Documents from DHS/FBI Attempted Seizure of Colorado Indymedia Server

Approximately two years ago, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI attempted to seize the Colorado Indymedia server because somebody posted a communique here taking responsibility for the breaking of windows at an ICE office. If you want to read more about the incident and our response, see our article at

I filed Freedom of Information Requests to the Loveland Police Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and a couple other agencies to find out more about the investigation that almost took our site offline. I received a couple dozen pages of records. Because of the contents of these records, we now have conclusive proof the DHS/FBI agents that visited the organization that hosts our server (Denver Open Media) lied to them about having a warrant to seize the server. While I am not in the least bit surprised that they lied about this (and they are certainly allowed to under the law), we now know for certain that it was a lie. This serves as another reminder that you should always double-check the claims that police make.

I've posted the records here in case anybody else may find them useful in researching political repression in the area. Please note that you cannot use any personal information from the records of Loveland PD or other state agencies for business/solicitation purposes per C.R.S. 24-72-305.5 (see

Records from CIAC (Colorado Information Analysis Center/Fusion Center)

Records from the FBI

Pictures of the vandalism from the Loveland PD:

Loveland PD Records

Department of Homeland Security records

If anybody has any questions, they may contact me at ringo{at}

good work Ringo

Thanks for doing this Ringo. I hope this serves as a lesson to all that anything a federal agent says could be a lie. It is interesting that it is a crime for a citizen to lie to a Federal agent (I like to call them Jack Booted Thugs) and yet if you lie to them it is a crime.


Suppose somebody smashes your windows.  How much trouble will the police, FBI, and Homeland Security go to, to find the people who did it?