Come Celebrate May Day!

On Saturday, May 1st Denver Anarchist Black Cross will be commemorating
International Workers' Day with local allies and our broader communities.

We would like to invite you and all of our local anarchist networks to
come out and celebrate with us! This will be a space for rejoicing in the
beauty of our struggles and building stronger networks for the struggles
to come. We are proud that a multitude of organizations, communities, and
families will be participating in this celebration and hope to see
anarchists well represented in the ranks!

At 10:00am we will be gathering at the front steps of the capital building
(broadway and colfax) and then marching to Skyline park (16th and
arapahoe), where there will be local organizations tabling, speakers, and

We are asking for everyone participating to respect that this is intended
to be a safe, celebratory space and withhold any actions that could
potentially bring police repression onto event.


Non violence

Non-violence works. Ghandi used non-violence to drive the british out of India and Dr. king used it during the civil rights movment. Lets keep that in mind. I will be posting an article on non-violent direct action as soon as possible. See you there and please be safe everyone.

Many have made othe arguments

Many have made other arguments. Ward Churchill makes a strong case that the British where driven out despite and not because of Ghandi's non violence stance. Peter Gelderloos book makes a strong case that non violence helps the state. The book is called How Nonviolence Helps the State.

I do not make here the case that this event should be violent and am not advocating it. I do make this point because I am not a supporter of pacifism as an effective means of stopping the state.