Stanford/NYU Study: Obama's Drones Kill Civilians 98% of the Time

From Portland Indymedia


The Obama administration's "Drone Wars" have only killed some two percent of "Top militant leaders" and a mind-blowing 98% innocent civilians since they began back in 2004 under George Bush. This according to a newly released study by Stanford and NY Universities conducted onsite in Afghanistan. According to Obama's "top terrorism advisor" John Brennan, civilian deaths are "exceedingly rare".

The Bureau for Investigative Journalism estimates almost 900 civilians have been killed, and nearly 180 of them were children. Think about this the next time you hear a Democrat gush some babble about "our precious children". All this crap about focused, pinpoint targeting is just so much hogwash. Got to keep up appearances in the "war on terror" by continually staging FAKE "attacks on terrorists", even though the victims are completely innocent over 9 out of ten times! Orwell wouldn't even believe this shit. This is really confirmation that the Obama team is nothing more than the warmongering Bush team in Democratic Drag when it comes to serving the military/industrial/oil cartels that wage war for profit under the guise of fighting "terrorists". It's the same old America after all, isn't it? While intellectuals parry in the free web forums of the USA, real people living real lives are being blown to bits by explosives bought and paid for those happy, clapping audiences on "Ellen" and "The View" and "Leno". Sure- they're all "nice people", I'm sure. Nicely APATHETIC.