ICE Facility Attacked in Loveland

Over the weekend of the 15th of May, an ICE field office in Loveland, Colorado was attacked.  Every window and door was shattered, totaling around twelve panes in all. 

The unmarked facility is one of many such hidden ICE buildings in the U.S. that attempt to operate in secrecy.  One tactic used by ICE to maintain this secrecy is to take people from their homes in the middle of the night to be "processed" before taken to privately-owned ICE prisons. 

By operating in secrecy, ICE is able to maintain this particular sub-station within a shopping and residential district without revealing the repression used to create and sustain borders.

This action was taken in the climate typified by SB1070 in Arizona and local anti-immigrant sentiment.  However, the ICE office would have been targeted regardless of legislation.

Resistance and attacks against manifestations of borders, prison and power will continue as long as families are separated and people are imprisoned, deported, and harassed.

As others have said-


Solidarity means attack.


Way to go--Much love to those who did this action!

Why is this on the sidebar anyway and not frontpage?  If I knew how to "vote" on it I would.

It makes me smile to read this and the earlier post from Colorado Springs!


much love to the people who

much love to the people who did this action!

why is this on the sidebar anyway and not frontpage?  if i knew how to 'vote' on an article i would.

thanks and solidarity!

direct action--more please!

Good to read this...I didn't see it for awhile since it's stuck over on the open newswire.  What's up with that anyway?  I mean why can we read petty infighting between Denver radicals on the front page of colorado indymedia but an action like this gets lost on the newswire?  Especially after a call to action for just this kind of thing (attacks against ICE) was published on the front page...

As the previous commentor mentioned--how does one promote an article...I can't seem to find a way to do it.  Any help is appreciated.

Anyway, I like this action!!!!

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a fairly pertinent critique

a fairly pertinent critique of actions that are carried out in this manner can be found here: