Holocaust-denial event in Denver, Wednesday July 29

David Irving’s Holocaust-Denial Speaking Tour: The Show that Must Not Go On

This July, David Irving, a British neo-fascist and fraudulent historian, goes on the road in the United States, planning to hold approximately one and a half dozen speaking engagements over the course of a month. As militant anti-racists and anti-fascists, we are making a public call for resistance at each stop along the way of this tour.

Who is David Irving?

David Irving is a British writer of histories who has been involved with the fascist political scene since the 1960s. Always known for the pro-Hitler bias of his books, approximately two decades ago Irving made the transition to being a fully-fledged Holocaust-denier, when he testified at the trial of neo-Nazi Ernst Zündel in Canada, and also arranged the publication of Fred Leuchter’s widely-refuted report on gas chambers at Auschwitz. In addition to spreading blatant historical lies, Irving has publicly stated that “The Jews are the architects of their own misfortune”. Unsurprisingly, Irving has been an extremely popular speaker at neo-Nazi rallies in Germany.

In the British libel case Irving v. Penguin Books and Lipstadt, the final ruling in favor of the defendants confirmed that Irving “is an active Holocaust denier” and that “he is anti-Semitic and racist and that he associates with right-wing extremists who promote neo-Nazism.” In 2006, Irving was jailed in Austria after pleading guilty to a charge of “trivializing the Holocaust”, which is a crime in that county. Since his release, Irving has been marketing himself as a former “political prisoner”.

Why Oppose These Events?

Irving’s current tour focuses on “"Re-writing history, using the decoded Nazi messages" (see: http://www. focal. org/speaks/index.html). The re-writing of Third Reich history—especially in relation to the Nazi “Final Solution” for Europe’s Jewish population—is a major preoccupation for modern neo-Nazis and neo-fascists, who correctly believe that memory of the Holocaust is a significant barrier to the mainstreaming of their beliefs. The Holocaust is denied so that, paradoxically, it can be repeated. Wherever Irving appears, he is backed and promoted by virulent anti-Semites and fascist organizers.

Irving’s bogus history is both blatantly offensive and incorrect. However, we oppose Irving not for what he thinks, but rather for what he does. As the name of his own publishing project suggests, Irving serves as a “focal point” to bring Jew-haters and goose-steppers together. He is part of a political tendency that is actively organizing for ethnic and racial hostilities, and in particular to persecute Jewish people. (James von Brunn’s murder of a security guard at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is one recent example of where this anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi tendency can lead. Von Brunn moved within many of the same circles that promote Irving’s work.)

We believe that fascist activism and movement-building should meet with organized resistance. As the Anti-Racist Action Network states in its Points of Unity:

“Whenever fascists are organizing or active in public, we're there. We don't believe in ignoring them or staying away from them. Never let the nazis have the street!”

We invite you to help this effort along, by organizing in your own community.

When and Where?

At present, the dates for Irving’s speaking tour are as follows:

July 3 Friday: Kansas City, 19:00

July 6 Monday: Oklahoma City, 19:00

July 8 Wednesday: Albuquerque, 19:00

July 10 Friday: Phoenix, 19:00

July 12 Sunday: Las Vegas, buffet, 19:00

July 13 Monday: Salt Lake City, buffet, 19:00

July 15 Wednesday: Boise, buffet, 19:00

July 16 Thursday: Spokane, buffet, 19:00

July 18 Saturday: Seattle 15:00

July 19 Sunday: Portland, OR, buffet, 15:00

July 22 Wednesday: Sacramento, buffet,18:30

July 23 Thursday: San Francisco, buffet 18:30

July 25 Saturday: Costa Mesa, 18:30

July 26 Sunday: Sherman Oaks, 15:00

July 29 Wednesday: Denver, 19:00

July 30 Thursday: Omaha, 19:00

July 31 Friday: Chicago incl. de luxe dinner, 19:00

The exact location of Irving’s talk in each city has not been made public, due to Irving’s fear of encountering the opposition he so richly deserves. Any determined group of individuals ought to be able to pinpoint the event location in their city, however. Many of these events are probably booked under false pretexts, and venue owners may not necessarily know who they are hosting.

Further dates may be added (or subtracted!) as the tour progresses. Irving also plans to speak on the East Coast later this year, although dates have not been announced for this yet. Let’s set the tone for the East Coast wing of Irving’s tour right now!

No platform for fascists, no compromise!

- Rose City Antifa / Portland ARA

fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net

971.533.7832 (voicemail)

poop on fascists

alright, let's shut it down1!1!!!

get looking!

we need to figure out where the meeting is to take place. any ideas?

an idea

if somebody wants to sacrifice their identity to the cause, irving's website lets you sign up for the event to get more info. link: www .fpp.co.uk/apply/

that would probably work, but the details might be slow in coming.

other ideas?

he's very good at hiding his venues

Whatever he puts on his website will be a ruse. If you sign up, don't use your real identity.

I did some research on how he conducts his tours. Last time he came to Denver, he eluded protesters. But we can catch up with him. Just don't blow your cover.

article on earlier tour: http://www.jewishmag.com/79mag/irving/irving.htm


Because he hides the locations of the meetings/speeches/whatever until the last minute, simply calling the venue and complaining about him isn't going to be enough. It will be too short notice, and even if there was a last-minute cancellation Irving would just move it to a sympathizer's property or take his measly crowd back to his roach motel.

Last time I checked, "militant" anti-racism and fascism isn't about simply making some telephone calls and having an event moved. Why aren't we getting together, finding the location, and confronting these people instead?

Just a thought. Denver has the luxury of time in this scenario, and plenty of time to research and plan for an action against Irving. Is there an explicitly anti-racist action organizing group in Denver? How can people get involved?

For now, everyone should just be calling their friends and planning on showing up if the fucker gets into town.


we could set up a text communications list similar to those used at the DNC and RNC to quickly send out updated information about possible locations.

those are good ideas

We should plan for a mass action, with the idea that we won't know the true location till the last minute. The effort is not wasted-- forcing Irving to change his venue at the last minute, maybe several times, will help to wear him down and isolate him. It will also decrease the size of his audience, as many of them will either get tired of changing plans or get lost and show up in the wrong place.

He has been run out of other cities. He has also had his audiences reduced to single digits.

The text idea is a good one. But we need to be extremely careful to avoid infiltration. Nazis regularly read Indymedia. They try to post their propaganda, and in some cities, they crash meetings. Whatever we put together, they will try to get in on, so they can sabotage it.

A lot of people who might not read Indymedia will also be interested in protesting (or stopping) Irving's appearance. There are faith groups, veterans' groups, mainstream organizations for people of color--practically everybody. They will also be working on this, and they will have ideas and resources.

ARA-Associated Censorship

You leftists are a piece of work. In the name of "antifacism" you commit what people condemn Hitler for doing --- censoring. What the fuck is wrong with you?

1st Amendment > ARA.

Go back to the toilet you crawled out of. Are you trying to earn a free pair of blue coveralls from Big Brother for being good little Outer Party members? Fuck off.

Are you serious?

Fascists and neo-nazis DON'T DESERVE FREE SPEECH. When groups and members of ideologies that have used their rhetoric to murder, enslave, or imprison millions of people they lose the privilege. Perhaps you're not familiar with the first amendment, either? People have every right to protest organizations that threaten to beat or kill them simply because the color of their skin, sexual orientation, gender, or even class. Would you really expect minorities and the antifascists acting in solidarity with them to even tolerate a neo-nazi gathering in their community? Please. That isn't "censorship," that's defending where you live from violent racist trash.

And considering that a good chunk of people participating in antifascist actions are anarchists, your accusations of "leftists" if a little off base, they certainly don't have any respect for laws or American constitution, and the idea that they'd accept anything from a Big Brother is preposterous.


lol wtf

Jesse, I don't think anyone asked your version of Constitutional Law. I would suggest that you consider a study of the First Amendment and what it means. Unless you are having delusions of grandeur, you certainly realize that you are not God, and therefore do not have a right to take it upon yourself to override the Constitution and deprive others of their right to speak. In attempting to silence them, you are violating their civil rights.

It matters none that you personally wish the right to speak to be taken from people who say things you do not like. If you think that this is justified, then I request that you produce the relevant legal rulings to substantiate your case. If you cannot, then you are merely blowing off hot air, and you are in fact attempting to violate other peoples' civil rights. If you claim to respect the American constitution, then you need to practice what you preach. Protesting against something is one thing, trying to deprive others of their right to speak is another, and you've stepped way over the line. You have no right to do so.


I've got no respect for the constitution or any other sort of law. I could care less about a Nazi or a fascist's right to speak at all, because they are Nazis and Fascists. These are ideologies which have never existed without violence and hate. Trying to veil your apologist stance for fascism and neo-Nazism behind hardly valid "constitutional laws of free speech" is cowardly. These idiots you're throwing your weight behind aren't "run out of town," the venues they gather at are notified of who they are and they can't hold their event because normal people don't tolerate hateful racists.

Freedom of Speech is a liberal construct. Fascists and Nazis don't get to host events publicly in this or any other town, that's the bottom line. Fuck them. I don't believe in showing tolerance to groups founded entirely on unwarranted and frankly, quite silly intolerance. If you've got a problem with that, I'll see you in the street.


You actually have to be told this?!

Anarchists aren't leftists? Unless David Irving has said he wants people slaughtered and that he's come to incite said slaughter, then your justifications of ripping his civil rights out from under him are unjustified and hallucinated. Show me where he ever advocated violence against anyone. Protest and censorship are two different things. You want Irving CENSORED. Run out of town. Silenced for good. That's not legal, and you advocate breaking the law.

David Irving meeting in Portland Oregon

Myself and a few friends - antiwar activists, 9/11 doubters, the kind of people who post on Indymedia - braved a campaign of slander and hints of violence from Rose City Antifa to see Irving speak. He did not advocate violence. He did not deny the Holocaust. He condemned the Nazis and their crimes in great detail.

For investigating the truth about Irving and spreading it, we are being subject to more harrassment from the antifascists. One of us had all his details published online by the antifascists, and shortly afterwards was verbally harrassed and narrowly missed by a truck. I can only ask people in Denver not to uncritically accept everything they read, and to stand up to harrassment.

David Irving *IS* an unrepentant Nazi and Holocaust denier

A great deal is known about David Irving. He has a long history and public record. My criticisms of him are not dependent upon heresay or "uncritically accept[ing] everything" I read. He has been, for decades, universally denounced by people who are highly qualified to evaluate his ideas. Moreover, his writings and his statements, of years past, are infamous.

The writer of the above comment probably feels more secure by writing anonymously, and I concur that, in this case, anonymity is probably a reasonable choice. But since I don't know who that writer is, I don't know much about that writer. The only clue I have about that writer's ability to read critically and judge sources (other than the writer's defense of Mr. Irving) is the brief self-identification "911 doubter." This does not indicate strong analytical skills.

If David Irving had indeed undergone some great epiphany, I'm certain he would have made a very public announcement of that--at least to the academic community, which has shunned him so completely. He is smart enough to realize that that would be an essential first step to restoring the economic success he once enjoyed, if such a thing is possible at all. He has made no such announcement.

The purpose of Mr. Irving's speaking tour is to raise money for his legal and living expenses. He has probably found he can get a few more bucks by speaking softly. That does not mean his poisonous thinking has changed. And with a growing Nazi-fascist-white-supremacist movement in the U.S., he could, plausibly, leave the task of propaganda to others (who will, no doubt, continue to cite his writings), and concentrate on making money.

The fact that Mr. Irving may have switched to a "soft sell" approach does not change who he is or what he represents.

Unrepentant Nazi and Holocaust denier?

Tina of Colorado is sharp. Unlike many on the left, and like me, she does not
believe that the official government version of what happened on
September 11th is probably wrong. She is wrong to say I identify myself as a 9/11 doubter.

I posted anonymously because I couldn't see any other way to post on your IMC - every IMC has a different system. There's no point in hiding my identity - the anti-fascists in Portland have already publicized it and those of my comrades, and tried to get us fired from our jobs. I could give my name, but I won't be here long anyway. Once we start engaging in a debate, and we clarify issues and maybe
reach some agreement, I will probably be barred.

Our comrades have been banned without explanation from posting comments on Portland IMC and other left-wing sites, despite carefully staying within Indymedia's guidelines, avoiding threats, racism, and so on. We were barred because we criticize the anti-fascist thought police who are currently trying to divide and weaken our community. It does, however, publish this: 'To the 911 Liars, and other Nazi enabling scum: if You support fascist organizing, you should be crushed along with your fascist friends', together with our names, addresses and photographs.

You mention Irving's followers. In Eugene, Oregon, last summer, his audience was overwhelmingly liberal - tie-dye t-shirts and Obama buttons. In Portland, this summer, I think they were mostly libertarian. One contributor comments that, at Irving's meeting in Phoenix, some of those inside gave 'sieg-heil' salutes to the protestors outside. Isn't it just possible that they were being sarcastic?

According to the anti-fascists, some 'Nazis' showed up. Well, nobody was wearing an SS uniform and nobody said 'Heil Hitler', but I didn't go round the room asking "excuse me, ma'am, but are you by any chance a National Socialist?". Some of the critics claim to know that Irving is REALLY a Nazi, just using a 'soft sell' approach. Of course, I don't know what Irving really thinks. I don't know what you really think either. I do know, however, that unlike some of the people who post on this subject on Portland Indymedia, you DO think, and that's why I've taken the time to answer you at length.

I only know that, in what Irving says and writes, he does not deny the Holocaust, and he does not support Nazism. The people who say he does do those things, are lying. They also claim he is a 'fraudulent historian'. To do this honestly, you would have to have done quite a bit of research, and found out exactly where Irving is deliberately falsifying his results. You cannot rely on the usual sources for this information, because American academics often capitulate under pressure from Zionists - whether they are asked to rat on a colleague from the left, or from the extreme right. So I don't rely on academics for what Irving says; I rely on Irving. I do not know if he is right or wrong, so I do not claim to know. Those who claim they do know, but do not know, are lying. Even if he turns out to be a fraud, they will still have been lying, because they claimed to know, what they did not in fact know. There is a difference between Irving's historical claims and his personal opinions, and his critics deliberately amalgamate them. He undoubtedly expresses racial prejudices, which would disqualify him from being a buddy of mine, but does that disqualify him from writing accurately about how the Nazi leadership operated? I don't see why. Such a careful analysis of his pros and cons is anathema to the emotional approach of the modern left, and enough to get me banned. So let's see if I can post this...


It is difficult to tell from the grammar used in your original comment whether you are a 911 doubter, or whether this refers only to your companions. But some things are certain.

From both of your comments, it is obvious you are either a liar or a fool. You make claims as to what Irving has and has not said and written. Those claims are entirely false. All of your blather about "careful analysis" is garbage.

As for historians--I happen to be a historian. We historians differ on a great many issues, but not on our disdain for Irving. That includes historians who support the State of Israel, and those of us (quite likely a majority) who do not.

You are also lying about Portland Indymedia. It is possible to post anonymous comments there, just as it is here. If you have been banned from posting under your name, there is nothing to stop you from posting anonymously.

Since you are one of the handful of people (only about two dozen) who went to Irving's talk in Portland and willingly paid good money to hear him, you are not the sort of person who will find a receptive audience hare. I hope you will not waste any more of our time.


He is going to be here in two days. Is there any intel? Should folks be hanging around downtown waiting for some news? Is there a ball rolling? Was it dropped? Was it ever picked up in the first place?

What's going on?

Irving speaking at Marriott

Three or four years ago, Irving spoke at the Marriott hotel by the airport. I have heard he is speaking there again this year, but last time the Marriott refused to say if he was speaking there, even though I saw him with my own eyes. They will probably do the same again this year. I encourage everyone to show up at the Marriott ready to drive Irving out of town.

two things

Thanks for this information.

One thing to consider. Irving has spoken at other places in Denver, in years past. He might not be using the Marriott this year.

If he is using the Marriott, or even if he isn't, it's a good idea to call and complain. The fact that they allowed him to speak there in the past is sufficient reason. And we should say we have information that he is speaking there this year, and we demand they cancel his appearance. They probably still won't say whether he will be there this time, but if he is, they might cancel him.

Irving at the Marriott DIA

I heard from a pretty reliable source that he IS going to be at the Marriott by the airport BUT under another name and will be using one of the smaller conference rooms. Supposedly the room is being booked by another person to try to foil attempts to find him. AND he is expecting that some people who are actually coming to hear him speak may not find it either SO he's telling his "followers" to be persistent because he IS there. Also, get this, there is an Emergency plan if he's found out to "retreat" down I-225 to a restaurant that's on EITHER Mississippi(?) or Evans(?) and continue his thing there. I put a lot of things at risk to get this information including pretending to be something I'm not, so please don't let this go to waste.


I called the register a complaint with the hotel and they told me that the only thing going on tonight is being put on by Aurora Public Schools. They haven't dealt with anyone named David Irving and I encouraged them to call other hotels in the area to notify them of Irving's intention to gather.

I am registered for the event

I am registered for the event and was informed by email earlier today that it would be at the Marriott and that the management is keeping the details confidential, being told that anyone who calls and asks about the event is not someone who has been invited and are thus not to be told.

These corporate shills

are protecting and harboring fascists now? That's disgusting!

And they don't mind if YOU tell where the event is?

I was sure Irving must be smarter than that.

Well folks, I guess we can rule out the Marriott.

Irving is there!

Just got a text from a friend who went to check at the Marriott and he says he saw a girl that looks like Irving's assistant talking to the front desk staff! I am heading over there now to check it out.

Irving at Marriot

Man, where were you all?!!! I thought you were defenders of future free speech. But you lazy bones let him talk. Just based on the rumor I drove down there myself to see. And sure enough. I was there and saw Irving right in the Marriot. He was in one of their conference rooms, had about 60 people there. They should all have been run out of town for listening to him talk. I could have, but didn't want to spend the money to listen to his trash. How dare he talk about anything. Anyway, I encourage everyone to call Marriot to voice their displeasure that they allowed Irving to talk. Peter

Irving At Marriott

Dear Indymedia, et al,

Next time I have beliefs that I think any of you may not agree with, I'll check with you to see if it's okay if I think that way. Because if you don't approve of the way I think I surely don't want you to attempt to deprive ME of my livelihood or harass ME in public. And also, I could send you a list of books that I own and if any of them are objectionable I will get rid of them; we could call it "book burning." Maybe we could all contact our local legislators and insist they introduce a bill making "thought crime" illegal. I now understand that I don't deserve the right to decide for myself the value of what Mr. Irving, or anyone else you disapprove of, has to say. I'm just glad I've seen the light and understand that we should all think alike, because surely, the world would be a much better place if we all thought like you. I just can't believe I've labored under the delusion that I'm an "individual" for so long. Can any of you ever forgive me?


Irving at Marriott

Not wanting to start a huge storm here, but Peter's comment about being at the Marriott and seeing Irving in a room with about 60 others is totally incorrect. Irving gave his presentation at a small restaurant in Arvada last night. People should not pop off on here with lies. It serves absolutely no one.

Irving at the Marriott

That is a total lie. I saw Irving at the Marriott also last night. I think the last poster is one of Irving's people trying to spread confusion.


David Irving in Denver--Did anybody show up to protest?

I did the intel to find out where Irving would be speaking. It wasn't easy--or cheap--I had to create a false identity, since the Nazis check out those who register for these events.

I sent out the information I had about the venue, by email, to a number of persons who I thought might be interested in protesting Irving's presence, asking them to pass it to others. I avoided using the usual email lists, as they were likely infiltrated. And of course I couldn't post it here, since Nazis monitor the site and have been posting on this issue.

I still don't know if anyone showed up to protest, but it looks like they didn't. I could not go--I work as a nanny and had to care for a houseful of kids who are not my own. But I did what I could.

If anyone did go to protest Irving, I hope you will get in touch with me. I am so outraged at everyone, I am about to tell the entire City of Denver to fuck off. David Irving comes here every year and slides right through. He might as well move here. Nobody gives a shit.

PS: I don't know the identity of BringItDown now, nor the anonymous comment-writer who correctly identified Irving's venue as a restaurant in Arvada. Of course, none of the above applies to either of you.


this is Jesse from the Indymedia/UD meetings.

I am livid I didn't see the intel that he was at an eatery in Arvada until it was posted here the next day. I live in Arvada and would have had enough people with me to have felt safe enough to come protest. I was on Indymedia and on mailing lists all day waiting for a location and information if somebody was putting a group together. All day I basically yelled at anyone who listened about how unacceptable it was that this guy was disrupted in other towns during this tour and how Denver couldn't get it together, even with a month's notice, to stop him from speaking.

What it came down to was I didn't want to show up at the Marriott (where I had understood the meeting took place until yesterday) alone. I wouldn't had gone to the restaurant in Arvada by myself either. There was NO organization whatsoever to counter this event and virtually no communication other than comments posted open on COMIC to the few people who even bothered to try and plug in to a protest of David Irving. Nobody could have had any idea what they were up against, how safe they were going to be, how many protesters there would be, etc.

Perhaps because I haven't lived here very long, I didn't feel like I could organize anything substantial by myself. This is the first time I was aware that he was going to be in town and I am pretty pissed that I stayed home all day waiting for information and nothing came but scattered, questionable intel from anon authors on Indymedia. Was everybody I saw in the streets during the DNC from fucking out of town?

The fact that a fascist held a public event in Colorado and the State's anarchists, activists, anti-fascists and anti-racists couldn't even confront it because, eh, nobody really gave a shit is pretty much a giant fail. We could've gotten the goddamn Greenpeace kids on 16th St. to come protest a fucking NAZI. How hard is it to convince people to come to that protest anymore?