the spies among us

The welcoming party for Indymedia reporters kicked off on Saturday at 5:00 PM, upstairs at a popular Denver restaurant. About ninety minutes into the event, an individual about the size and shape of a Denver Broncos linebacker suddenly wandered through, picking up one copy each of all the literature he could spot. The normal way to pick up literature, of course, is to visit the tables where it is freely available. But this fellow had his eye on a copy of an Indymedia info packet that belonged to someone i know, which she had left on her chair with other personal items. As he reached for the packet, he noticed me watching and drew back his hand. He asked if i knew where he could get one of these. I told him he could get it by registering as an Indymedia person at the registration table (which entails showing an ID to prove one's identity). His response was, "I'm not with Indymedia." My curiosity was immediately aroused; why is a non-Indymedia person at an Indymedia event, seeking one each of Indymedia literature and any other documents that he can scrounge?

I started considering his dress; he looked like a motorcycle tough, and although his appearance would have been convincing at any local biker bar, he didn't seem at all typical of the Indymedia crowd.

I watched him as he walked next to the registration table. He grabbed some flyers and stuffed them into his back pocket. I started unpacking my camera, but he suddenly disappeared down the steps. I followed, but he was nowhere to be seen. From the moment i noticed him to his abrupt disappearance took less than a minute.

suggestion if i may

maybe next time put the registration table(s) outside of the room/or down the hall from the room, to prevent this from happening again..?
otherwise i would just assume the police are up everyones ass anyway.

Spy vs. Spy

Wish you would have kept your spying more on the DL. Let him take the shit... Get you camera out in the mean time and start filming. Quietly. We can beat them at their own game... There will be court cases that need this kind of video and showing this police spy's face would have rendered him useless as a spy at the next event. Life is a game... A stage... Lets play our parts like our life and our children's lives depend on our actions now. Good try... Lesson learned here.

another spy...

Today in front of Union station during the Funk the War demonstration I noticed a fairly shot man of a heavier body set with a ridiculous comb-over. He had a camera man like tan vest on and was wearing your everyday jeans. I happened to notice him talking into his should every few minutes between his snapping of picture with an a small consumer camera. As I watched him closure and listened, he seemed to be dispatching some over a mic under his close. Every 30 seconds or so he would radio in the direction in which the protest was moving and what was happening. I got even closure and noticed he had a very camafloged ear-piece that he would listen to as he wasn't talking. I got closer as started at him very obviously, I could see in his pocket some sort of governmental badge issued by the city of Denver. He noticed I was staring at his pocket and quickly placed the badge lower in his pocket out of site. I briefly turned around for a moment and when i turned back he had disappeared.

This spy is still spying

I am the person whose IMC Packet was almost taken by this spy. The packet was sitting on a chair, underneath my purse, which I had left with my friend (the author of the article), momentarily. I was returning to our table, and the person practically ran into me. So I got a good, full-face look at him. The guy was tall, solid muscle, clean-cut, and wore expensive bike shorts and wrap-around sunglasses. Both Richard and I noted that his attire and demeanor did not fit the setting.

Though several months have passed, I think he is probably the same person who, more recently, infiltrated Housing First! No More Deaths! in Grand Junction. Here is the photo from the Red Pill's article on the infiltration of that organization:

The person on the left in the photo is the one I believe I saw. He has also been more positively identified, by another independent journalist (a videographer), who was at the DNC.

Note his presence in two separate police jurisdictions. He is more than just a cop.

i 2

believe I encountered the guy on the left at the DNC.
I had a guy with the same homeless vet routine.
our media convergence space was on skid row
none of our homeless friends had ever seen him
sorry no photos ..