Romney's Destructive Record Regarding The Environment

Romney's Record: Destruction of the Environment While Turning Appalachia into a Moonscape ROMNEY RECORD REGARDING THE ENVIRONMENT IS ONE OF DESTRUCTION.. HE WOULD MAKE ALL OF WEST VIRGINIA A BARREN MOONSCAPE FROM MOUNTAINTOP MINING I PROMOTER OF WORLD THREATENING NUCLEAR POWER Mitt Romney supports lethal nuclear power and coal, promotes drilling in Alaskan wildlife shrines as well as offshore drilling and sending Canadian oil sludge through a pipeline to Texas, opposes wind power II WIND POWER OPPOSITION Romney who is heavily invested in earth destroying petroleum products wants to remove supports for wind power. Romney is doing the bidding of his supporters, the billionaire polluting Koch Brothers, in such opposition. Romney said we shouldn't have to drive around with a windmill on top of our cars, to which Obama replied: Romney's had other things on the top of his cars (like the family dog). In actuality, small dynamos powered by moving car air flow can be a source of energy. Illinois alone has derived 6 billion dollars from windpower. III SOLAR POWER OPPOSITION Romney has stated the government should stay out of the search for clean nonviolent inexpensive fuels. IV DRILLING IN ANWR in Alaska is supported by Mitt Romney. V OFFSHORE DRILLING is supported by Mitt Romney who wants to double the offshore drilling permits given to nonAmerican BP which dumped trillions of gallons of oil and of neurotoxic Corexit into the Gulf of Mexico and to nonAmerican Shell which has been poisoning the Niger Delta for decades. which pressured the nigerian government to hang ken saro-wiwa and other nonviolent environment activists. romney would give more offshore drilling permits to chevron which has killed beluga whales in arctic waters and to exxon which has for 20 years dragged its feet in paying for its valdez oil spill. romney himself has not asked for offshore drilling off the shores of his own 12 million dollar San Diego home. VI ROMNEY SUPPORTS A PIPELINE FROM CANADA called Keystone which Canadians have banned and which would damage fragile semi desert areas, add to pollution and harm wildlife. Keystone owned by TransCanada has not in many moons cleaned up its Michigan spill of toxic tar goo. VII. ROMNEY HAS BEEN A CONSTANT VOICE AGAINST EFFECTIVE ACTION TO OFFSET GLOBAL HEATING VIII COAL Romney has been pushing coal to coal miners, the men who contract the lethal black lung disease, who are crushed in cave-ins, are burned in explosions, as they work in one of the world's 10 most dangerous occupations. When coal was most prevalent, Pittsburgh midday looked like night. Lung diseases of various sorts were created by coal as well as acid rain. Thousands of square miles of mountaintops exploded with bombs now look like moonscapes. IX AMTRAK Paul Ryan voted against Amtrak. He was mentored by Lehman Brothers thief and Fox News host John Kasich, congressman made governor of Ohio with Koch Brothers money, who sent back 400 million of Amtrak money to the federal government, an antitrain program begun by John D Rockefeller I, Harvey Firestone, and Henry Ford, who coconspired to destroy trains and trolleys over 100 years ago. Ryan got lower than F, or 10% approval, from the League Of Conservation Voters. Ryan has profiteered from big oil. X MORMON DESECRATION OF FLORIDA WETLANDS The Mormon church Romney supports owns Florida's largest cattle ranch.. Deseret. Florida cattle ranchers have wiped out many of Florida's wetlands, the kidneys of Mother Earth. They have poisoned the waters of Florida with trillions of gallons of cow manure, cow urine, hormones and antibiotics forced on the animals, chemicals whose residue ends up in the watershed. Florida's biggest cattle ranch is Deseret, which is owned by the Mormon church. XI ROMNEY REPUBLICANS WANT HUNTING IN OUR NATIONAL PARKSRomney's Republicans including his debate coach senator Rob Portman want hunters in our national parks. In the Grand Canyon they want citizens dodging shooters. and Yellowstone turned to Redstone as the crimson blood of innocent animals is shed.They want 3000 year old Redwood
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