RNC FELONY UPDATE: Karen Meissner & Christina Vana

Karen Meissner and Christina Vana

"On Saturday, January 17th, 2009, Karen Meissner and Christina Vana of
Milwaukee, WI found warrants had been issued for their arrests after reading
an article published by the Associated Press, which comments on an incident
relating to the protests during the Republican National Convention in
September 2008. Immediatly Karen and Christina traveled to St. Paul, MN and
within 24 hours of reading their names in the paper, went with their lawyers
to the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center. Here they were taken into
custody and each charged with Aiding and Abetting Assault in the Second
Degree, a charge which carries a maximum sentance of seven years and/or a
$14,000 fine. Bail was set at $30,000 each, a total of $60,000. This
extremely large amount was made possible by the active media attention which
still surrounds the Republican National Convention. Many people charged with
rape recieve bail a fraction of the amount. Sixty thousand dollars was an
impossible amount to raise, but within two days, friends and supporters from
around the country raised the $6,500 neccessary to bond them out of jail...

Their Omnibus hearing is scheduled for February 25th, 2009 where they will
plead not guilty to these bogus charges.

Funds and support are still needed!

For more information and to find out how you can help visit: (support blog
to be set up soon)

or E-mail: helpmkegirls@gmail.com"