Announcing New Radical Distributor Based in Denver

P&L Press, the new publishing and distribution arm of the thirty year-old worker-owned union job shop P&L Printing, is now fully operational! In addition to a selection of radical literature from some of the finest independent presses in North America; we're pumping out brand new and classic zines, carrying periodicals like the Anarcho-Syndicalist Review, 4strugglemag and Fire to the Prisons, and stocking items to help fund raise for local collectives and revolutionary organizations.

We make or print the vast majority of our inventory ourselves in our shop. All of our buttons, zines, art prints, t-shirts, and stickers are made in-house by IWW affiliated workers. This ain't a Kinkos: we aim for high quality printing and layout for items that last.

You can find P&L Press in Denver, tabling at shows and events all over the city or by stopping by at the 27 Social Centre (2 blocks east of Federal Blvd on 27th Avenue) on weekdays between 8AM and 4PM. You can also order online (use discount code LAUNCH for 10% off, good until 2/25!) at and follow our production blog at Got something you'd like to see us carry? Want us at your next show? Need to make a bulk order? Email us at, we'll be sure to get back to you quickly.


we're assuming Durango is way too far to ask y'all to come table, but if you can make it down to Wild Roots Feral Futures this June we definitely support radical folks doing distro as an act of solidarity & mutual aid in our own internal movement fund-raising. So if you can make it down with some distro stuff, that would be rad!