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Local Photographer Harassed by Police, Threatened with Arrest   7 years 49 weeks ago

In Response To Anonymous:


Funny that you criticize me for trying to remain anonymous when you do the same. I keep my name out of the article because it's not needed and activists tend to get harassed, brutalized, etc. by cops -- especially those who criticize cops. I use Ringo Kamens as a peusdonym as one level of protection against this kind of activity. If there's any real reason I need to provide my full legal name, I will but you haven't provided one. Furthermore, Police are public officers and as such they are required by law to give me their information. As you'll recall from the report, the officers violated the law by refusing me that information. There are grounds for a suit against the DPD here, but I'm not going to do it simply because I have bigger fish to fry. And there's no ground to sue: "interference" is a risk you take when doing photography in public places. I was well within the law and my rights to take pictures from public property. What seems absurd to me is that they could cut off a street for a corporate shoot! I paid for that street with my taxes, the least I should be able to do is use it. And I was not interfering with the shoot or trying to get in the pictures, I was simply trying to take pictures of what was going on. Let me know where you're doing a photo shoot so I can come take pictures of it and then we can try out your legal strategy. I'll even make it easy for you and represent myself!


In Response to my new friend Brenden:
I appreciate you backing me up, nice to hear some encouraging words from another photographer who cares about our rights.


Comrade Ringo Kamens

Local Photographer Harassed by Police, Threatened with Arrest   7 years 49 weeks ago

You don't have the balls to sign your name after your comment, after you try to tell him the same.  And me, as a professional photographer, who charges $1,000 an hour and probably does a much better job than you, would at least be kind enough to nicely ask for the person to leave.  This photographer is standing up for his rights.  He, in fact, did not interfere with their shoot.  If they had just let him take the pictures, then he would have continued on his jolly way and no interference would have been involved.  They obviously made it much harder than it had to be, and due to the fact that they harassed him, he could have sued them as well.  Sorry "Anonymous", but your points have no relevance.


Brenden Gebhart

Local Photographer Harassed by Police, Threatened with Arrest   7 years 49 weeks ago

You don't have the balls to sign your name under your story, after you name the officers involved, and you were there to interfere with the professional photo shoot. As a professional photographer, who does street photography, who has to put up with people like yourself who delibertly try to get in my shots, I would have requested your name and contact information so I could sue you for interfering with my photo shoot. I charge $1,500.00/ hour, plus expences which could have come up to 20K for them, easily!

Hope in a Time of Elections: Movement Building at the Summer Conventions   7 years 49 weeks ago

I really agree with this critique that we should be focusing on more "positive" things, especially in our propaganda. Most people don't seem to understand that in order for a new society to be build, we must liberate ourselves from the old and since the powerstructure won't let us go without force, we must destroy. So let's appeal to the parts they do understand: "hope" and "change". Really though, I agree even though that sounded a little satirical.


Party Conventions being Funded by Major Corporations   7 years 49 weeks ago

Another open secret is confirmed...

Durango May Day Rally & Festival!   8 years 5 weeks ago

We are looking for radical/revolutionary/anarchist literature etc. to distrubute at our event and to have on a table at the Really Really Free Market. If you can help us out with any free literature or flyers to promote other anarchist groups and events, contact us at durangomayday(at)

FYI Colorado Thought Crime Statutes ban Anarchism   8 years 11 weeks ago

Must be a Ludlow/Columbine mine holdover

Justice for Emily Rae Rice March & Rally Sunday, 1PM- Denver CopWatch   8 years 11 weeks ago

Now maybe I'm missing something but it sounds like those deputies have committed manslaughter at the very least, and if they did use any force that should be considered murder. Forget asking for their termination we should be calling for their arrest? Where are the criminal charges? I mean I realize an officer's job is tough, but there is absolutely no excuse for this! Police and other "authorities should be punished FAR more severely than the average Joe. When they are granted all that power they need to be held accountable not only as a normal citizen, but they need to be held responsible for their use/misuse of the powers we grant them. When you join the force and they give you Kevlar, a truncheon, a badge (authority), cuffs, zip-ties for when you run out of cuffs, a taser, mace/pepper spray, a handgun, a shotgun, sometimes even an assault rifle, extra ammunition, sometimes tear gas, a suped-up car, hand-to-hand combat training, and a radio to call for back-up, you can't act surprised when bad things go down and you can't complain about how rough it is either. Oh, and I forgot, some cops get dogs capable of tearing you to shreds in mere seconds too.

Reminder: Anti-War Rally, West Steps, State Capitol, Sunday, March 16, 1:30 PM   8 years 11 weeks ago

Stop that bullshit protesting and actually do something. Go inside that capitol and tear shit up!!!

ILWU to Shut Down West Coast Ports May 1 Demanding End to War in Iraq, Afghanistan   8 years 12 weeks ago

These port workers should connect with Port Militarization Resistance and the (non-existent) Port Liberation Front...

Slavery In America: 90 Cents an Hour and 20 F Below Zero   8 years 14 weeks ago

Im disappointed that this story was left in the wire rather than being mainpaged, its certainly more news worthy then a movie announcement. Not that the Immokalee struggle is unimportant, its just a strange editorial decision.


anti-Republican Nation Convention Activists banned from Canada   8 years 15 weeks ago

The strange thought is that they think that they can keep Canadians from hearing what these people have to say by stopping them at the border. In the age of telecommunications and the internet, that's a very strange thought indeed. Spread the word!

Impeach Cheney now   8 years 20 weeks ago

Rep. Wexler now has over 185,000 signatures on his letter-petition to House Judiciary Chairman Conyers asking for immediate Impeachment Hearings.

On Jan 16 we are asking all pro-Impeachment activists to Call the members of the Judiciary Committee and push Impeachment.

That date is the day Wexler will present his petition to the Committee.

For more information SEE:

The Colorado Impeach Coalition's
new website(up late on Friday 01/11/08


Holiday Greetings from Recreate-68   8 years 23 weeks ago

That was an awesome poem. Major props.

Ron Paul and the Employer/Employee Relationship   8 years 23 weeks ago

I see the point you make with all the information in the article. Ron Paul addresses employer/employee relationships in a way far different than any other politician. However, there is some importance with this when looking at Ron Paul more broadly. Ron Paul has a very firm stance on Illegal Immigration. Illegal immigration is a major problem of out country right now. Illegal immigrants are taken jobs at pay below minimum wage everyday. Essentially taking the jobs of legal citizens. It is partly the minimum wage that enables this.
Furthermore, Ron Paul is the only candidate not funded by the corporations. He is fighting for what is right in his gut rather than in his pocketbook.
In general Ron Paul is the only candidate that is full of independent political ideas. His thought ignores the false reality that America has succumb too. In my opinion he is the starting point to redefining our country where we want it to be.

This link is a good interview with Ron from August this year.

Young woman dies in DPD custody --64 seconds "missing" surveillance tape before she died examined by local media   8 years 23 weeks ago

If someone else did this, they'd be charged with interfering with a police investigation.

A death in these circumstances would always be the subject of an inquiry. And video of the key moments as someone goes to the floor and deputies respond is most obviously evidence of imporatance to such an inquiry. That someone went and edited and deleted this is the knowing and deliberate destruction of evidence.

Ron Paul and the Employer/Employee Relationship   8 years 23 weeks ago

Thanks for posting this.

I agree with all of this. Yet, I'd still support Ron Paul for President of the United States if the circumstances are right.

The one thing I strongly believe is that in trying to fight the corporate powers that run this country, we have a massive, uphill and very difficult fight in front of us. We need all the friends and allies we can get.

I disagree with Libertarians on the society I'd like to see in this country. But they seem to agree with me that the current government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations has to instead to being a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

It seems like we need each other to fight the power that is currently so strongly entrenched.

Give me a free country, with a democratic system of truly free and fair elections where principles and ideas matter more and money matters a lot less, then I'd be happy to debate the Libertarians on policy.

My general disagreement with the Liberatarians is that they want to take the current inequities of power and wealth, leave them in place, then say "hey, everyone's free to do what they want." The problem being when you remove everything that's been limiting power and wealth, those who don't have it at the start of the new system are just screwed.

But, I'll be happy to have that debate later. For now, I'm happy enough to see the Libertarians fighting the same forces I think need to be fought. They want to get us out of this war. They don't want a super-powerful President that spies on the citizens. There's enough there that I can agree that the enemy of my enemy might be a useful friend for awhile. We seem to be outnumbered, outspent and outgunned (figuratively). In that caase, a friend fighting your same enemies seems mighty welcome.

Batten Down the Hatches!- City of Denver Already Cracking Down on Dissent in Preparation for DNC   8 years 24 weeks ago

Thanks for the article. Provides a great overview.
See you at the DNC,
Comrade Ringo Kamens

Support Left Hand Books-Keep Alternative Media Sources Going!   8 years 24 weeks ago

Thanks for posting this, Left Hand Books is a local treasure. Its very important that we all step up to the plate and support local resources that we value.

In Denver another local resource is the Unity Infoshop at 1145 Santa Fe Drive.

Democratic National Convention Media Walk Through at the Pepsi Center   8 years 24 weeks ago

I loved this article, thanks for writing this. An original passionate telling of the truth.
Stay Strong,
Comrade Ringo Kamens

Notes from DNC Vision/Critique Session   8 years 25 weeks ago

It looks like there going to Be a cellphone Text listserve during the RNC. The DNC should do the same.

Black Bart's Community Calendar   8 years 25 weeks ago

This calendar is awesome. Rock on!

Notes from DNC Vision/Critique Session   8 years 25 weeks ago

I think another thing to consider is communication. I know that one of the things that made the WTO action work so well was the great communication system that had been set up. What are we planning? We need one public communication system (which every three letter agency in the world will be jamming), one semi-secret one, and one secret one (for elected leaders of affinity groups, etc.)
Just my two cents. Oh.. and yeah.. SHUT DOWN THE DNC!

Notes from DNC Vision/Critique Session   8 years 25 weeks ago

Theres alot of problems I'm having with the way shits going right now.

It seems as if Denver is shooting awfully low for the convention.
Statements like this are what root that feeling.

"Many people thought the idea of trying to shut down the convention was foolish with the heavy police presence and questionable motive involved since the convention is largely ceremonial, as opposed to a meeting in which real decisions are made"

If this is true, what does this mean for the RNC?
Are these people feeling the RNC strategy is foolish?

Their conventions are ceremonial but isn't what were planning the same? I feel like we need to send the message to these people that this is the point when we collectively need to say "no" to this bullshit and prove it by not letting them continue with their murder parties.

I think effectively shutting down the DNC would be an action that would "leave people revitalized".

We need to show people we can win, once they realize we can, that's when we will get momentum and some effectiveness going on in our collective actions.

Since I'm on the topic of revitalization , I think one of the greatest means the state uses to drain a movement of their resources and leave them feeling not so "revitalized" is by arrests and brutality that "hang over the city" for a long fucking time.

There needs to be mad fucking de-arresting workshops, action camps, and self defense workshops.

I agree heavily that it would be a much better idea (if the idea wasn't to shut the DNC down) to spread out amongst the city with direct action, rather then attacking where the pigs are.

If anyone has read "Derrick Jensen's" book "endgame", they'd probably know the point I'm trying to make.

In the resistance volume of endgame, Derrick points out an extremely important tactic. That tactic is "Hitting them where they ain't".

An example of hitting them where they ain't would be the fast moving arson squads that in a matter of 21 days torched 8000+ cars with minimal arrests.

Point being, that its far easier to do autonomous direct action when there isn't a police presence than it is if your surrounded by bulls.

Shutting down the convention would be the best idea I would think off to revitalize the people (IF PREPARED FOR CORRECTLY), unless people are planning on chilling out at the DNC so they can make it to the RNC and shut it down...

Which I think would be a let down...
but fuck.

Any ideas?

From the occupied territories of Minnesota,
A middle class beneficiary.