Jan 12 2013 12:00 pm


A Colorado-to-Maine Solidarity Event

370 17th Street (at Tremont), Denver, CO

Saturday, January 12, 2013, at NOON

The tiny town of Searsport, Maine needs our help!

LPG gas distributor DCP Midstream LLC (based here in Denver), a BIG natural gas port, pipeline & megatank operator, is close to getting its OKs to transform and industrialize the Searsport bay's estuary, the heart of Maine's lobster ecosystem, by establishing the east coast's biggest Liquified Petroleum Gas tank terminal in the our bay's brackish waters.

ON JANUARY 12th, come to downtown Denver. Support the delegation of angry lobsters and lobster-hugge...rs bringing their demand that DCP withdraw its community wrecking, ecologically destructive proposal. Let's let DCP's hundreds of headquarters workers know what their boss Thomas O'Connor is threatening Maine lobsters with.

Boss Tom is DCP's combined President, CEO and Chairman of the Board. Every gassy DCP buck stops there on his desk. Help Tom realize the error of his ways, and withdraw DCP's socially destructive greenwash team from Searsport.

PRESENT SITUATION. Only the five people who make up the Town of Searsport volunteer planning board stand between DCP and it's dream of bulldozing and blasting down the Mack Point Woods to build their Penobscot Bay gas terminal.

The Boardfolk aren't fools. They ares rightfully suspicious of Big Gas coming to town with great fanfare and PR as it did. With the company's divide and conquer strategy But DCP's public relations crew is spinning a bogus jobs'n'taxes mirage before their eyes.

They need to know that people in the greater nation, and especially here, in DCP's home turf, agree with tank opponents of their community their town that have been telling them for two years that DCP Midstream's 22.3 million gallon megatank scheme is a financial fraud.

Tom's tank would be a literal "tank to nowhere" boondoggle: DCP would lose more than $20 million dollars per tankerload, bringing high prices foreign gas to a nation smothering in cheaper diomestic frack spew. DCP's plan stinks as bad as the tanks gas-off fumes sulfur- stenching upper Penobscot Bay's airshed

Empower Searsport to do the right thing and act against this billion dollar company in defense of their citizenry, their bay, the threatened bay towns teeming with the creative economy, and the lobsters. Disapproval in Colorado of DCP's crude and sometimes lawless activities against this tiny Maine town would do it.

Be there!  Be loud!  Be LOBSTER!!!