Young woman dies in DPD custody --64 seconds "missing" surveillance tape before she died examined by local media

Many of you in Denver may be familiar with the case of Emily Rice-last February she died in Denver City Jail after her internal injuries from a drunken car wreck weren't caught by medical staff and police....7News launched it's own investigation resulting in these new developments.

Prior to the gap in the [surveillance] video [24-year-old Emily] Rice is seen leaning against a wall inside the jail.

Immediately following the 64 second gap [in the videotape] she is seen lying on the floor with deputies standing over her.

Rice later died while in the custody of the Denver Sheriff's Department.

Owners of the [surveillance] company believe the video was edited and the 64 seconds deleted.

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If someone else did this, they'd be charged with interfering with a police investigation.

A death in these circumstances would always be the subject of an inquiry. And video of the key moments as someone goes to the floor and deputies respond is most obviously evidence of imporatance to such an inquiry. That someone went and edited and deleted this is the knowing and deliberate destruction of evidence.