Only Good People

Now that we have been told the election may very well be already decided, we may as well wonder what things will be like in a week. We were told for over a year now, there has been “a movement a brewin’.” It was people who were led by themselves. We were told no special interests were involved in this movement. No, this was a sincere movement.

We soon found out that wasn’t exactly true. No, the new revolt was not being brought to us by Coke or Pepsi, but there are other products owned by other people. As it turns out it has been brought to us by a number of big corporations.

It was brought to us by Koch Industries, and that means something. It means the uprising was sponsored by Brawny paper towels. It means the uprising was brought to us by Angel Soft, Quilted Northern and Soft 'n Gentle toilet paper. It means the revolution was sponsored by Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups.

It also means the revolution has been sponsored by Lycra. It means the rebellion has literally been supported through the sale of support hose. It means Stainmaster carpet reminded us of why we should be so angry. It means the oil industry has supported the movement as well. Angry over oil prices being too high? Well, so are they… some… how…

Oh, and the ‘European style government will infect our political system unless we do something about it’ stuff, well, we may wish to re-think that. Some of the people running for office this year are getting major donations from European giant corporations. Yup, and many of them have identified themselves with the ‘revolution.’

So, that means one of Germany’s largest pharmaceuticals corporations, Bayer, is also bringing us the revolution. It also means BASF, a European chemicals giant, also sponsored the revolution. It also means the guys who sponsored so much drama just recently, BP, are also sponsoring the uprising. ( Hopefully that won’t detract from their ability to compensate those on the gulf, many of whom are still waiting to be paid.

And, they have been turning up the sincerity knobs past ten straight to eleven by training these supposedly spontaneously organizing people rising up, in how to do what they do. For instance, there has been footage found on YouTube recently of the die hard hardcore freedom lovers training those people in what they call “guerilla internet tactics.”

One of the wholesome all-American methods they have chosen to use, instead of underhanded dirty corporate-shadowy tactics, was to find books written by people from the left or are on subjects considered to be left leaning and give them ratings of one, without ever having read them. Then, they were instructed to go to books written by right leaning folks or on right leaning topics and give the maximum rating. Again, no need to read them either. (

Though, now that I think about it, I’m not so sure George Washington or any of the framers of the constitution had that exactly in mind when they wrote of freedom of expression. Perhaps there are some honest to God reasons we were never told about this, and that the grassroots movement, and it’s wealthy backers have gone to great lengths to deny any link. Perhaps they were worried about being branded Astroturfers, as they were accused of being when they first came to national attention.

When we think of freedoms, the freedom to trick other Americans into following a McRevolt to the polls isn’t the first thing which pops into one’s head. Well meaning people can step over the line and sell out their once wholesome intentions in the name of doing what they thought was the right thing. Unfortunately, in so doing they, more often than not, help support the demise of what they really hoped would happen.

In some ways it’s as though a fast food style revolution for change has been spun right in front of us. Perhaps real change is a scary thing and heading it off with a theatrical performance of one, then letting people down with a quick peek behind the curtain to engender a lasting sense of voter apathy, is favorable to certain people.

If they turn out to be folks in the pocket of special interest groups, the majority of people angry now will still be fed up with the same basic things in years to come. That will be how the fight is decided, through consistency. It can happen when commercials imitating a revolution no longer satiate the need for change, and the inevitable begins to rear its head.

As for the new leaders, and the leaders of the new ‘revolution,’ we will see if their actions match their rhetoric. Will they stand firm on their principles and not budge as they have promised, or will they work together with Democrats, meaning the inevitable compromises along the line? Will they stand firm regarding the no-corporate involvement in Washington principles, or will they become folks in the pockets as deeply as those they pointed the finger at.

It’s been said whenever I point a finger at you there are three pointing right back at me. We will soon find out if that holds true for those who promised us change this time around. Or, conversely, we will see if there has been something reminiscent of Goldman Sachs, giving out loans they knew would fail, while simultaneously betting against those loans being successful through derivatives, then sticking us with the check for the loans to add to the pot of gold, happening. We will soon see if the last three election cycles have been the inflation then bursting of an artificial ‘desire for change’ bubble benefitting only the status quo. It would seem we haven’t seen the revolution yet, just a corporate sponsored imitation.

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