murder means it's ok to kill as long as its legal, such as for US soldiers following the rules of engagement in Afghanistan.  Or in religious terms, as long as you are fighting an enemy that god wills you to fight (old testament.)

I assume that you are using murder as something else, such as only killing humans in situations other than self-defense or revolution. For it seems according to Evan, as cops protect the lives of "thieves, liars and thugs of capital" in their role of providing "security,"  that this implies that killing those people would otherwise be ok.  But perhaps I misunderstand Evan, and he only refers to such people because they need to be delt with in some  other way short of killing.

I also see some further equivocation in the use of "murderer'.  Whereas I thought it refered to someone who had murdered someone else, it seems it's more of a functional explanation, where someone is a murderer if they're trained and prepaired to murder someone else.  This is evidenced in the statement, "if you want security, you want murderers."  If however, you're still only a murderer if you actually kill someone, then my point, that not all cops are murderers, is still valid.  The same goes to, "they are an accessory to murder at the very least."  And as I said before, I question the relavence of the legal concept, "accessory to murder" and also as I thought of that from the beginning.  However, "All Cops are Murderers or Accessory to Murderers" would be an awkward banner drop and so I merely recommended "Cops are Murderers" in its place, although now I wonder if "Cops are Killers" might be better.

End DWCF's 'labia lift' search policy   6 years 6 weeks ago

This is horrifying, even just to read about it.  There is no justification, especially if the person does not have a past history of smuggling.  It is a form of torture, and since it impairs a prisoner's ability to have visits, it violates other rights as well.

This abuse of women definitely needs to stop.  Prison employees should find some other way to get their kicks (on their own time, away from the workplace).

End DWCF's 'labia lift' search policy   6 years 6 weeks ago

all i can say right now is that i want to see something done about this and hopefully have it stopped. i'm trying to do what i can, which is limited since i'm in grand junction, so if anyone has any leads on groups, individuals, etc. interested in doing something email

Community March & Rally Against Police Brutality!   6 years 6 weeks ago

I could not be there in physical presence because I was in the hospital with my beast friend, who was a victim of police brutality the night before. My buddy gave a shot out too her and got her name on the list of victims. Leelee was her name. Thank you too everyone who was out there and speaking for us who could not be there.

Smash Israeli Apartheid: Anarchists Against the Wall Come to Denver   6 years 6 weeks ago

Two zeros missing.

legal costs for our part of the joint struggle is right now $150,000


Santa Feans call for Truth in Public Celebration of Religious Conquest   6 years 6 weeks ago

"He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future."  George Orwell

Homeless Demand Action, Will Occupy   6 years 7 weeks ago

Solidarity from Durango, comrades! Just let us know what we can do to help and support. Homes not jails! Housing First!