Need Denver action in support of Mainers attacked by Denver-based Big Gas

Coloradans, can you help Mainers fend off a Denver-based Big Gas attack on Penobscot Bay? DCP Midstream LLC, a BIG natural gas port, pipeline & megatank operator, is close to getting its OKs to transform and industrialize our bay's estuary, heart of the lobster ecosystem, by establishing the east coast's biggest Liquified Petroleum Gas terminal in the our bay's brackish estuary. Can you help us with actions in Denver?

The People of Maine's biggest bay, have been resisting fiercely, using every tool in the nonviolent handbook available. Demonstrations, confrontations, litigation, state/federal/local permit opposition, public hearings etc, etc have been ongoing for more than a year.

We must confront Power at its lair. But we cannot afford to send a delegation of Mainers to Denver to shame DCP outside their 25th floor corporate headquarters in the Republic Plaza building at 370 17th St. Suite 2500, Denver.

Can Coloradans stand up for Maine in our stead?  Support demonstrations/ flash happenings on the plaza in front of the building, at the corner of Tremont and 17th Street in downtown Denver would be immensely newsworthy in Maine and all of New England. They could really help in our final struggle against DCP, which occurs in mid- January. The federal and state agencies have already bowed down to DCP Midstream's demands. Only the five crusty old Maine men and women who make up the volunteer planning board of the tiny town of Searsport stand between DCP and it's dream of bulldozing and blasting down the Mack Point Woods to build their Penobscot Bay gas terminal.

(Importing LPG will do wonders for expanding Fracking into the north

They are suspicious of Big Industry coming to town with great fanfare and PR, the way DCP has. But they need to know that people care in the greater nation before they will be brave enough to act in defense of the bay, the threatened bay towns teeming with the creative economy, and the lobsters. Disapproval in Colorado of DCP's crude and sometimes lawless activities against this tiny Maine town would do it.

If you can help us keep the heart of the Maine lobster ecosystem beating, email Ron at coastwatch AT gmail dot com  text/phone: 207-593-2744

Details: Thanks But No Tank! *** Penobscot Bay Watch *** Stop DCP facebook page ** Google news links on issue