Farewell, Richard

Richard Myers, union activist, writer, labor historian, graphic artist, photojournalist, poet, and proud worker, passed from this world on Thursday evening.  His loss leaves the Denver social justice community stunned and heartbroken.

Richard was born and raised in Nebraska and came to Denver in his youth.  He worked in a factory for 33 years, where he also began a career as a union activist.  Richard served as a steward in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  Later he joined the Industrial Workers of the World, where he played a vital role in making the Wobblies an important player in the Colorado social justice community.  For two years, Richard also served the IWW as Branch Secretary of the Denver General Membership Branch.  He joined the fight for grocery and retail workers, with the United Food and Commercial Workers.

Richard worked passionately for many other causes and could always be found where people were fighting the good fight.  He was one of the founders of Colorado Indymedia and a major participant in our predecessor, Rocky Mountain Indymedia.  His poster art has been an important feature of almost every radical and progressive campaign in the area, for decades.

Richard's writings in  Daily Kos, TPM Cafe, the Industrial Worker, H-Labor, and many other venues, have brought a compassionate working class view to readers worldwide.  He developed a grassroots approach to media activism that was successful in various initiatives, from freeing dumpster divers facing jail terms, to destroying the economic base of a powerful hatemonger, in the Stop Rush campaign.  He also served as joint editor and an author of Slaughter in Serene, published in 2005, and available at http://workersbreadandroses.org/ as well as many bookstores and libraries.


The best collection of Richard's work, thought, and heart can be found on his website at:


Richard's friends and comrades are currently planning a memorial service.   Details will be posted when available.


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Hello all,

I am Chuck or that is what my freshman and sophmore classmates chose to call as so named by our Spanish teacher Mrs. Prescott in High School back in good ole Wisner.

Look I am here to help maybe limited at best as if any one wishes to contact me Rich would have not come to Colorado if not for me initially.

Real name Kenny.

Yep Rich and I grew up in the same hometown of Wisner Nebraska.  He was born in September and I was Born in August.

So I was older by a few days and I worked for his Mom And Dad there as well.

We went to High school,Grade School, Tech School and even worked At the same places of employment for appr. the same amount of time.

We were roommates in Denver during his and mine stay in Denver.

He stayed with me for a couple of weeks until he went out apt hunting for us and found us an apt in the capitol hill area close to our tech school.in Denver.

Anyway Monday I contacted His brothe r Bob in Arizona and he said there was a website that I communicate with others in helping get a major memorial service invoked if so wish by his wife and son and the others desring to do so in possibably Lafayyette Colorado.

The church Flatirons loves to have and handlle lots of Memorial services for people who do not have family churchs.

I attend it and love it and I am a broken person.


Anyone interested>

Email or post it here until I get to know you  unless you are listed in the phone book.


Hi Kenny,

Please forgive me.  I've been so "out of it" since Richard's passing, I didn't even post the info for Richard's memorial here, as promised.

Let me do that now.

For Richard:  A Commemoration in Music and Theater

As you know, our beloved friend and comrade, Richard Myers, left this world last December.  Some special friends of Richard's are planning a celebration of his life, with music and theater.  All who knew Richard or were touched by his spirit in any way are invited to attend.

Performances by:

David Rovics

Elena Klaver              The Romero Troupe

Juan Manuel Patranca


Refreshments will be served.

Free admission/ Donations gratefully accepted.

Please join us.

Date:  Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time:  3 pm to 6 pm


Place:  North Classroom Building, Room 1130, on the Auraria Campus in Denver

(Speer at Larimer, SW Corner)

Auraria Campus has free parking on Sundays and is easily reached by public transit.

Richard's Memorial

Thanks to all who came to Richard's memorial, and to all who were with us in spirit.

About 50 people came to Richard's memorial. It was sad that some of the people very close to him were not able to come. There were just a few pictures, taken mostly by the family of one of the performers. Richard was always the one to photograph everything, so his "job" doesn't get done, anymore

We had a beautiful, very moving performance by the Romero Troupe, written specially for the occasion. It was a re-enactment of some of Richard's activism, specifically that involving the Romero Troupe's founder, Prof. Jim Walsh, and his students. A wonderful actor named Arnie Carter played Richard in a few short sketches. It was "classic Richard," and I told Arnie, it was almost as if he brought Richard back to us for a few moments. But nobody did any video, so it will probably never be seen again. I don't have equipment for these things, and nobody else brought any.

Some good music by David Rovics & Elena Klaver. Poetry by Juan Manuel Patraca. All performers were personal friends of Richard's. There were others--also close friends-- who wanted to perform and would have been very good. But the time frame was too short to add any more to the bill

We had a couple of speakers. One was fellow activist and dear friend, Pavlos Stavropoulos. Richard's brother, Bob Myers, also spoke. Betty Ball read a statement from Bill Adler, grassroots labor activist, author of The Man Who Never Died, and a dear friend of Richard, who was unable to attend. Another person who I had asked to speak was unable to attend. He is Evan Herzoff, a good friend, Wobbly, blogger, and musician. Evan was very close to Richard. I read part of the blog he wrote about Richard. 

In his blog, Evan talks about Richard's participation in all kinds of activism, which he recognized as a unified struggle against one enormous problem.  He also told of times when, as we all worked together but sometimes could not get along with each other, somehow, we could all get along with Richard.  Evan says that Richard was the glue that held us together, and made possible any successes we had.  This is the personal part of activism, an element too often forgotten.  But those of us who knew Richard, worked with him, and loved him, will never forget.