Hickenlooper and Timoney

Hey does this photo look familiar?

Not it's not Denver, it's Miami in 2003, and the resemblence to Denver doesn't end there. Good Democrat Mayor Hickenlooper is hanging out with Miami's guilty storm troopers[1][2]: Mayor Diaz and America's Worst Cop John Timoney. Besides Miami/FTAA, Timoney presided over the brutal 2000 Republican Convention protests in Philadephia [3]. He was a security honcho with the 2004 DNC in Boston, which Denverites probably have heard about because the infamous "freedom cages". Sadly Timoney can't claim to have invented "freedom cages", since there was an especially delightful cage at the DNC in 2000

Heard those reports of Denver's warehouse detention facility being kinda cold? There's another coincidence -- Miami was hot outside and nobody was dressed for Timoney's very cold jails either. I'm sure neither man is aware of cold jails being one cherished, well-researched, and well-documented CIA Torture techique.

And it looks like Hickie has been taking Timoney lessons for long enough that we can see them in action. Timoney in FTAA/Miami could've told his cops to protect property but otherwise chill until the demonstrators got thirsty and went home, but instead his department shot, beat, and chased people through the streets. That's gotta be pretty uncomfortable in all that heavy riot gear. At last year's pro-Columbus demonstration, Hicky could have told his police force to surround the anti-Columbus demonstrators until they got hot and thirsty and left of their own accord, perhaps walking right into custody -- Oh and shift that pro-Columbus demonstration over one block too. Safer for cops, safer for pro-Columbus and anti-Columbus demonstrators, and no "pain compliance" videos to embarass the force. But nooo, Bull Connor Hickie led his troops right in there to teach those anti racists an extra lesson in pain on top of their civil disobedience infractions.

At FTAA/Miami, activists of color got the harshest treatment in jail. It's enough to make somebody wonder if Hick and Timoney have matching well-pressed white pointy hats in their kkklosets.

Timoney likes to denigrate nonviolent demonstrators as "pussies" [Salon.com] [Miami New Times] which I doubt is a positive reference to the female half our our species. He's so unpopular that there's still a Philadelphia web site with a very special biography which begins like this:

This just might be the biggest dirt bag to wear a badge today. With his tactics against protests from New York to Philly to Miami, John Timoney has turned every police department he has ran into a garden variety Weirmacht. After what he did in Miami, however, he and many of his officers should be on the inside of a jail cell, but instead he is giving advice to other police departments on how to deal with protestors.

He also has his very own section in this blog in Miami:

John Timoney update: still our police chief. Stunning. Latest development: the Florida Commission on Ethics has preliminarily found him to be guilty of violations of the State's ethics laws.

You know how Miami Police Chief John Timoney was driving that free SUV around for like a year? Well, the city's Citizen Investigative Panel asked him to come before them and testify, and he was all "no thanks," so they subpoenaed his ass, and he still refused to come, so they went to a judge, who ordered him to show up, and guess what? He still refuses. Dear Mr. Mayor: why does this fucktard still have a job?

You gotta wonder if being in the same room as Timoney this makes Hick an accomplice to something.

If you're needing a break from this negativity, there's nothing better than David Rovics' love song about Timoney,

Butcher For Hire

David Rovics

If you wanna have a protest in the USA

You wanna speak your mind in the American Way
If there are some rich white men with whom you disagree
And thought you have the right of assembly
There's a man that you should know
'Cause he will follow you wherever you go


John Timoney, butcher for hire
He's a brutal thug and a dirty liar
He's a cop among cops, a man among men
And, oh my God, he's back again

And he'll protect our freedom in his own special way
By smashing in your face today
He'll spray tear gas in your eyes
He'll look into the camera and tell lies
And if you complain the deal is raw
He will declare martial law

(more lyrics here)

Attention Young Thugs!

Do you like to beat the shit out of people? Have you always dreamed about how much fun it would be to torture, maybe kill somebody?

Well, we've got just the job for you. No need to worry about ending up in prison. You will have the very best in exotic, high-tech, scary-ass weaponry, at no cost to you.

Become a police officer and GET PAID to be a violent criminal!

For more information, go to your local police department and ask for an application.