Combating Spam

As many of you will have noticed, Colorado Indymedia has been fighting an increasingly desperate battle against comment and story spam over the past few weeks. Despite our best efforts, the problem has continued to worsen until we've come to feel forced to make some fairly significant changes.

  1. CAPTCHAs are now be required on all form elements, including logins.
  2. Anonymous users are no longer allowed to post stories, events, or comments directly. These posts will now be held until they can be reviewed and approved by a moderator.

We have also upgraded the software that runs Colorado Indymedia in order to capture the most up-to-date security features. As part of this upgrade, you may notice some minor changes to some elements of the website, in particular the text input areas used for writing stories and the upload process used to embed images in your stories.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience these changes may cause you. Please let us know here in the comments if you have any problems, or alternatively by emailing the administrative team at

Thank you Nathan

Thank you Nathan for doing this. I want to stress that anonymous users can still post I, and others at COIMC, will review the posts in a timely way. It is with regret that we have to do this but I have been deleting hundreds of spam a week and sometimes a day and the site was in danger of being overrun.




We at the red pill, as often as we can try to delete any story and comment spam. Hope this will help.

Thank you so much

You have been grate and I know I speak for others when I say that.  Again  Thank you

This site is literally under attack by spam, hundreds deleted

today alone

Yes we are under attack

It has been like this for two months and the changes are such a reilf to me.  I have been fighting this every hour of the day for so long and the Red Pill and a couple of othewrs have helped but it has been so hard.  I have logged on durring this time every waking hour to delete spam and was affraid that without changes like the ones Nathan made that COIMC would become unuseable.  Nathan you ROCK!!!!!!!  Red Pill so do you!!!!!! 

I believe that as the number

I believe that as the number of spam posts and comments that successfully make it live falls, the rate of attack should slow. It's gonna still be rocky for a few months, but should get better after that.