Occupy Denver Saturday March for Constitutional Rights

Saturday, November 12, 2011 I've reported on the Saturday weekly march, and they tackled the issue of Constitutional Rights. We've marched for those rights to be kept with us. I've reported for Denver Open Media. D.O.M. is a television and video production non-profit organization, and we've got channels on Comcast (channel 56, 57 and 219). I've shot the video, got interviews, videotaped my own standup for when I did my closing remarks, and pieced the story together on Final Cut Pro video editing software; I did it all by myself. I'm what they call a one-man band reporter. Watch the YouTube video of my report - http://bit.ly/srQ3KI

Nathen, I think you did a

Nathen, I think you did a very good job on the video, thanks for the report and your work.

Phil, who's Nathan? I'm Brian (aka Scoop Nemeth)

My name is not Nathan, I'm Brian.

But, I go by Scoop Nemeth

Just like (Denver broncos cornerback) Champ Bailey's real name is Roland Bailey.

Just call me Scoop

Hi scoop

Well I learn something every day. I always knew you as scoop but now I know to call you Scoop, sorry Brian.