Unconventional Denver Is Having An Open Meeting

Unconventional Denver, one of two anarchist/anti-authoritarian groups that organized against the Democratic National Convention this summer is once again revving up their organizing efforts in our community. The Unconventional Action Network was formed to help organize against last summer's political conventions and like the successes they saw then, there is a possibility of more.

UA in the Bay, a division of Unconventional Action in the San Francisco Bay Area has become very active since this summer, sponsoring a number of very successful actions and organizers in the Denver area show the possibility of doing the same.

So what is Unconventional Denver organizing this time around? They're organizing around the idea that we, the people must take control of our lives and what affects us. From working with ACORN on foreclosure resistance to doing an anti-coal bike ride, they sure have their work cut out for them.

Join Unconventional Denver Tuesday March 31st for a public meeting to discuss their plans. Get involved and don't just read about it in the papers this time.

Unconventional Denver Meeting
Tuesday, March 31st 7pm
Hooked On Colfax- 3215 E Colfax Ave

People have been asking if we're still around and how to get involved. We
are indeed around still and have been working on a campaign with ACORN and
other groups to help people resist the foreclosure process. There is also
an anti-coal bike ride coming up that we're helping plan. It has been
awhile since we've had a public meeting, so this will be a good one to
attend for people who are new or haven't been involved in awhile. We'll
also try and set up regular meeting dates so the group is more open and
accessible to people.

Hope to see you there,
Unconventional Denver Collective

Good stuff to hear. I missed

Good stuff to hear. I missed em

How about telling people where and when the meeting will be?

Can you tell readers where this meeting will take place and when? Some people might be interested in attending, but can't since you won't reveal how to attend. --Midnight Rider

the meeting was last week

They will be another meeting on the 14th I think and I will see if it can get posted in events. This meeting was posted in events with instructions as to time and place. Look in Upcoming events on the top left of the home page in the future.