National Day Against Police Brutality: This time it's for the victims!

Monday, October 22 is the “National Day Of Action To Stop Police Brutality, Repression And The Criminalization Of A Generation,” according to the General Defense Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), who will be endorsing rallies and marches in cities around the United States this year along with myriad organizations who are a fed up with police violence and impunity, including CopWatch and other groups working locally for police accountability as allies in a movement now growing more and more with each new report of police violence and misconduct committed with impunity. This year the demonstration being held in Denver will focus on the victims of police violence in and around Denver, especially those who cannot be present to speak against police brutality.

The Denver Police and Sheriff’s departments alone have amassed a shocking list of “wrongful deaths” due to excessive force and/or negligence, and the alarming number of apparently and arguably innocent people who have died at the hands of Denver Police officers, regardless of the often bogus reasons for these deaths given by the police, compels one to skip suspicion and demand immediate independent review and change! The voices of those who have died cannot be heard, so it is only up to us, the survivors, to stand together and speak for them.

The demonstration in Denver will be held on Sunday, October 21, to assure more people can attend (Monday is a workday/school day for many). All concerned individuals, victim/survivors of police misconduct and/or brutality, family and friends of victims, people of conscience, organizations, community groups and communities, citizens, taxpayers, voters, and immigrants who also have the right to free speech (all those on U.S. soil are protected by the Constitution, citizen or not), and everyone I may have forgotten to mention are invited to make voices heard together against police brutality.

We will be meeting at 1:30 P.M. at 10th Ave. and Navajo St. (just south of La Alma/Lincoln Park). Bring signs, banners, and most importantly your voice! If you have questions call UNITY infoshop at 303-279-6348, or Denver CopWatch at 303-380-4329.

Refuse to be Abused!