Denver PD Ignores Freedom of the Press at Occupy Denver Mayday March, Arrests Journalist

My livestream had been down for a total of 15 minutes as the radicals of Occupy Denver rounded off their direct action march targeting businesses who support the Urban Camping Ban and who are deeply invested into the ideals of the 1%, when the Denver Police decided to kidnap me. With press credentials around my neck, my comrade Tim and I had just crossed the street with a banner that read "We Didn't Start The Class War", which I was supporting him in carrying until I could get to my battery replacement back at the Civic Center Amphitheater where the march began from. With a red light holding the traffic in the perpendicular direction we crossed the street. When we got no more than 20 yards away from the rest of the march, a high ranking officer said "take them" and told us "you're going to jail". We were stuffed into an unmarked car quickly before the rest of the march could get more involved. All of a sudden I remember how at one of the stops the march had at Wells Fargo just an hour before an officer had told me, that "press doesn't matter" (See footage here: to try and prevent me from covering any arrests. Well, I was one of the arrests. The official charge is "Obstructing Traffic" which, at the time of arrest, the only ones obstructing any traffic were DPD officers. Of course that would come second to the fact that there was no traffic to speak of. It was a red light some 100 yards away. I have requested representation from the Nation Lawyers Guild and like most other charges to Occupy protesters, and in this case a journalist, I'm expect the case to be dismissed. Follow me on twitter for more: @Starrstream

Brett Starr
Citizen Journalist

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I hope you sue the hell out of them

Press does matter.  And there wasn't any traffic for you to obstruct.