White Supremacist group leaves threatening message on musician's voicemail

On June 30, 2010, as I sat at the coffeehouse where I often go to use the Internet, I decided to search my own name via the Google search engine, to see where some of my articles, videos, music and other items may have been reposted, reproduced, linked and/or embedded online. I'm a songwriter and performer and I post my music on YouTube where I have a channel, and much to my dismay I found one of my more controversial songs, which I wrote in 2008 but did not record until 2010, embedded on a white supremacist social networking site for the National Socialist Movement (NSM) called "White American Revolution."

In order to deny them the opportunity to make either myself or the City of Denver, Colorado, a target, as well as to prevent them from using it as some form of propaganda, I chose to disallow embedding of the song, which is called "White Flight" and is about neo-liberal urban gentrification in general. After disabling the embedding option, quite literally only one day later, I received a hateful and threatening message in my voicemail on my cell phone. I attached the .mov file with the audio to the story and the following link is to a YouTube video with the audio recording of the voicemail message I received on July 1st, 2010, around 10 P.M. or so at night (the message contains language that may be considered disturbing and offensive, listener discretion is advised):


Here is a link to the video containing the song "White Flight." 


NSM hate call.mov1.11 MB

transcription please

i can hardly understand that shit, other than opening with "white pouter"


What they said was the following:

"White Power you gosh damn nigger, go back to Africa." 

Then they repeated "white power" a few more times, and then he said "this is the [Quinn, maybe Flinn?] brothers go back to Africa" again, and the women later said "explosion ho." That was the threatening part. Then he ended the call by calling me "nigger" one more time. I have the message saved in my voicemail if anyone has a better mechanism for recording it on an mp3 if it becomes necessary to make another recording.