Corporate abuse (UPS) exposing unfair labor practices in violation Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Union Corruption: Local 435


This Website: is designed to inform the viewer and listener the time has come to see the world as it is regarding matters of grave importance concerning corporate abuse and unfair labor practices. The Company’s union did not represent this employee as they should have. This union accepts and tolerates inappropriate behavior in the mistreatment of individuals or employees whose rights have no place in one corporate industry.

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Evidence of audio tracks secretly recorded during grievance proceedings at UPS Denver, CO. regarding drivers continuous ongoing-payroll problems, and was accused of an allegation having no merit to these accusations was discriminated, harassed and abused during these proceedings as Teamsters local union 435 stood by and allowed this abusive behavior from the company (UPS) to continue. We invite you to please review this website: in order to understand the severity and ongoing occurrences of abusive behavior and discrimination in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Please publish this article based upon evidence: revealing and exposing embezzlement of money illegally taken out from the backside of this driver's weekly payroll checks, and the results in the outcome and fate of this employee (driver) during his employment with UPS have filed a wage claim with the Department of Labor, and filed charges with the (NLRB) National Labor Relations Board against local 435 who did not represent and protect this driver during his employment with UPS. The employee (driver) had filed continuous grievances over the same issues relating to his nightmare on-going- payroll problems, and article 37 harassment concerns exposing abusive behavior, and discrimination with limited solutions, and no results from teamster’s local union 435. UPS retaliated against the driver in filing grievances and charges related to the issues at hand. Then the driver was terminated for an accident he had with the company vehicle because he was like a thorn in the company’s side. Note: He informed the customer his van slid into their fence due to wet weather conditions. The customer called UPS to inform them their driver slid into there fence. Other employees with UPS have experienced a similar fate; set-up by the union then UPS terminated them for unjust cause. Still today UPS employee’s are being mistreated and abused by bigotry and discrimination at various levels evoking grave concerns. Note: See (Evidence) News page & Resources page of website: Open (link) Letter Addressed: District Manager United Parcel Service from Colo. House Of Representatives 4-29-97. Please respond or forward this email to the appropriate investigative News I-team who will assist and help expose these allegations regarding the Teamsters, Local 435, and UPS who continues to get away with hell! Note: Detailed facts of Evidence: Synopsis, documents, letters from government agencies, witnesses, audio tracks and transcripts can be obtained through website: exposing union corruption, and corporate misconduct: Inappropriate behavior, labor abuse and discrimination at various levels of employment with UPS. Please review Summary page, News page and Resources page from website: Your response to this news article would be appreciative.
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