Iraq Vets Against War briefly blockade Denver traffic

From the Colorado Springs Gazette:

"...a group of about 40 Iraq war veterans, clad in their tan camouflage battle dress uniforms, briefly halted traffic on the 16th Street Mall.

"This is Operation First Casualty because the first casualty of war is the truth," said Aaron Hughes, 26, of Chicago.

He said the group wanted to show the people of Denver what it was like to have an "occupying force" in town and what it was like to have a "combat patrol go through their neighborhood."

The protesters, calling themselves Iraq Veterans Against the War, would march for a time, then halt for a while in a ready position shouting "contact," then "right" or "left," then sending "medics" to "casualties."

Riot-gear equipped police walked ahead and on each side of them.

"We want to show how oppressive it can be, for the Iraq people and the soldiers as well," said Hughes, a former member of the Illinois Army National Guard.

The group's message for the Democrats and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, who will accept the party's presidential nomination on Thursday: withdraw all troops from Iraq; reparations for the Iraqi people and improved veterans benefits.

"We're going to be on him (Obama) until all of our brothers and sisters are home," Hughes said."

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