6:30 See event video in (almost) real time:

6:15 pm UPDATE from the Streets

Caller from outside P-center reports a crowd of about 1,000 still there now.
Some are going to protest cage. Caller not sure why and plans to stay out of the cage.

Also 2nd caller from the civic center park reports that critical mass ride is set to start soon. About 150+ cyclists there now. Police holding back, monitoring only at this time may shadow the ride with their own cycle units. No set route for the ride.

Also just in:

TXT MSG from the scene a P-center

"Veteran against z war negociating w cops 2 give a letter 2 obama inside pepsi"

6:25 (Another) Rocky Mountain News writer estimates crowd at "more than 3,000"

5:45 Rocky Mountain News (one writer) puts march numbers at "nearly 10,000"

4:50 Unconfirmed report that police have left the convergence center.

3:45 March continues to go from the Denver Colosseum to past the Convergence Center. Activists report feeling empowered.

3:36 Unconfirmed report that the Iraq Vets Against the War march has begun. The first exist off of I-70 is blocked. Reports indicate the march is large.

3:25 Unconfirmed reports that heavy traffic machinery, and 300 cops are waiting outside the Rage Against the Machine show. Audience members are reported to be gathering in front of The Colosseum.

3:22 Unconfirmed report that approximately 70 cops have surrounded the conference center. Many are wearing turtle suits.

2:51 Unconfirmed report that the bus of riot cops just left the convergence center.

2:47: Unconfirmed report that a bus of riot cops pulled up to the convergence center.

2:45: Unconfirmed report that an armored truck is parked near the convergence center.

1:12 PM: Unconfirmed report indicates police have left the convergence center after a small scale raid.

1:11 PM: Unconfirmed report indicates police confiscated banner making supplies, some personal belongings, and arrested two people. Exact numbers of arrests are unknown.

We have an unconfirmed report in that 3 people have been arrested at the Convergence Center. Police have surrounded the building and are holding people inside until they can get a warrant to search it.

we need security at the RNC convergence center next week

'cause i'm sure the cops will raid that one too.......

I hope security means a

I hope security means a stockpile of stones and 50 kids willing to use them.

whatever works, nah'mean?

whatever keeps the cops out and the rest of us safe. Too bad the cops wipe their ass with the U.S. Constitution because we're supposed to be protected from unwarranted search and seizures.

Hopefully enough people will be outraged at the cops actions that more will join in on street actions. Hopefully people don't get intimidated cuz that's what they are trying to do. Scare us.

"Fuck the police" - NWA


I wish a little more militancy would be shown by anarchists/anti-authoritarians, especially since the DPD seems intent on arresting people anyways, WITHOUT CAUSE. It's obvious that political oppression is occurring, so where's the push back?

you have a point, but....

I'm all for defending space and for people acting in the manner that they best see fit, but its standard police policy to always escalate the escalation. if we rush their lines, they tear-gas us. If we start a street-fight, they'll break out even heavier weaponry. What I think we need is more sit-downs, lockboxes, and hard blockades that require an enormous amount of time and energy on the police's part to break through. Its riskier because people might get their asses kicked, but at least the whole world will know what a police state looks like. If we fight back, the media will just twist shit.

I'll all for defending space and the right to choose your own response to police violence, so its not a question of if its okay to do or not, its a question of will it benefit the overall strategy or not.

A thousand strong Black Bloc defending space has alot of potential, but somebody not already committed to other actions needs to organize one....without trying to recruit from other groups who already have their own plans.


we should have given up expecting any sort of fair portrayal from the media a long time ago. who cares if they 'twist shit'? we can continue to develop our own media. don't be intimidated. fight back!


The cops have shown who they are to the public for days now... I think there is a popular idea in people's minds that denver is occupied by the militias ... I think the resistance which may flow into the streets tonight or tomorrow will be 100 percent justified. Give them hell

Solidarity From Eastern (Fortress) Europe

Media link to the story

humm... those trees could be

humm... those trees could be cut down and used for weapons ya know......

Pull an Atenco

Baracades everywhere. Or just do that for the RNC.

Bill Ayers must be laughing his a## off

Where are the bombs bursting, the firecrackers ,etc. You thro rocks and pissbombs and feces bags while they have up to 50 million worth of taxpayer paid for weaponry.. (going unused)
Is this what you planned out . I am still awaiting to see the anarchy and vigilantism. Whatg happened?
Too much Starbucks .....


Hey, they made them spent $50 million preparing for nothing. If that's a victory for the government, then its the sort of victory that if they have too many more of those they'll lose the war. That's $50 mil the USG had to borrow from the Chinese to pay for all the riot cops.

And you should come down and see for yourself. Been on the streets for days, and I haven't seen a 'pissbomb' or a 'feces bag' yet. In fact, the only place I've heard of such things have been from an idiot city councilman and the right-wing noise machine.

thanks for updates

keep it coming couch potato...solidarity from east coast!

rage on the move - update 3:45

excerpt from article:


Rage Against the Machine has completed its set at the Denver Coliseum and a march led by the band and Iraq war veterans from there to the Pepsi Center is underway.

A crowd of protesters, police and the media is moving slowly down Brighton Boulevard, led by a police SUV with a flashing sign saying "Welcome to Denver, Follow Us." They were initially planning to go from Brighton Boulevard to Broadway, then over to Colfax and Speer and to the front of the security zone at Pepsi.

Early indications are that it is by far the largest march yet during the week of the Democratic National Convention featuring anti-war protesters, supporters of medicinal marijuana, and a sprinkling of anarchists carrying gas masks.

Sonny Jackson said the march, which does not have a city permit, will be allowed to proceed, but will instead turn west on Blake and be disbanded at 14th before reaching the Pepsi Center security zone.

Iraq Veterans Against the War want to deliver a demand to the Democrats that the U.S. leave Iraq now. If they are unable to do so, they say, they will enter the Pepsi Center.

from imcista

be careful that the newswire doesn't get flooded by usual trolls spamming the network.


People's Press Collective, whose reporting of breaking news is putting IMC to shame, have 'almost live' streaming videos of the anti-war protest taking place

good job PPC

Congrats to the People's Press Collective for doing a great job providing video. But in what sense are the PPC and IMC in competition? It seems that someone with a belief that a live video collective puts IMC "to shame" misunderstands the nature of IMC.

IMC does much more than stream live video. IMC is an independent media center, which means that it is a place where other resources can come together, and be made available via one website, or network of websites. IMC is volunteer-operated, and does news and media repository fairly well, considering. Any shortcomings or limitations of IMC could result from the fact that you haven't sufficiently volunteered your time to help.

an IMC volunteer