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Police Car Windows Smashed

May Day was started off right by a team of local anarchists with an attack on a police patrol car at aproxamately 1am at 13th and Speer.  Multiple windows were completely smashed.  No jusification was given for none was needed, the institution of police being inherently unjustified.  We've set the tone, now it's your turn to up the ANTI and make total destroy on May Day 2012. 

The Unite Against the War on Women Rally and March by Phillip Reynes

The Unite Against the War on Women Rally and March by Phillip Reynes

What a great day, I thought to myself as I walked to Civic Center Park, to hold a rally and march. The air was crisp and the sun was out and it seemed as the sun climbed into the sky that peoples spirits climbed with it. I passed the occupy site as I made my way to the park and there where only a few people. Most had already made there way to the amphitheater where the rally was to start.









The band started up as I arrived. The band was quite good, called the Foxfield Four, and made a sound that was richer and more deserving of more then just four musicians. I found myself wishing that they had been able to play longer then their time allowed. I meant to come back to the bands table and get a CD but sadly I was unable to do so.









Greater Denver Area: Call for an Anarchist May Day

So far the IWW has called for a “General Strike” in Denver, the website denver general strike has actions posted, but not even the Denver IWW, which launched the idea, has any of its own public plans for marches, rallies, parties, etc. on the site yet. I hope that they come up with some, preferably coordinated with the migrant community.  I have no illusion that the general strike will succeed in a significant portion of the population joining, or doing much to shut down the city. Currently the one and only event listed is the Occupy march at 12:30, and a possible address from political prisoner Siddique Abdullah Hasan at the same march and rally. However, many anarchists do not feel safe at Occupy events and see it as a place of heavy surveillance, political co-optation, and social repression. Furthermore, after Denver ABC’s official withdrawal of legal support, supporting Occupy feels to many of us autonomous anarchists as a form of betrayal to part of the anarchist community. Finally, the Occupy movement does not represent, although it may have certain affinities with, the vision and values of many anarchists. Supporting the Occupy movement can leave a dirty feeling for many of us.

Is Bigger Better

The HomewardBound Shelter is filled beyond capacity every night of the year.
Now plans are underway to build a larger facillity for its residents...but
Is Bigger Better?

Spring Time for Occupy by Phillip Reynes

Spring Time for Occupy by Phillip Reynes

Yes it was a beautiful day this Saturday. The sky was blue with just a few clouds and the breeze was nice, just right, as I walked to Lincoln Park. It was 10:00 and the march was not scheduled until noon and yet there where already people waiting, waving signs, talking, enjoying the beautiful morning, their spirits where high. Everyone had a smile. I looked around and noted with a smile that chalk was back. Yes, over the winter writing slogans in chalk on the sidewalk had gone away – due to the snow and damp – but it was back and the sidewalks where again covered. A sure sign the spring has arrived.

“Unite Occupy”, “revolution is the only solution”, and “elected officials are traitors and prostitutes” where scratched on the sidewalk along with a host of other slogans. Signs where being made and stacked up in preparation for the days march as people chatted and enjoyed the day and shared in a common purpose.

To The Rebels

Dear anarchists, radicals, malcontents, social warriors, class warriors, the decent souls, the brokenhearted,

Russell Means to Attend Buffalo Harvest at Fort Lewis College

By Carol Berry, Indian Country Today Media Network, March 7, 2012

Russell Means, a prominent Oglala Lakota activist, actor and cancer survivor, is one of several elders scheduled to attend a buffalo harvest March 16 to 18 at Fort Lewis College (FLC), in southwestern Colorado.

“I am very honored to be present at the upcoming buffalo ceremony,” Means told ICTMN. “I look forward to speaking to the students.”

Means is currently undergoing a periodic medical checkup at a Scottsdale, Arizona clinic where he received targeted radiation therapy for throat cancer. He says a combination of that therapy and traditional healing methods have left him “essentially cancer-free.”

The Fuck the Police March, Arrests, and The Who by Phillip Reynes

The Fuck the Police March, Arrests, and The Who by Phillip Reynes

The Fuck the Police March (FTP) was attacked. I was there and saw no provocation. At least three where arrested. It was a hard thing to have to watch. People being hurt by , as one marching chant said, the army of the rich – the chant was "Police, the army of the rich." When the police ruched in the batons hitting and pepper guns pointed at people from point blank distances you could feel the violence they where trained to inflict. It of course could have been so much worse but for those hit, manhandled and arrested I guess that's a moot point.

I had seen the girl, in the photo above, at the front of the march. She was probably 18 but her youthful face and big smile and bubbly demeanor made her look young and add to the the fact that she probably weighed less then 100 pounds gave her the appearance of a girl. Contrast this with the 220+ pound storm trooper who is slamming her with his baton for the sake of it. The site of it made me so mad!!

Saturday started like any other Occupy Saturday at the park. There where the usual people there when Colorado Indy Media arrived at 10am. The Occupy the Moment people, a Buddhist group was there meditating and it was a beautiful day. Not much was going on at the park and people seemed to be taking in the fine weather. The Occupiers had had a tough week weather wise and the mood was relaxed as I made my way around talking to the protesters. People where just waking up and everyone seemed to have a smile.

Democratic Media and Social Movement Theory

Increasingly the collective identity involved in our global society is turning from sociopolitical to sociocultural. People who are organizing are doing so to bring attention to the growing divide in the subculture and the state. This can be seen in the development of the Occupy movement in that occupy does not call for representation in our current political structure, nor does it (on the whole) support one part over the other. Instead an entire shift away from the authoritarian, concentrenic political make up is called for. This shift in sociocultural mindset plays out in the media - corporate or otherwise. 

Inside of this concern is the theoretical paradigm of media democratization. According to Carroll and Hackett, in their article in Media Culture and Society, media democratization "comprises efforts to change media messages, practices, institutions and contexts (including state communication policies) in a direction that enhances democratic values and subjectivity, as well as equal participation in public discourse and societal decision-making." The idea behind this, according to the article, is an alternative media that allows for more voices to be heard, with the belief that the media has become such a dominant factor in our society, that it has become the best way to spread ire with the State. 

Carroll and Hackett cite the creation of IndyMedia in 1999 as one method of doing this. This will even the scales, essentially, that have been unequal for quite some time. What is meant by this is that traditionally, social movements have needed the corporate media to expand their message, but the corporate media does not need social movements for copy. By creating a deomcratized media platform and using it to spread the messages of the movement, without the filter of corporate media. 

Occupy and the No Confidence Rally by Phillip Reynes

Occupy and the No Confidence Rally by Phillip Reynes

It's cold as I walk to the park that has come to be Occupy Denver's focal point for these past few months. It's also early, nearly 10:00am, and there is not much happening as I survey the occupiers. The numbers are low as they have been at this time of day, in the middle of winter after a night of freezing temperatures and snow. Yet, they are there - the usual ones - I see week after week some homeless, some just middle class and a step away from homeless, and those actively protesting or supporting those who have stayed the night. Not really much to look at at the early hour on a cold day but considering the weather and the season it still looks like a good indicator that come spring the movement that is Occupy will be back and strong.

As an anarchist I have such mixed feelings. I look at these people and see a lot that anarchist like me and hey have in common. I also see such great differences. Occupy Denver will be holding a rally tonight that they call a “No Confidence Rally.” They sent out an email that said;

“Participants will be invited to cast a simple vote of “no confidence” as an act of protest against the current state of our government."

Young Activists Bring Inspiration to Occupy Denver

Thanks to Phil for the photos

Two very promising young activists, Angel 7, and Ocean, 6, participated in the Occupy Denver rally and march on Saturday, January 14.  Both girls made their own protest signs, based on their own sentiments and issues of interest to them.

Angel age 7  and Ocean age 6

Both girls were very active, talking to other activists and passers-by, and waving and displaying their signs to passing motorists.  At one point, a man walking along the sidewalk, complaining about the protesers' use of the sidewalk, though he found plenty of room to walk by, began yelling.  Other protesters surrounded the two young girls to protect them, and the man eventually walked away.  No confrontation, other than the verbal exchange, took place.

Angel came to the Occupation site with her grandfather, a Vietnam veteran, who led the march, along with some other veterans visiting from Oakland, California.

Ignite! #5 - January 2012

Ignite! #5 is out after a bit of a delay. In this issue: - #Occupy Denver fucking torches their camp and spends the evening engaging law enforcement. 9 arrests. - Communiqes from attacks on cop shops, wheatpastes - Shit getting tore up, politicians getting robbed in Greece. -DABC's mammoth reportback -An editorial for those who make New Years Resolutions. -You'll just have to read page 5 to find out what's going on in town and it ain't no bowling team. Read here Get the print version around town, at places like the 27 Social Centre, local collective houses, on the bus and lightrail. Sorry it took so long and doesn't look that good. Feb. 17th there will be an Ignite! meeting at 27 SC. Come so this shit doesn't come out so late and someone with a brain and skills can help put things together. love love love ignite!

David Gilbert’s “Love and Struggle” Book Release Event

Saturday, January 14th


27 Social Centre (2727 W 27th ave)

Build Up Books and the Denver Anarchist Black Cross will be celebrating the release of Love and Struggle, the memiors of white anti-imperialist political prisoner David Gilbert.

The event will include a screening of an interview with David Gilbert, readings of selected passages, and a brief presentation and discussion on his life. Copies of the book will be available for purchase.

The event is free and child friendly.

More on Love and Struggle:

A nice Jewish boy from suburban Boston—hell, an Eagle Scout!—David Gilbert arrived at Columbia University just in time for the explosive Sixties. From the early anti-Vietnam War protests to the founding of SDS, from the Columbia Strike to the tragedy of the Townhouse, Gilbert was on the scene: as organizer, theoretician, and above all, activist. He was among the first militants who went underground to build the clandestine resistance to war and racism known as “Weatherman.” And he was among the last to emerge, in captivity, after the disaster of the 1981 Brinks robbery, an attempted expropriation that resulted in four deaths and long prison terms. In this extraordinary memoir, written from the maximum-security prison where he has lived for almost thirty years, David Gilbert tells the intensely personal story of his own Long March from liberal to radical to revolutionary.

The Occupy rally and GA of 1-7-12 by Phillip Reynes

The Occupy rally and GA of 1-7-12 by Phillip Reynes

It was cold again but even so about 150 to 200 came for the GA at this Saturdays occupy rally. The turn out was good considering the cold and I have to think this means spring will bring much larger turnouts. The crowd was the usual mix of middle class people. Some where bundled up against the cold while with gloves and coats and lots of layers. A broad spectrum was represented from vets to young middle class people.

The mood was serious but at the same time light as people stood around waiting for the GA to start. What should be next? What are Occupies messages going to be as this continues? This is what was on the minds of most of the people there as we all waited.

There where vets from several conflicts present. They all seemed to be wondering similar things and the refrain I heard most was that they felt that they had been used by big business and the 1% to further this minority groups goals over the interests of the American people.

Some vets promoted a march to be taking place soon while other people waved signs decrying one issue or another.

Corporate corruption and the activist conservatives on the supreme court who sold us all out to big business where prominent sentiments.









A 2011 Reportback from the Denver Anarchist Black Cross

A 2011 Reportback from the Denver Anarchist Black Cross

We hope these words find our comrades around the world in the best of health and spirit, during this time of massive social upheavel and revolt. The world has definitely seen a spread of anarchist influenced and revolutionary praxis throughout the last half of 2012, and we've definitely been feeling the massive change in current here in Denver.

2011 saw the busiest time yet for our collective, as we worked to support social movements active in Denver, and across the world.

The most recent formation of the Denver Anarchist Black Cross has now been active in the Denver metro area for 2 1/2 years. During that time our collective has seen a lot of ebb and flow with our membership and our work. However, the last 6 months of 2011 saw our collective solidify to a consistent membership base. At the close of 2011, we had 11 dues paying members, with three more people expected to complete their membership process sometime in January 2012.

2011 saw the start of what will hopefully become an annual tradition of hosting a weekend retreat for ABC members. Through events such as this one, we've seen our membership not only solidify numerically, but also become a tighter and more cohesive group. We look forward to our bonds continuing to strengthen in the New Year.

Denver ABC has maintained our blog at for the entirety of our collective's existence. The blog is updated nearly everyday with news about political prisoners, state repression, and other stories of interest to members and supporters of DABC.

Community Forum on Lucasville Uprising and the Death Penalty

Lucasville Uprising Letter Writing Night

Wednesday, January 4th

6:30 pm

27 Social Centre (2727 W 27th ave)

Join DABC on Wednesday, January 4th for a community dinner and forum on the Lucasville Prison Uprising of 1993. The event will include an informative presentation and critical discussion on the uprising and its aftermath. SIDDIQUE ABDULLAH HASAN, A PRISONER FROM THE LUCASVILLE UPRISING, WILL BE GIVING A SPECIAL ADDRESS VIA TELEPHONE.

The event is child friendly, free, and open to the public.

More on the Lucasville Uprising…

In April of 1993 hundreds of prisoners at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility took control of one of the facility’s wings for 11 days before it was forcibly taken back over. The rebellion was composed of a temporarily united front of prisoners across racial, religious, and gang divisions that produced 21 demands centered around basic human rights. During the uprising several prisoner informants and a guard were killed.

In the aftermath, the state aggressively recruited snitches, coerced their testimony, interfered with access to council, hid or destroyed exculpatory evidence, and presented little or no physical evidence in trials and legal proceedings. Five inmates were given the death penalty, while others were given life sentences.

More on Siddique Hasan…

Siddique Abdullah Hasan is a prison Imam, a skilled writer, and a compassionate mentor and friend to fellow inmates. He was placed on death-row for his alleged leadership role in the 1993 Lucasville rebellion. The riots occurred shortly before his scheduled release. Hasan maintains his innocence. His case has found widespread popular support, but is nearing the end of appeals.

Occupy Denver's last March of 2011 By Phillip Reynes

Occupy Denver's last March of 2011 By Phillip Reynes

It was windy and cold this Saturday as I waited for the Occupy March to get to Skyline Park. The sun moved behind a building depriving me of its anemic warmth as I waited with a few others for the marchers to arrive so the we could then march to the Pavilions Mall on 16th Street. Ron Rosen's street medics as well as some people from the American Indian Movement waited with me as the wind buffeted us all. Talk of Obama's poor environmental record and the Keystone pipeline seemed to be the major topic of conversation amongst those gathered at the park. About the March.jpg" style="width: 513px; height: 632px;" /> About the March.jpg" style="width: 513px; height: 632px;" />

A police lieutenant and one of her minions questioned the AIM organizer briefly about the root as we all stood around.

The marchers arrived at the Park at around 1:30pm and this swelled the ranks of protesters to about 250 or so cod and shivering souls as the march set out down the 16th street mall towards the pavilions shopping center. Drums beet a rhythm and the protesters shouted slogans as we progressed down 16th street in high spirits. March starts down 16thstreet.jpg" style="width: 517px; height: 412px;" /> at the Pavilion.jpg" style="width: 523px; height: 301px;" />

Police Continue to Harass Occupy Homeless

Early this morning, DPD continued to harass Occupy Denver kids - even though they have not rebuilt structures in the park. Police approached the park at almost one in the morning and ripped tarps off sleeping homeless. The message is clear - get out. Continually, the occupy encampment reminds people leaving from fluffy office jobs (on their way back to the suburbs) that income inequality and hegemony is a real thing. 

The police are seen in a video posted online ( When cameras arrive the police suddenly stopped being so aggressive and backed into the street. They are continually asked what is defined as encumbance and if they could possibly point to what meager belongings qualify as such. The police identified nothing. 

The standoff lasts more than 30 minutes and ultimately the police left without evicting anyone. This, of course, is a common scare tactic meant to have the people police themselves while the mainstream media is not alerted to a full scale raid (as seen last Monday). 

For more, visit our website at OccupyThePress.Org. Feel free to comment or if you have contributions for us, please email us (links on the site). 

Its beginning to look like an anarchist x-mas

It smells of insurrection on this christmas evening. It kinda smells like corn starch, water, and elmers glue. Denver felt the wrath of these black clad and very cold Coloradans. The message: “From the nile to the platte, hit a cop with a baseball bat” Some of the targets included 5 points and east colfax ave. They say misery loves company and these miserable cold poor souls would love some company on the streets of denver. I hear wheat paste sticks especially well to cop cars.

A recipe of love to spread the rest of denver the joy we feel in our hearts on this cold christmas evening.

Method 1...
Use some cornstarch instead of flour. It makes it clear instead of that nasty brown-ish color.
Add 1 cup cornstarch for every 2 cups of tends to get maddd thick so add more water as you go. If it starts to clump then use a masher to break up all the clumps and your good...nd when ur done cookin it add a little bit of sugar and it makes it mad sticky...
Cause its clear you can use it to put over top the work when you done...cheaper then any of that spray stuff.

Method 2...

Pour wheat flower till it fills up 1/3 of the way. Pour some water in while you stir it so that it mixes good. You got to use that spray sealant this way cause it comes out that brown-ish / tan-ish color...

Spread the cheer in your neck of the woods.

Militant anti-cop banner drop

During winter solstice rush hour, Three (count'em) three militant anti-cop banners were dropped off a bridge faceing both ways on I-25 downtown. They read "DPD turn your weapons on yourselves","James Bradley was right" (in reference to the man recently shot and hospitalized for hitting a police cruiser with a hammer) and "FROM THE NILE TO THE PLATTE HIT A COP WITH A BASEBALL BAT!" They were seen by thounsands of motorists driving slowly on icy roads during rush hour traffic. And are rumored to have made several cops weep.

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