Fort Lewis College students announce SAFER referendum

SAFER Fort Lewis College


DURANGO, CO - Students at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado are taking action this semester to promote more sensible marijuana policies on campus. A student organization called "SAFER FLC," which stands for "Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation at Fort Lewis College," is collecting petition signatures to put this question to a vote in the next student body election:

Do you agree that sanctions imposed by Fort Lewis College for the use and possession of marijuana should be NO greater than the sanctions imposed for the use and possession of alcohol, and that students should not face suspension or removal from student housing for the private use and possession of up to one ounce of marijuana?

Clock Tower on Fort Lewis College campus in Durango, Colorado.
The referendum is intended to convey the student body’s opinion that alcohol use is more harmful than marijuana use both to students and the surrounding community. With this in mind, students say that Fort Lewis College should not issue disproportionate sanctions that steer students toward using alcohol and away from making the safer choice to use marijuana. This referendum also address student concerns about Residence Hall policies that allow for evictions for minor marijuana offenses.

This Monday, February 15th, SAFER FLC will be in the Fort Lewis College student union building (CUB) from 10:30a.m. to 1:00p.m. to introduce the SAFER Referendum & collect signatures. Students are encouraged to volunteer to help collect signatures.


This referendum is endorsed by Animas SDS, the autonomous Durango chapter of Students for a Democratic Society.

Fort Lewis

Anyone who knows that college who is reading this just rolled their eyes.

Why would anyone be "rolling

Why would anyone be "rolling their eyes?" Marijuana legalization is long overdue - students continue to lose housing and financial aid because of unjust marijuana laws. I applaud these students for taking a stance and starting an important discussion.


Decriminalization is overdue, yes, but no one would be surprised to see that at Fort Lewis, widely known for a reputation as the relaxed atmosphere tolerant of activities like smoking marijuana. I'm not saying its bad I'm just not surprised. it would be a milestone to get it decriminalized in Colorado Springs or Douglas County, but Denver, Boulder and Durango ought to be easy places to achieve this goal. In Denver it failed as the "lowest ... priority" as they are still handing out misdemeanor charges to as many easy targets as they can for marijuana possession and distribution. I still see regular pot busts at the park, while people smoking pot in the parking lots outside gentrified clubs and bars are mostly left alone. I don't believe that will happen in Durango, as the dynamics of the areas demographics wouldn't allow such a perversion of the public will, but Denver is a typically corrupt home-rule and strong Mayor-Council city. I'm happy to see the students initiating the discussion but I'm afraid that it is so expected to see something like this in Durango - and this is not the first time by any means although the financial aid issue is a new burden, you're right - and by the fact that Durango is a hip spot it can be easily dismissed as typical of Fort Lewis students who often use marijuana and like things like snowboarding and punk rock. it is almost discrimination on the part of political leaders when the needs or interests of Fort Lewis students are dismissed as juvenile or immature, but it is hard to catch the political leaders in the act of expressing that kind of prejudice, so I would suggest to whomever is organizing this in Durango to find common ground with powerful people who might hold a stake in keeping Durango as cool as it is, perhaps shop owners who may lose customers significant to their presence in the town, someone like that perhaps. Also look outside the town and the college and find opposite profiles that agree with decriminalization or legalization, then the stereotype often slapped on Fort Lewis students, I think, would be less likely to stick so as to compromise the students' very justifiable and necessary endeavor. Personally I think decriminalization would only improve Durango, and Durango is already a totally rad town, always gorgeous and always fun. Anyhow, good luck Fort Lewis students, and I hope you win.

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