Protest Arrest of Code Pink Activist at DNC

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Code Pink Activist Arrested at DNC

Contact: Colorado Legal Eagles

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Only 2 arrests, but one stirs a tempest
Video shows a Code Pink volunteer being knocked to the ground by an
By Jeremy P. Meyer and Christopher N. Osher
The Denver Post
Article Last Updated: 08/27/2008 01:11:19 AM MDT

Alicia Forrest of Code Pink is arrested Tuesday after a scuffle with police
at Civic Center. Several hundred people marched from Civic Center down West
Colfax Avenue to Speer Boulevard.

Following a mass arrest of nearly 100 people Monday night, police watching
Civic Center made just a couple of arrests through early evening Tuesday —
but one of them brought immediate controversy.

In the morning, volunteer Alicia Forrest from the anti-war group Code Pink
was arrested when police stepped in as a Kansas pastor tried to seize
control of Civic Center to denounce homosexuality.

Watch the video here:

Carlo Garcia, a leader of protest group Recreate 68, had asked police to
escort the pastor out of the park. Instead, police said Garcia posed a
threat and arrested him.

On a video shot by the Rocky Mountain News, Forrest is seen questioning an
officer about the arrest of Garcia, and he responds by knocking her to the
ground and saying,

"Back it up, b----," according to the tape.

Officers from several departments were working in the park at the time, and
it's not clear on the tape what department the officer works for, though
Denver police said they would begin a review of complaints about the

Glenn Spagnuolo, a co-founder of Recreate 68, stated: "Since the beginning
of this mobilization, we have always said that any violence would not come
from us but would come from the police. Our predictions appear to have come


Please call the officials below and tell them to stop the harassment of
antiwar activists by police. Forward this announcement to your friends. We
need to let the city of Denver know that the "The Whole World is Watching!"

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper
Phone: 720-865-9000 (Denver 311)
Ask for the Mayor's Office

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter
Phone: (303) 866-2471
They say it's the Mayor's responsibility, not theirs, but they still need
to feel the heat.


Provided as a public service by the:
Come Up to Denver Coalition
"No one else can take your place!"

White privilege

why are you ignoring the arrest of Carlo Garcia?

White privilege again?

Let's not have tunnel vision

What people don't realize is this woman was provoking the officer. You can even hear her say before the officer hit her, "F***ing do it again!". As someone who was there to witness, she was provoking, calling the officer names, and had lunged at him prior to this. They were asking the protesters to stay on the sidewalk and she kept pushing it and pushing it, stepping off the curb, yelling and screaming at him and asking for him to do something. So, he did.
What she did was PROVOKING the officer to do something, and when he did, she completely dramatized it and laid there for a while so people could take pictures and it'd make a big story.
I don't understand why people can't just protest and have their signs, voice their opinions, etc... But instead, they have to TRY to start things with police for the publicity, cause and start riots, and be beligerent. What does that REALLY solve? Honestly?


You are a liar and probably a police spy.

There are several videos of this arrest, some of which show the exchanges between the fundamentalist pastor, the police, and the protesters. The provocations you describe never occurred.

The only criminal here is a cop.

You take a billy club to the throat and see how dramatic it feels. She was an unarmed and harmless woman who was doing nothing else than being irritating and loud. (From what can be seen in the short clip) Nothing justifies physical violence unless you are attempting to subdue one that is endangering others. She was doing no such thing, just running her big mouth, which is protected under The Constitution.

Police are trained to deal with drunks, madmen, and other belligerent fools without beating them senseless and I think a single girl with a megaphone is nothing short of a joke compared to the dangers police face everyday. I respect the badge and am going to school for Criminal Justice but calling this woman a bitch before knocking her cold is flat out criminal behavior not befitting an officer.

No one here has tunnel vision except for you, who obviously lives in a fantasy world where you think police get away with nothing. Police were acquitted for the murder of Amadou Diallo, or is the public's memory span really that short?

After a scuffle?

You say Ms. Forrest was "arrested Tuesday after a scuffle with police."

This is not true. There was no "scuffle" between Ms. Forrest and the police. She was brutally attacked by the police officer, while non-violently pleading on behalf of Mr. Garcia. The attack was entirely one-sided, as the video clearly shows.