Its beginning to look like an anarchist x-mas

It smells of insurrection on this christmas evening. It kinda smells like corn starch, water, and elmers glue. Denver felt the wrath of these black clad and very cold Coloradans. The message: “From the nile to the platte, hit a cop with a baseball bat” Some of the targets included 5 points and east colfax ave. They say misery loves company and these miserable cold poor souls would love some company on the streets of denver. I hear wheat paste sticks especially well to cop cars.

A recipe of love to spread the rest of denver the joy we feel in our hearts on this cold christmas evening.

Method 1...
Use some cornstarch instead of flour. It makes it clear instead of that nasty brown-ish color.
Add 1 cup cornstarch for every 2 cups of tends to get maddd thick so add more water as you go. If it starts to clump then use a masher to break up all the clumps and your good...nd when ur done cookin it add a little bit of sugar and it makes it mad sticky...
Cause its clear you can use it to put over top the work when you done...cheaper then any of that spray stuff.

Method 2...

Pour wheat flower till it fills up 1/3 of the way. Pour some water in while you stir it so that it mixes good. You got to use that spray sealant this way cause it comes out that brown-ish / tan-ish color...

Spread the cheer in your neck of the woods.

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I like the banner drop and

I like the banner drop and the white pasting!!! Good work and happy anarchist X-mass to all.

Appreciate this, but some wheatpasting tips...

Hey y'all.. appreciate what you're doing, but a major tip for wheatpasting... don't do it if it's going to get below 32 degrees (below freezing). The paste will freeze, making it crack and easy to peel off.


Just sayin... winter wheatpastin tends to not end up as good as you think it will.