Website Updates - Privacy Update

Colorado Indymedia is *temporarily* installing a new service on our site to stop spam. As many of you know, spam has been causing major problems for our site and the CAPTCHA wasn't stopping it all. Part of this was caused by the upgrade to Drupal 6, which we did for security reasons.

This new service will only be installed until we find another option. We are using Mollom to analyze comments for spam. It submits comments to its web service. Mollom has a bad privacy policy, but we're not concerned because it analyzes comments that would be posted publicly anyways. In other words, you have no less privacy than before. We are only posting this as a formality.

We will be disabling Mollom in a few months when we are able to find an alternative. As before, Colorado Indymedia is looking for a new webmaster. Contact ringo{at} if you are interested.