Grassroots Homeless Organization to March for No More Deaths on the Streets of GJ

 Grassroots Homeless Organization to March for No More Deaths on the Streets of GJ

Local grassroots organization, Housing First! No More Deaths!, will be holding a March for No More Deaths on the Streets of Grand Junction on December 20th. The march will gather at 1pm at Whitman Park and march at 1:30pm to Hawthorn Park. At 3pm at Hawthorn Park the Grand Valley Coalition for the Homeless will be having their annual memorial for those who have died in our community without homes.

“We need to be both sad and angry,” said HF! NMD! organizer Mallory Rice. “That’s why were marching.”

With the economy sinking to new lows, a record number of foreclosures in the community, and a tightest job market in years homelessness is a problem that is not going away.
In 2008, sixteen people died houseless in Grand Junction. In 2007, eleven people died. Many died alone in the cold on the streets of downtown.

“Homelessness is an issue that is not going away. The city has tried to ignore and police away homelessness, and it hasn’t gotten any better. Its time the city becomes part of the solution not part of the problem,” said HF! NMD! organizer Jacob Richards.

Many who will be marching have lost friends and family to the streets of this city. Many are marching in their friend’s memory. Many facing full shelters and the cold streets are marching for their very lives.

“When is the city going to do something?” asked HF! NMD! member Towtruck.

“Cities that have become proactive about the issue of homelessness are seeing amazing results using housing first models,” said Richards. “The real solution for Grand Junction’s homeless problem is housing. We hope the city will soon step up to its responsibility.”


What: March for no more deaths on the Streets of Grand Junction
Where: Whitman Park (5th & Pitkin) to Hawthorn Park (5th & Gunnison)
When: Gather at 1pm. March at 1:30pm. Memorial at 3pm (Memorial sponsored by GVCH not HF! NMD!)
Who: Housing First! No More Deaths!


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The Housing First! No More Deaths campaign is also endorsed by:

-The Dirty Hands Collective (PGA/ARA/FNB)
-Animas SDS (Students for a Democratic Society)

Solidarity in struggle from Durango, CO!

(PS - Also see "The Occupation Movement: Take Back The Land Call To Action For Mayday 2010")

No More Deaths

you should probably use "Housing First!" as the primary name for the group/campaign, as "No More Deaths" is already a well-known humanitarian aid campaign:

No More Landlords

This is an excellent plan.  The cold outside our windows is a perfect reminder of the need to make housing happen.  Hopefully the march can culminate in the opening of a building.

Let's remember that the city government, any government, and capitalism are the reasons for homelessness, and as such, they are completely unable to become part of the solution.  The beaureucrats are devoid of the capacity to give us houses.  They have nothing but paper money and paper mandates.  The houses stand, empty, and the means to do away with government--self-determination and collective struggle--are waiting within our hearts, though weak from underuse.  Let us open the buildings, refuse to pay for housing, and resist the police when they come to evict us, our friends, our neighbors.  Y'know, make teh insurrection.

It is futile and lazy to wait for the government to 'step up to its responsibility'.  We will step up to ours, and the government will try to step on us.

Let's get cracking.

in sadness and anger,

- Housing First! No More Landlords!  (we just started the organisation today.  it, too, endorses the march.)

love it!

dirty hands ♥'s 'til it breaks!


Will Report Back Soon

 More then 50 people took the streets of Grand Junction to demand No More Deaths on the streets of Grand Junction.  Many more participated in the memorial service, in Hawthorn Park at the conclusion of the March.  Will update with photos.

See you in the streets