Colorado Springs Anarchist Convergence! (May 27th)

Colorado Springs can be a lonely place to be an anarchist. Grasslands are being plowed to make way for malls, tent cities are being razed to make way for investment capital, immigrants are being demonized to make way for an urban police state, and our compliance is being rewarded to make us into a docile underclass. Meanwhile, we watch, our horror matched only by our fear to act alone.

But there must be other anarchists hiding out in this city. It’s time to find each other.

Evening Convergence at Acacia Park (near the playground)
Friday, May 27th
6:30 p.m.

Bring your courage, your rage, your joy, your kids.

I missed it.

I missed it.  I guess that's what I get for not checking back often enough. :(  Hopefully it won't be the only get together this year.  Can anyone report back what happened?   How many people showed up?

More soon...

It was a small gathering.  A couple of folks met up, discussed the particular challenges of building anti-authoritarian community in Colorado Springs, and what it would take to gather more like-minded folks in the area.  Also played some hide-and-seek.

This won't be the only event of the year.  May it be the smallest and the quietest.  Check back for more...

Peace, love, anarchy...

glad to hear some folks

glad to hear some folks showed. there are some badass folks in the springs and I hope they find each other!