Police slander arrestee, "feces filled bottle" was coffee with soy milk

On August 27, the Denver Post reported that a protester was arrested "for dropping [a] bottle of feces." The Post's readers wondered how the fellow could possibly get that stuff into a bottle. The next day the Rocky Mountain News almost brought itself to the point of actually reporting that the substance was probably coffee with soy milk, as the arrestee had claimed. (Presumably the police were too embarrassed to actually admit this...) The News did report that Zachary Patrick Grey was not charged under Denver's absurd possession-of-noxious-substances ordinance.

If you'll pardon the pun, it appears that this dedicated and sincere Food Not Bombs fellow has had his reputation "soiled" by the charge. Having associated with a number of Food Not Bombs folks (and having subscribed to their global email list for several years), i know very well that they spend a considerable amount of effort understanding issues such as hygiene and contamination, so that the food they serve is as safe as possible. The idea that an FNB person would ever consider stuffing a bottle with such an unhealthy substance boggles the mind.

But let us contemplate for a moment the brave new world in which elected officials -- the "ruling" class of our society -- obsess with excrement to the extent that police fly to the conclusion a common public substance like coffee is really a personal private substance such as feces. This sort of obsession isn't an idle neurosis, it is a weapon aimed at dissidents who dare to speak openly about the sickness of such a society -- a weapon as revolting and obscene as Malaysia's practice of charging political dissidents with sodomy in order to damage their credibility.

Add to the mix our own government's penchant for administering pepper spray, for busting heads with nightsticks, for harassing dissidents with random, unprovoked arrests, for humiliating detainees, for harrying bribery-investigating journalists into traffic, for hog-tying Christian children for chalking sidewalks, all the while holding up the Chinese government's admittedly despicable Falun Gong persecution as an example of what we should despise. Shall we add hypocrisy to the list of society's ills?

How does Zachary Patrick Grey get his reputation back, after right-wing blogs across the country have blared the false accusation: "see? We told you so!" One possible solution-- the mainstream society solution-- would be to sue the Denver Police Department (and Councilman Doug Linkhart for good measure!). That might be a response that this perverse plutocracy would understand.

But lawsuits are the offspring of greed, and greedy young citizens are not to be found dedicating their lives to the likes of Food Not Bombs.

A self-deceiving society tarnishes the good name of those who speak the truth, alleging sickness is the province of those citizens who see most clearly. At what point does a naked emperor begin to ask that most apparent question: "am i really without clothes?"

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