West Denver Copwatch

 West Denver Copwatch's website is up and running along with our newest addition, a police database.  We hope that this will be a great tool for the community to be able to commend good actions of the police, but also to be able to track and post about their abuses of power and people.  Through this hopefully we can all come together and attempt to hold officers accountable for their actions. westdenvercopwatch.wordpress.com

A little about us:


We are a group of individuals who come together in order to attempt to make the police accountable for their actions by videotaping police encounters in the streets.  We predominantly work in the West Denver area, but also are in cooperation with Aurora Copwatch along with other Copwatch organizations around the Metro Area.  

Police are consistently traumatizing and occupying our communities. Something as simple as a video camera, a pen and a pad of paper can significantly help deter the police from violating our community members’ rights.  We collect footage that both holds the police accountable and informs the people of their abuse of power.

Crucial in combatting police abuses is understanding and knowing your rights. However, in no way can this guarantee that violations will still not occur.  We strive to educate the people on their own individual rights and apply them in dealing with close encounters of the po-lice-kind.

By documenting police and collaborating with our communities we can help to establish alternatives to the violent ways of police-folk.  We as communities are more than capable of operating without the presence of a violent occupier that is armed to the teeth and is the most violent gang cruising our streets. 

We encourage every community to establish their own Copwatch in their hood.  The streets are watching!

-West Denver Copwatch



re: website

Glad to see you finally got your site uploaded! Do some records requests and get the payroll for the PD