GJ Police Admit Guilt

On May 7th three GJ Police Officers were placed on administrative leave following allegations that police slashed tents, bike tires, and other things at a well-established houseless camp. Over three weeks later the police remain on leave as the investigation dragged on. But on Saterday May 29th GJPD dropped eleven brand-new tents to The Bad Water Flats Collective house where member of Housing First! No More Deaths! could then distro the tent to the victims. We view this as an admission of guilt and we expect further consequences in the future.


Loca Media Round-Up (so far)

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The Wedge gathering Grand Junction CO June 2nd


I wanted to thank you and the Coalition for the Homeless organized today. I came down with Mark today to support my friends that I have met because of him, he has been homeless for some time now and has had a rough time since his mother passed. I understand that the barbq was to make a point the The Wedge is really a park and can be used by everyone in Grand Junction and should not be classified as a median. I also understand how the City Of Grand Junction is concerned about the use of the park by the homeless and by other people because of the roads that surround it. Both sides have a good point but what I really wanted to let you know, was what I learned about today.

Since looking for Mark when I moved back out here to go to Mesa State and found out that he was homeless, I have learned a great deal about what it is truly like to be homeless. I have always been lucky and have not had to live this way, but these days more and more people are forced to survive paycheck to paycheck and we are all living close to that reality. What I see more of is the ideology of how people are treated when they have no where to go because they live out in the streets. Some I realize have chosen that life because of whatever reasons and it is their choose to do so but what I saw today really made me think more and more about my friend, Mark.

You see, I have known him 25 years now. I see that he wants to have something better and have a place of his own but can't get a job because there is very little work out there. I see him trying so hard to maintain and do what he has to to survive and I see him helping all his friends that have supported him since he has had to live on the streets. It's a downward spiral and it seems so hard to get out of for most people that are there. Most don't want to beg for money, most have issues they are trying to deal with like alcoholism and drug use to take them out of their reality as they know it. Once that takes hold, then it is all about where the next drink or hit comes from. Add into that most people treat the homeless like they are lower than anyone else and they shouldn't be treated like they are even humans. Granted some do not care anymore because they have no one that they think cares about them anymore. Loneliness and heart ache are sometimes the best friends to addictions and when you hear that you are worthless so many times, you start to believe it. It breaks my heart to see him that way because he is so gifted as a musician. He plays guitar and can play a song only by listening to it. What's more he is left handed and can play a right handed guitar and turn it upside down. He has had that gift since the day I met him 25 years ago and I watch him now and know there has to be a better life for him somehow. Someday I will be able to find him a left handed electric guitar so that I can see him really play again. Right now it is so hard to see him, wondering when he will eat again, where he's going to stay, how to survive and find a way out of the downward spiral. He is so friendly, he talks to everyone and everyone remembers him. I wished I could help him, I talk to him and make sure he's ok, make sure he has eaten and at times take him out of his reality and show him that there is someone that cares about him and he is not alone.

And today I saw a man have a seisure on the grass, one minute everyone was having fun and the next minute he was convulsing. Some were concerned about him and offered to help. One friend of Mark's held him on his side until he got through it and was able to get up again. I went over and did what I know how to do, energy work on him while he was laying there and the ideas that ran through my head was, would there be anyone there in the middle of the night if this happened to him when he was laying on in the park with no where to go. Would he survive? Sadness, so many of us do not realize how close that is, we drive by in our cars on our way to this or that, we know people live like this, we know that they need our help, we know we are all one humankind but have we forgotten? Have we lost what makes us all human, compassion? Do we realize with the way things are here in this amazing beautiful country that I am so proud to be a citizen of, and am so honored to have said that I can do what I was able to do because of the amazing soldiers that protect that right for me to do that and have the freedoms that I do, that more and more families are in this situation more and more every day? I had to ask myself today, do you realize how lucky you are to have what you have? Are you grateful for what you do have? Today, I figured that out and the more I talk to my friend Mark, the more I see that. I want to thank you and the coalition for what they do because you don't know what will happen, and I am very thankful for the work you do and the people that you truly care for.

Thank you!