Occupy Denver – Before The Eviction

It was late afternoon when I learned that the protesters of the Occupy Denver movement would be evicted tonight and so I made my way to Lincoln Park to see what was going to happen. I have covered a lot of demonstrations for COIMC over the years but this was the largest since the DNC three years ago. It also seemed to have good public support with passing cars laying into their horns to show support and people waving to the demonstrators as they passed. It was a good thing to see so many people from all walks of life gather together to let the unhappiness and dissatisfaction with the capitalist greed and the conservative base in American politics that has done so much harm to so many.

The tents and info shop like stands where well organized and clean, contrary to reports in the capitalist press to the contrary. Tents with slogans like 99% written on the side. Signs expressing anti war and anti-imperialism sentiments abounded as did signs questioning the capitalist control of government. There where slogans and art work, pastels in crayon and pencil, on the sidewalks. I should also mention that it was a beautiful night and that the capital itself is beautiful.

Occupy Denver Info Shop




There was a lot of broad based support; candidates for the state house, Union reps, and the ACLU - I liked her talk it was to the point and imparted valuable info, as well as a wide range of people. There of course was all the regulars we see in most marches. In short this was Denver: The Denver that needed work, the Denver that had a family member of close friend struggling, the Denver that knew someone losing the house. I chatted with a woman – unemployed - who's mom was loosing her home because she was sick and the medical bills had bankrupted her at the age of 67.


  At 9:30pm there was a press conference. A crowd gathered at the West entrance on the steps for it but it was I must say a raucous crowd. The press conference was moved inside and only credentialed press where allowed in. COIMC is of course credentialed and so I went in to shoot it and hear the head of the State Police make a statement. As the State Police commander (he was wearing a gold eagles for rank insignia, the crowd must have rushed the door and they beet on the windows and chanted. It was like being inside a drum! The head of the state police could be seen visibly sweating as he talked.

What he said was that the park could not go on with the tent city in it and that the groups who started the occupy Denver movement and represented it where not representative of the crowd outside. I did not see his point and stated above that the crowd to me was very much a cross section of Denver.

The Park was cleared at 3:300 to 6:00 am in stages. You can read the details anyplace. It wont change the fact that Saturday will mark another larger demonstration. It wont change that people will still be there tomorrow and the day after and the day after that. I hope it can sustain for as long as it takes.

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thanks, Phil

Excellent report and pics.  Wish I could have been there.