La Plata County Jail Noise Demo (Durango, CO) - New Year's Eve 2011/2012

Saturday, December 31 at 11:30pm - Sunday, January 1, 2012 at 1:00am

Outside & inside La Plata County Jail (Durango, CO)
742 Turner Drive
Durango, Colorado

(Not in or near La Plata County? Organize NYE noise demos outside prisons, jails, and detention centers in your area!)

Join us in making a ruckus outside (and inside!) La Plata County Jail in Durango, CO this coming New Year's Eve (& *every* NYE!).

This easy, safe, and simple expression of solidarity can have amazing positive impact for those behind and inside the walls and bars of the incarceration system. Let's make some noise and let them know that they're not alone and not forgotten.

(Note: Remaining on public property for a noise demo outside a prison, jail, or detention center is perfectly legal. As long as participants remain on public property, they are not placing themselves at legal risk.)

Bring noise makers, drums, instruments, sound systems, your voice, your friends, your family, your lovers, and your indomitable spirit of resistance.

This event, which we hope to make a yearly event in our community, is inspired by the North American call out for a day of action against prisons in the New Year of 2011, which remains relevant unchanged:

Noise demos outside of prisons in some countries are a continuing tradition. A way of expressing solidarity for people imprisoned during the New Year, remembering those held captive by the state. A noise demo breaks the isolation and alienation of the cells our enemies create, but it does not have to stop at that.

Prison has a long history within capital, being one of the most archaic forms of prolonged torture and punishment. It has been used to kill some slowly and torture those unwanted – delinquents to the reigning order - who have no need of fitting within the predetermined mold of society.

Prison is used not only as an institution, but a whole apparatus, constructed externally from outside of the prison walls. Which our enemies by way of defining our everyday life as a prison, manifest themselves in many places, with banks that finance prison development (like Wells Fargo, Bank of America, BNP Paribas, Bank of the West, and Barclays), companies that are contracted for the development of prisons (like Bergelectric Corporation, SASCO Electric, Engineered Control Systems, MacDonald Miller Facility SLTNS and Kane MFG Corp.), investors in prison development (like Barclays Intl. and Merrlin Lynch) to the police and guards who hide behind their badges and the power of the state.

Solidarity is not only an expression by way of our own revolutionary poetry which is defined by a developing anarchist analysis, but as an expression of actions put into practice within the social war daily. That is why we propose to others who have a certain reciprocal understanding of the prison world and the conditions it creates to remember this day, to mark it on their calendars. To locate points of attack. To not limit ourselves to just a noise demo, but proliferating actions autonomously from one another. That break the mundane positions we lock ourselves into by our own internalization.

To all our comrades known and we have yet to know. Just because we have not met, does not mean we do not act in affinity with one another. Our struggle continues not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. Prison is not an end, but a continuation. Through individual and collective moments of revolt, by the methods one finds possible. Like fire our rage must spread.

Against prison, and the world that maintains them.
For the social war.

In memory of those currently imprisoned...

Waste of Time

I was incarcerated at the La Plata Jail for 6 months. I just got out. I hate every second of it. I learned a lot when I was in there; being that, I was responsible for my actions. I have an affliction; drug and alcohol dependency. I fucked up, not my family or the cop that arrested me, or the judge who put me away. It was me who put my ass in jail. There are a lot others like me in there, but there are some scary creeping evil fucks that don’t need to see the light of day. I’m talking about the child rapists (chomos and chicken hawks), robbers, and murderers. I had to interact with them in jail, and I loathed it.
I appreciate the sentiment, and wanting to express your concerns for the incarcerated population, but the bottom line is, we all make choices. If you screw up, you go to jail, or prison. Coming to the jail on New Years Eve to make noise and support inmates would be a slap to the face of the victims of our community. Because theses victims suffered heinous crimes, crimes that were committed against them by some of the shit bags in the La Plata County Jail.

I feel for you having been in

I feel for you having been in jail and I support you wanting to own your actions. Having said that the sentiments you state are to a great extent colored by your experience and a combination of guilt and shame in my opinion. I do not mean to judge you harshly or to be in any way mean or disrespectful.

You did 6 months for drugs (o ra crime directly related to your use of them) if I read you right. I do not know if you got a felony or if it was a mister miner but I do know that drug addiction is a disease. You where punished for having a disease. If you got a felony then that punishment will sadly be forever as you will most likely never work for a major company or be able to hold a license in a wide range of professions. In some states you will even be barred from educational help as well.

Yes there are some evil people in jail and prison. The number of as you call them "chomos and chicken hawks" however is a small number and yet you make it out as if the jail (or even prisons) are just full of them. WRONG!

My bet is you had to interact with one or two. But my bet also is you have little knowledge of there crimes if indeed they commuted them, after all your in jail not prison and felony sex offenders do not serve their sentences in county jail. County jails house mister minor crimes and people awaiting trail and the people awaiting trail have not been convicted yet.

There is a syndrome called Stockholm syndrome in which people who are captured, kidnapped or otherwise held by a tormenter/abuser come to identify with their abuser. They even defend the abuser.

Know this you will be considered one of those shit bags by most people in this society however unfair that may seem. There will be little in the way of real second chances for you or most people with a record. The punishment will never really end.

I can say this with experience as an ex-felon and unlike you I was in a real prison not some cushy county jail. Putting yourself above others who you where incarcerated with in my view is a product of your anger and expresses a willingness to escape from a more complete and holistic examination of both your responsibility and the responsibility of society as a whole.

Keep in mind that the USA has the highest incarceration rate in the world! We have 4.7% of the worlds population and 25% of all the prisoners an the planet. It is not due to freedom, or choice. It is an industry and we are a police state!

You sir are as much a victim as you are a perpetrator weather you see it or not. Yes own your actions but do not for a second try to say that you are not also a victim of a system that will punish you for the rest of your natural life.


I wish you luck and a good life.

How awesome. Its ben a

How awesome. Its ben a LOOOONG time since I heard someone stand up and admit it was they who messed up and didn't try to blame someone else.
I too have spent time in La Plata County Detentions, food was GREAT, deputies were polite and pleasant, treated us with dignity didn't belittle us, warm in the winter cool in the summer, color TV, endless hot water (not like home where I gotta take a shower in under 7-8 minutes).

I talked to my buddy there, he said all you "protesters" are stupid idiots for wasting your time and he hopes you DONT show up because he doesn't want to get woke up buy your "Looser rally"

You should take a little

You should take a little personal responsibility for posting an attitude that has made America a prison state. We have 4.7% of the worlds population and 25% of all the prisoners on the planet thanks to the reactionary attitudes and fascist policies of people who think like you!! I do not believe you are real. I think you are a right wing shill, maybe a republican jail guard or a Ron Paul fascist/racist.

At the least you are someone who in my mind suffers from Stockholm's syndrome or some sort of guilt/shame complex with a serious need to show he can be a good wage slave to his boss masters.

Phil, you are a

Phil, you are a hypocrite.
You talk the talk but you dont walk the walk.

Where were YOU on new years???????????
You sure a hell weren't at La Plata jail because ZERO of you showed up. Hey it was in the paper ZERO.
America has more prisoners because we treat them well, no torture, good food, TV, that's why we have less riots than europe or any other place and fewer executions (which I don't belive in but I will make change by VOTING )  
And I'm not a republican prison guard

By the way Ron Paul is an idiot, almost as bad as YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Have a nice day :)


you are the hypocrite and illinformed

Wow insults, that's the best you can do? No facts, on real argument. I live in Denver and yes I was not at the La Plate county Jail, so what. Your post is filled with misinformation I might add.  America does not have more prisoners because we treat them well. Come on really?? What people migrate here to go to our good jails, is that what your saying? That"s idiotic.

I can see you do not know what your talking about but for those who are reading this with us let me point out a few things. I will site sources. I bet you can't or wont. I stand by what I said earlier about you sir I think your a right wing shill/troll or a prison guard, ether way your not real or suffer from Stockholms syndrome (you'll have to look that up on your own).

Our prisons do torture people consider the article be the ACLU on the use of solitary confinement (found here, Oh You don't believe it's torture I bet. Maybe consider this article on human rights abuses

Read this article "Hellhole The United States holds tens of thousands of inmates in long-term solitary confinement. Is this torture?"  You can find it at

Maybe you'd like to read this article called Human Rights Watch condemns US prison system, immigration policy, By Kate Randall, 28 January 2011 which you can find here

You may also want to read the report, Commission on Safety and Abuse in America's Prisons which you can find here

Now let me try to at least help you get real facts. The Bureau of Justice Statistics is a part of the US department of Justice. It is considered by experts to be the US government most reliable source of justice statistics. Here is the home page

You may want to do a little reading.

As to riots in Europe come on get real sir. Do you speak any language but English? Do you know anything about Europe? That is almost a joke to say that the reason we have less riots then there because of our prison system. Prove it!! site two sources that say that that are reputable! I dare you!

I agree sir that Ron Paul is an Idiot and that is all we will agree on. I will not wish you a nice day.  I do think as a victim (if you are not a right wing shill or guard) that you should consider getting some help.

Godam Phil you are

Godam Phil you are funny
Where did I say people would emigrate to USA to go to our prisons??
And yes I speak Spanish and German some what, what does that have to do with anything?
As for siting, get real, ACLU?? AMNESTY INTL?? Come on you "LEFT" out UC Berkley.
How about this one  but alas that is from the government you despise so of course its ALL LIES!!!
See THAT is the difference I will get for any and all available sources and find where the reality is.


No I'm an independent so I can see BOTH sides for the truths lies and spin doctors such as your self.
as far as employment I'm a warehouseman never been a prison guard but the correct title is officer or deputy in all the places I have spent time. (They seem to have a problem figuring out this medical marijuana thing is why.) 


I enjoy a good wine, walks on the beach, puppies, my family, classic rock at work and Yanni at home with a glass of merlot.


Never used any drugs except for the mentioned MJ and wine, ya booz is a drug don't kid yerself.
What did I leave out??
Oh I'm voting for a write in guy, you may have heard of him Franklin Delano Roosevelt, last president we had that could see BOTH SIDES, sure hes dead but will do a better job than ANY one currently trying to get it.


Have a nice day :)


Come off it

Yours is where the reality is?  Thats what you said.  Really, so you have a corner on reality. I sighted the US department of Justice, you know that government you say I think only lies, and you sight a couple of very anemic sources that show you have little grasp of the subject. Its so typical of reactionary conservatives like you who hate education and mistrust all things on the left. The reality is if somebody is not like you then they have to be wrong. Really you think UC Berkley is so bad that everything at one of the most celebrated institutions of higher learning in America is trash??

You think the ACLU is just a bunch of American hating lefties to I suppose. You must, as they exist to protect the constitution - you know that document you say you like.

Oh and yes Amnesty international an organization you righties sight all the time when you want to invade a country. It's ok for Regan, both Bush's and Nixon to sight them as sourses when they build a case for war but if that same group says anything you don't like than now they can't be trusted?

Let's be clear I am a proud American. Let's also be clear I am an Anarchist.  I don't hide that fact.  I will do all I can to further my beliefs but unlike you I will not lie about them. You say your an independent. That may be but you talk like a right wing conservative capitalist who does not even understand issues or look deeply into things.

Really FDR is who you will write in? How sad. I was born just after him so I can't say I remember him myself (I'm in my mide 50's). My house is paid for, I have no debt, Yes it's true, I have graduate degrees so that means as an educated person I should be suspect.  I speak several langueges including Chinese (no I'm not Chinese). I'm no spin doctor but I guess to you everyone is who you disagree with.

So go smoke some more of your MJ and have a glass of wine. Take you punishment for having pot, and call it just and fair. After all you believe in personal responsibility and so you like the coast you paid for being busted both legaly, punitively (jail), and manitarily.  You say you believe in the rule of law but you choose to break it with pot so realy you just believe in the rule of law when you want to; is that not right?  Does that also make you a hypocrite? 

Blame everyone for being poor regardless of the circumstances . Blame the sick for their disease and the bankruptcy that followed and put it all upon them and; most of all decieve yourself yourself about why we have 25% of all the prisoners on the planet with just 4.7% of the worlds population.

I never said I have a corner

I never said I have a corner on reality.
I never said UC Berkley was all bad.
Proud American Anarchist is an oxymoron.


Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.
Mark Twain
Have a nice day :)

OOoops you did say two

OOoops you did say two sources didn't you, here try this one:

Thats it Wikipedia??? I

Thats it Wikipedia??? I thought you where the one who believed in personal responsibility and you just have that??

I guess the responsibility to be informed as a good citizen is just not that important to you either. How many authoritative situations did I give you? Clearly the personal responsibilities of a citizen to be informed as a member of an electorate (that would be any society from communist, anarchist or democratic) is not one you take very seriously.

I didn't read all of the

I didn't read all of the above but I think I caught the gist. My 2¢: I did five years. Most people who are locked up shouldn't be. Thanks for representing, Phil. To the fascist troll: kill yourself.