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Homeless Demand Action, Will Occupy   6 years 7 weeks ago

Solidarity from Durango, comrades! Just let us know what we can do to help and support. Homes not jails! Housing First!

Community March & Rally Against Police Brutality!   6 years 8 weeks ago

2:00pm - 9:30pm


LocationGather at 20th st and Little Raven


Created ByKenia Morales, West Denver Copwatch




Join West Denver Copwatch, Aurora Copwatch, the hood, the barrio, the community,
and concerned folks for a tour of police brutality.


Denver Law Enforcement has been brutal for years, however the situation has
reached a pinnacle.

We will be marching to the sites of the most recent incidents of brutality

1) The march will be begin at 20th St and Little Raven where Mark Ashford was

2) It will continue to 15th street and Larimer where Shawn Johnson and Michael
DeHerrera were viciously assaulted.

3) The march will end at the Van Cise Justice Center where Marvin Booker was
murdered by the hands of Denver deputies, and the rally will ensue.

Where: Gather at 20th and Little Raven

When: Saturday August 28, 2010 @ 2:00pm, Step off @ 2:30pm

Bring your love and your rage

Contact info: 720.878.3658


Times and Places: On Consequence   6 years 8 weeks ago

fucking right.

Times and Places: On Consequence   6 years 8 weeks ago

Religious group in Denver saying "talks, not marches"

Excessive force settlements costing tax payers an average of 2 million dollars a year

The Denver Police Chief, submitting his retirement within five years, says the public "doesn't know the whole story" and that the videos "represent what police departments around the country also face."

Fuck the police.

Times and Places: On Consequence   6 years 8 weeks ago

"from the author" or whatever

Just because Perea resigned or the officers are on paid leave doesn't change a thing. They are attempting to minimalize the systemic problems with police and prison systems by falling on swords and absorbing accountablility. I can only hope the public understands that and dodges the press's attitude that this is some kind of "fresh start." More abuse will come and more injustice will demand action.

See you in the streets this Saturday.

Times and Places: On Consequence   6 years 9 weeks ago

Police brutality is really a no-no. These authorities should first and foremost protect the people. Sadly there are some who abuse their powers.

"-Liam (<a href="">drug

Times and Places: On Consequence   6 years 9 weeks ago

It's Time We all stopped stiling for less!

Demanding that the police and sheriff do better is not enough. We as people deserve better then what we are getting from both the DPD and the Denver Sheriffs Office. We need the root causes of these incidents addressed.

Doing so requires more then just addressing the abuses of Sheriffs and Police officers it also requires us, the people, to address the judges and DA's that aid these evil jack booted thugs.

I will stand at the side of anyone who will take this task on. We live in a police state with 25% of all the prisoners on the planet caged here in America. It's time to fight back. Rallies play there part and I will be there but also we need to consider all means of action both conventional and unconventional, both "legal" and "illegal."

Strange Weather Getting More Strange   6 years 10 weeks ago

In a great portion of  Russian territory, fires triggered by a record heat wave and drought are burning out of control. The death toll from Russian fires was 48 as of Aug. 6 and entire villages have been consumed by flames. A thick blanket of smoke suffocated Moscow residents and 4,000 individuals have been burned out of their homes. Some of the blazes threaten to re-release Russian nuclear contamination from the Chernobyl disaster locked up within the trees in certain areas. The Russian government has come under rare public criticism for being slow and ill-outfitted to fight the fires.Wildfires are inevitable especially if there is a heat wave.That's what happened in Russia today,a lot of people died and suffered and became homeless in an instant.

(practicable) instant ubiquitous TRUE democracy   6 years 10 weeks ago

It is not important whatever kind of nation we are ruled as long as we have good economy. I feel so sad about what is happening nowadays due to the questions raised whether the United States is turning into or already is a “plutonomy.”

Here is the proof: Economists suggest the United States has become a plutonomy

It has been argued that it actually been that way all along. Recent figures indicate the richest few are what have driven any relative improvements within the economy.

Banner Drop in Lafayette in Solidarity with Marvin Booker!!   6 years 11 weeks ago

"if you want security, you want murderers."

That's pretty astute there, Evan. I agree with your uh, counter-critique(?) of the "All Cops Are Murderers" slogan. Additionally, I'd like to state that as you mentioned the police being the first line of defense for the class enemies, those people along with the police and military powers under their control systemically murder people on the daily basis. If the cop is there to uphold that system and doesn't kill anything in the process, they are an accessory to murder at the very least.

"Every cop a murderer, every judge an accomplice."

Banner Drop in Lafayette in Solidarity with Marvin Booker!!   6 years 11 weeks ago

You're absolutely right about the effect of exaggerations, hyperbole, and inflammatory language, especially in RAIM's case (don't even get me started), however the slogan merely gets attention, as RAIM and the like piss that attention away by shooting their mouths off unchecked by their minds. But if we use the attention grabbing power of strong statements, and I mean to utilize the window of opportunity, then we can keep a consistent message that really draws authority into question, realistically, and I don't think the slogan on the banner is the death nail in that effort. It is usually that groups like RAIM just keep spewing the same crap instead of elaborating. It helps to be consistent, rationally and ethically, as long as a solution can be seen as feasible. But just being consistent on the surface, like RAIM, does absolutely no good, you're right, and even can be detrimental. Perhaps we should suggest publicly that cops who do strive to not fulfill their role as murderers, what is expected of them implicitly by the corporate state, are like conscientious objectors in the military, and should be afforded such status. The question then is how to put that form of conscientious objection into legally pertinent terms and identifying and defining the substance of it. If such status were recognized then we could actually get statistics on police personalities, and then we'd know whether or not there are a few bad apples or the whole force is bad apples with a few exceptions. What would that mean for the legitimacy of the state? I'm sure you can imagine. 

Banner Drop in Lafayette in Solidarity with Marvin Booker!!   6 years 11 weeks ago

"All cops are murderers" poses the question of why do we need cops? What is it about us that makes police, rationally speaking, necessary? We create our own criminal population and cops play a key role in that process, then they are charged with holding us all hostage to their Hobbesian delusions. 'Murderer' in the sense of that slogan is more of a job title than a statement about their personalities. Cops striving to never shoot their weapons is a dereliction of duty under the false premise of 24 hour threats to security. Consider who's security this is. It is only people who by any moral rationalizing deserve what they get, or inevitably constitute themselves as legitimate targets. Cops are charged with the task of protecting thieves, liars and thugs of capital, not all of us. Their presence in our communities, in essence and effect, works to divide us and pit us against one another. They can't claim there are winners and losers by chance in a free market when they select the losers arbitrarily. The cops don't all know that they are supposed to be cold blooded murderers, but most of them do get it. Those who strive not to be that way are not a majority or the departments would all crumble under their dissent, and their dereliction of duty, just as with such cases of soldiers in war, to dissidents against this evil system, are therefore "patriots." We should not expect them to be rewarded for that by their bosses, but we can surely appreciate their refusal to carry out their role as murderers. But you must remember, if you want security, you want murderers. If you want freedom from criminals then you want revolution. Be consistent. 

Support Safe Access to Medical Marijuana in Colorado Critical Hearing in Denver on MONDAY, JULY 20   6 years 11 weeks ago

The reason why cannabis was even criminalized was because a few powerful, greedy men's empires were threatened by the hemp plant. marijuana conspiracy <-- this article does a good job of explaining how that happened. One of the government's most successful tricks up its sleeves are taxing things that they deem morally reprehensible. The people always subscribe to this because they're afraid of being judged by others that are also subscribing to these, i guess "misinformed ideologies," and give the gov more and more control over our personal lives. We live in an age of gov induced hypersensitivity, and now any little annoyance that is able to be stigmatized w/ propaganda is indulged as a legitimate problem. Pretty soon they're going to start persecuting ppl for wearing white, since it reflects light the best and technically would put the ppl around them at a greater risk for skin cancer (bad example, I know, because at least cancer has been proven to harm your health, unlike weed). Yea, it's ridiculous sounding, but the logic is exactly the same as ppl that can't stand being around smokers. The government is the one instilling a sense of corporeality and attachment to our bodies, which is just another exercise in using fear (the only thing that governments are good at) as well as an attempt at preserving our bodies to increase productivity to the state (what other governments were health nuts for this same reason? oh yea, the nationalist socialist party).The same goes for the way the gov targets certain items to hike up the taxes on, such as "sin taxes." Like almost all laws passed in this country, there's always some corporate bullshit behind it. I took a free smoking cessation class back when I was in college, and it seemed like they legitimately wanted to help me until they started throwing expensive teeth whitening products at us at the end. (I remember one of the brands was malibu bright, which is by no means a cheap complimentary toothbrush if that's what you were picturing). They should just call it "the government needs an excuse to take more of our money" tax

Banner Drop in Lafayette in Solidarity with Marvin Booker!!   6 years 11 weeks ago

I'm glad people did this.  Banner drops are more empowering and effective than small symbolic protests.  But please be more thoughtful in choosing your words.  In fact, all cops are not murderers.  Some have never fired their gun in anger on duty.  You could have just said "cops are murderers" instead, because that is true.  Some cops are murderers.  Now, all cops may be complicit in murder by participating in the police culture of silence, but that is different.  If that was your point, you could say "All cops are complicit in murder."  Furthermore, exagerations, hyperbole, and inflamatory language do no good.  That's what RAIM does.  Neither the Whether Underground nor the Black Panthers could play down their rhetoric with either the authorities or their own self image.  It turns people off and makes radicals appear delusional, as if they weren't already portrayed that way by the state.

Green Valley Ranch Citizens Confront Corrupt HOA Board   6 years 11 weeks ago

I 'm still doing more research, but it sounds like if we get enough people (homeowner's) we can make them all step down. I have a few friends in different HOA across Colorado and they have all had problems with locally managed HOA's, what I would like to see happen is to be managed by an outside managing company. Bank IFSC code Get rid of the district delegates and run it like a normal business

UPDATE: Home Depot has Earth First! activists arrested in Denver for action against dams in Patagonia   6 years 12 weeks ago

We had some similar cases with activists but they were mainly thrown out of court i do internships with some boston lawyers and helped with a few people who were arrested and got ACOD for the most part.

Killer of Oscar Grant Gets Off: No Justice in Amerikkka   6 years 13 weeks ago

Troll on, RAIMer. No Tiqqun in your repertoire? The crimes, particularly crimes within a revolutionary's region, are important to pay attention to because they represent a rupture in the status quo as well as demonstrate the violence equated with non-assimilation into an oppressive culture and existing within a culture of manipulated scarcity. Sociopaths are not the norm. Crime = Poverty = Systemic failure of capitalism's social engineering and hierarchy. Nothing to do with inflating ranks, particularly because conceptually the "party is invisible."

Combine the natural violent tearing of social fabric with legitimate organizing for cultural and social revolution (which you and I have pretty clearly different ideas about, which, who gives a shit?) and rebel insurrection, and there is a force that can change things for good. I don't need any proselyting about the third world, because by putting the third world on such a pedestal, you discount global struggles that go beyond the bounds of a narrow class analysis as well as deny advances made by first world revolutionaries that brought progress to people all over the world. What was all that said by Che Guevara about American radicals being in the belly of the best?

And on a note of clarity, you are speaking to an anonymous person who may or may not even live in Denver, and I just engaged in a little dialogue with you, albeit with a bit of hostility. You don't know what I do and I don't know who you are or what you really do. This is all anonymous posturing on the internet and I'm going to choose to refrain from it from here on out. That isn't to say I don't think this developed into an interesting discussion or perhaps challenge that both of us may have learned something. And I think that's just terrific.

Killer of Oscar Grant Gets Off: No Justice in Amerikkka   6 years 13 weeks ago

You claim we don't contribute to "open revolt", whatever that is, by not breaking enough windows.  And you go off on something about ivory towers and Home Depot.  And what projects have we coopted?  Do you have any serious critique or just recycling old buzzwords to substitute for actual thought?

You end by signing off "social war."  Social War is a current anarchist trend, also called insurectionist anarchism.  There is a local blog calling itself Til It Breaks: Denver Social War.  The first page has these headlines:  Summit County crime spree ends in arrest;  Jewelry store robbed in Castle Rock; Boy Scout gear swiped from Aurora church parking lot(Yep, Boy Scouts got robbed, the revolution is just around the corner).  Granted it does have more political topics on there, but the emphasis on this and similiar blogs out there is reprinting police blotter reports.  How is a bunch of reports of vandalism and armed robbery contributing to the global revolution?  Are all these robbers and vandals aware that they do their acts because of the "social war," or just to get cash or thrills?  Nice way to inflate your ranks, and your self-importance.  Hey, I saw some guys in Lodo pissing on a wall outside!  Social War!

And while were at it, why don't you attack the anarchists in Denver who organized the rally for Oscar Grant, for "participate in ineffectual protest and symbolic actions within the spectacle?"  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad someone here did something on this, but it doesn't live up to your standards of "open revolt." 

If you don't like RAIM because we don't smash enough stuff, then we probably don't want you or need you.  This infantile trend of glorifying petty crime will likely pass like other trends before it when its adherents burn out or move on to other trends.  RAIM looks at the global system of the Third World exploited and oppressed by the First World, and sees this unjust system ending when the oppressed peoples of the world end it through global peoples war.  The majority of the First World, a minority in the world, benefit from this system and will oppose any change in it.  A minority of First World peoples will support this betterment of humanity, but it will be a minority.  RAIM looks for those few who are committed in the long term to aid in this global struggle in the most effective ways they can where they are.  Who will study and do whatever work they can to aid the Third World masses.  And considering our small size and resources we have achieved a lot comparatively.  Sorry if we don't fulfill your instant gratification right away, but revolutions don't work out that way.  And don't get us wrong, we have nothing against your tactics, but we don't see much of them around.  So if you believe that smashing stuff is something revolutionaries should do them go ahead and do it.  Practice what you preach.

Banner Drop in Lafayette in Solidarity with Marvin Booker!!   6 years 13 weeks ago

great job, making this a highly visible issue all over Colorado should be a priority for those seeking justice for Marvin Booker. Thank you for your actions and stay safe.

Killer of Oscar Grant Gets Off: No Justice in Amerikkka   6 years 13 weeks ago

breaking windows or any other form of property destruction that costs a target money is "direct action" and to claim that "first worldist poseurs" (what? A Maoist using geopolitics as an excuse to participate in ineffectual protest and symbolic actions within the spectacle while preaching for the distant-future Maoist revolution rather than contribute to open revolt? Say it ain't fucking so! I can make generalizations too : ) ) have no political analysis beyond breaking windows is pretty short sighted. What the fuck made them so mad they would choose specific targets, take the time to claim the action and explain their motives? Oh fuck... I don't know... Political analysis? Do first-world Maoists sit atop ivory towers or do ya'll make yours out of industrial purpose bamboo from Home Depot? Who are you not waiting for? Where are you going? Have you changed anything for anybody?

Nope. Go back to co-opting other people's projects and hoping that one day, there will be enough brainwashed statist-kkkommunists than imperialist bullets you misguided twits.

-social war, up the sectarianism and no tolerance for authoritarian buuuulllllllllshiiiiiiiiit

Killer of Oscar Grant Gets Off: No Justice in Amerikkka   6 years 13 weeks ago

When was there any direct action in Denver, by whatever tendency?  You cant fault us for something that doesn't exist.  And we are not out to prove anything to anyone, much less the First Worldist poseurs who's political analysis doesn't go beyond breaking windows that are quickly replaced.  If you can do something better then by all means do it.  We won't hold our breath waiting for you to though.

Killer of Oscar Grant Gets Off: No Justice in Amerikkka   6 years 13 weeks ago

ya'll talk a pretty big game but when was the last time direct action (or any other meaingful act of resistance) was attributed to the "revolutionary maoists" in Denver? Any time I see anyone from RAIM in the street, they generalize about how evil white people are as a whole, march around cutely and then go home. For all of this militancy from RAIM's "media wing" there sure isn't any to be found within its ranks or in the streets.

Rally and Vigil to Demand Justice for Marvin Booker, Murdered by Pigs in New Denver Jail   6 years 13 weeks ago

Fuck the police. Groups need to stay on this issue and turn the heat up on the city. This tape needs to be released, and this story needs to stay in the consciousness of the population, because undoubtedly it will disgust and enrage anyone who watches it. If there is no justice for Marvin Booker, there will be no peace for the city authorities. I hope Denver shows up to fight for this.