The Story About Ms. Pignotti

Recently a story about Ms. Pignotti entitled “Monica Pignotti Introduces the PIGNOTRON” was published in the open newswire of COIMC. COIMC was contacted by Ms Pignotti via email and her request to remove the article follows.

Subject: Complaint about libelous harassing posting about me on
Colorado Indymedia
Date: Sun, 15 Nov 2009 03:28:51 +0000


I want to make you aware that a person who has been cyberstalking me by
placing literally hundreds of false postings and ads all over the
internet about me has posted the following ad on your website that is
libelous not only of me, but also of my university. See:xxxxxxxxxxxx

Of course, there is no "PIGNOTRON". This is a libelous smear of my name
and my institution, Florida State University. Please remove this posting
or I will be consulting the university's attorneys.

Thank you,

Monica Pignotti

When COIMC receives a request to un-publish an article we on the editorial board post the request after evaluating weather the request has merit. It is the consensus of the COIMC editorial board that this request does indeed have merit and so the story on the open news wire about Mrs Pignotti has been removed for violation of the COIMC editorial policy (you can find our editorial policy at ) specifically the two paragraphs bellow.

Posts which are obviously incorrect or misleading. This includes attempts to spread disinformation or to impersonate another individual. For example, if you post an article written by someone else and with your byline this is misleading and will be deleted.

Content that is obviously defamatory, libelous, or otherwise illegal such as content that advocates specific illegal acts or violence against specific individuals, groups, or entities or content that violates copyright law.

The author is anonymous but COIMC will be happy to speak with him or her if they wish to appeal this decision send an email to

front page?

With all due respect, this is not a story I care about at all, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.  It's not even related to Colorado...  I would vote it down, but apparently that doesn't get things off the front page -- that RAIM post is at negative points...

So... moderators?

Second that. Why all the

Second that. Why all the hating on RAIM, BTW?


"...we on the editorial board post the request after evaluating weather the request has merit." And that's the editorial board! The word here is "whether", not "weather".

monica pignotti is nuts

Thi former scientologist is a crazy lady in he own right.. search her name.

Yes, please do search my name

Yes, please do search my name but critically thinking people understand that just because something comes up on a web search, that does not make it necessarily true. What comes up on Google searches is the all out smear campaign that has been conducted against me. For you to then self reference this as if it is evidence is ludicrous. As Judge Judy says, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining". Here are the facts people should read first if they Google me:


Every colleague I have in the scientific mental health community who I have shared this smear campaign against me with has agreed that the people making these postings are the ones who are obviously quite mentally imbalanced who are upset with me because I published scholarly critricism in peer reviewed journals about their attachment therapies.

Monica Pignotti

She's something of a hypocrite. She's supported publication of fabricated arrest records in the name of free speech. She's done her own parodies that mde the "Pignotron" look tame.

She's also said she wished the Internet had never been invented.

She is a former Scientologist and practitioner of Roger Callhan's "thought field therapy" and "voice technology" which involve tapping and secret algorithms.



Pignotti's Associates in Loveland

Pignotti runs a site on child torture with Larry Sarner and Linda Rosa of Loveland.

Sarner scammed investors out of millions on a voting machine swindle back in the 80s. He and his wife Linda Rosa ended up bankrupt. Sarner appealed, with a conspiracy theory worthy of the X-Files. He went so far as to say a judge was stealing from him!

The judge refused to hear it and Sarner lost.

Since then, he, Pignotti, Jean Mercer and Charly D. Miller have attacked people whose life's work is helping orphans. Can't they find anything better to do?



There is no evidence that your so-called life work helps

There is no evidence that your so-called "life work" is actually "helping orphans" -- actually we're talking about internationally adopted children here. Observe how they use the word "orphan" as if that is supposed to make them automatically good people who cannot be challenged. Well I am challenging you because so-called "attachment therapy" intensives carried out by people who trained at attachment therapy institutes have actually led to the death of children. So yes, I will speak out against this and rest assured that your personal smear campaign and lies against me will not cause me to back down, not one iota. Rest assured of that. When I see orphans and adopted children being subject to abusive interventions, I will call that to the attention of the public. I have every right to express my opinions about this and will continue to do so when people claim their interventions "help" and yet have no randomized controlled clinical trials to support their efficacy or even their safety.


R-Fed didn't say the arrest

R-Fed didn't say the arrest records were fake, but rather expunged. Two different things. Anyone who wants to can read quotes from those "helping orphans" at this URL: httpx:// (remove the X, obviously) Read those and tell me if those are the people you want with you or against you.

Here is the link to direct

Here is the link to direct quotes from people who claim to be "helping orphans". Verbally, physically, and emotionally abusing "orphans", adopted and foster children would be more like it in my opinion and in the case of Candace Newmaker, murder that the so-called therapists did hard time in prison for.

Scroll down for a list of these so-called orphan helpers and the readers can read statements in their own words they made and decide for themselves whether they think they're helping or abusing in the name of "therapy".

And if you want to have a conversation about censorship, these therapists have repeatedly unsuccessfully tried to invoke DMCA to have these fair use quotes removed. What are they trying to hide? DMCA procedure was followed, the pages were brought down for the required period of time and then went right back up because the DMCA violation charges were baseless for these fair use quotes, but that doesn't stop them from trying. Note there is a world of difference between censoring direct fair use quotes and the completely manufactured bald face lies that are being spread all over the internet about me.

Free speech does not give you the right to libel

This is Monica Pignotti. The above comments only prove the all out smear campaign that exist on the internet. It's fine if you want to call me "nuts", as that is an opinion and you have the right to express your opinion about me. However, when you libel me and Florida State University and make factually false statements (that I invented a device that I did not in fact invent and that doesn't even exist) that qualifies as libel. Your right to free speech gives you the right to express that you think I'm "nuts". It does not give you the right to post malicious lies about me. The website is not on child torture. It is a website opposed to child torture that exposes child torture that masquerades as "therapy". I do not run that website, however, or any other websites on the topic to that is a false statement.

The Larry Sarner voting machine case was not a "swindle" -- Sarner never had any criminal charges against him. It was a civil lawsuit over a business dispute.

And for the record, I left Scientology over 33 years ago and severed my ties against TFT over 5 years ago and am a critic of both. You see, the difference between me and the folks who are attacking me is that I left the cult I was in 33 years ago and severed my ties with TFT as well, as you are still involved with your bogus therapy cult. These people are upset with me because I have exposed and criticized a dangerous therapy that has killed children. They have no effective rebuttal except to engage in a malicious, libelous smear campaign and throw tantrums when it gets deleted. But by all means feel free to call me "nuts" all you'd like. It only shows your ignorant stereotyping of people who get involved in cults and leave them. For my rebuttal to that, see:

She was fired from FSU

And she was fired from FSU, perhaps for her deep involvement with Scientology, Thought Field Therapy, and with that fringe loony group, Advocates for Children in Therapy (See httpx:// )

Monica Pignotti was not fired or in any way dismissed from FSU

I was not fired from FSU. Anyone with a sincere interest in learning the truth who has any doubts about this is free to email me and if you are willing to disclose your name and a verifiable affiliation with an academic instution or other agency, I will provide you with the names of references who I have worked with at FSU that will refute these lies and verify that I left in good standing. I graduated with my PhD and that is why I no longer teach there. FSU social work has a policy against hiring their own graduates for faculty positions for 5 years after graduation. I left in good standing as a student, a teacher and a researcher and have solid references, including one from the Associate Dean who is in charge of the teaching to prove it. These references will confirm that I am a hard working, stable, productive individual who got along with students and faculty very well, contrary to the misportrayals of me on this site by people who have their own vendetta against me because of the scholarly criticism I published on their favored form of therapy. Instead of refuting me, they engage in nasty personal attacks and lies about me.

So people can decide if they want to believe an anonymous coward, or my references. Also see:



which lists doctoral student accomplishments for 2008 and 2009, showing that I had more peer reviewed publications listed than any doctoral student in social work and none had anything to do even remotely with Scientology and only one was in any way related to TFT. This refutes the lie that all I write about is Scn and TFT.

Monica Pignotti: Advertises Scientology and Tapping Therapy

She has a new website. monicapignotti dot com and what do you see on there, ads, for Scientology and Tapping Therapy. The truth comes out.

Monica Pignotti dot com is not my website

Please be advised that the website, is not my website. It was put up by my attackers as yet another way to smear my name. I do not endorse the material posted there in any way, shape, or form. My name has been misappropriated and misrepresented. Again, I have to ask, what are you so afraid of that you have the need to spend all this time constructing fake websites and repeatedly posting lies about me? No legitimate proponent of a therapy would need to do that. You have no shame and no limits in the outrageous lies you post about me. Again, for the record, I am a well known critic of both Thought Field Therapy/associated tapping therapies and Scientology. I would never, ever advertise them.

Here is a link to an actual website of mine:

Apparently the website, owned by someone else, is no longer operational but if it were to be come operational again, whoever runs it would not be speaking for me.

Monica Pignotti is a CYBERNUT

I read it on the Internet so it must be true, just like all of that wrathful radish and advocate of child torture stuff.

This link proves Monica Pignotti is a cybernut:




That link proves proponents of quackery call me a cybernut

Coming from proponents of tapping quackery, that's a compliment. Looks like you and the tapping quacks have a lot in common when it comes to what you think of me.

She has said the ed.d. was an inferior degree

It is a matter of public record that she denigrated the Ed.D. degree. I have also seen that Jean Mercer does little more than promote her books. Larry Sarner? If License had pressed criminal charges, I believe Sarner would have been indicted.

pignotti 1, wing nuts zero

You guys aren't fooling anybody.  By spamming this bullshit to places where nobody has heard of this woman, and failing to explain who she is, what she allegedly did, why you care, and why we should care, you just prove you've got screws loose.  All we know about Monica Pignotti is wingnuts hate her.  Pignotti says "I criticize cults, so cults send wingnuts after me," and that makes sense.  Spamming random flames about her to people who don't care doesn't make sense.  You lose.

One allegation I have not been able to confirm is that Scientology itself is out to get Pignotti but that would be pretty believable as well, and merely another tally in her favor.

The Colorado Connection

Start in Loveland… Larry Sarner, Monica Pignotti's "co critic" as it were. The man doesn't repay loans and invents things that don't work.