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Last Survivor of Ludlow Massacre dies at 94

Mary Benich-McCleary, the last known survivor of the Ludlow Massacre, has died of a stroke. She was 18 months old when the Colorado militia attacked striking miners and their families on April 20, 1914, at the Ludlow mining camp north of Trinidad during a labor strike.

Last survivor of Ludlow Massacre dies at 94


Mary Benich-McCleary, the last known survivor of the Ludlow Massacre, has
died of a stroke.

McCleary, 94, of Morgan City, La., died June 28.

She was 18 months old when the Colorado militia attacked striking miners

Defend Your Right to Protest at the DNC!

From Recreate 68 website-

Air Quality Report for Fort Collins


Monday, July 9
6:30 - 8:30 PM

City Council Chambers
300 Laporte Avenue

Moderator: Sue Ellen Charlton

Fort Collins meets state visibility standards only 70% of days
Ozone is only 2% away from failing federal standards

Learn about pollution health effects, and
Air quality trends.
Provide your input.

~~~ Agenda ~~~

Air Quality trends

Health effects of Air Pollutants - Jennifer L. Peel, PhD, MPH

Ozone Facts
Air Quality survey results

KLQuestions and answers

-- break--

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Colorado and Wyoming

Federal agents arrested 38 immigrants--including four women--in Colorado
and Wyoming in a three-day operation June 20-22. ICE said the operation
focused on immigrants with prior criminal records and those who didn't
show up for hearings or had ignored deportation orders. On June 20, ICE
arrested 17 people in Summit county in northern Colorado, and five people
in Sweetwater and Carbon counties in Wyoming. On June 21-22, ICE arrested
an additional 11 people in Summit county and five others in Colorado's
Routt and Moffat counties. Those arrested were from Mexico, El Salvador,

Start Organizing to Smash the Conventions in 2008

Unconventional action is an emerging network looking to complement the work of organizers in Denver and the Twin Cities with regional organizing throughout the rest of the country. Our goal is to build a horizontal, inclusive framework for protests that will disrupt the upcoming Democratic and Republican National Conventions. We are currently organizing meetings, propaganda, and consultas in our communities and encourage those in other regions to do the same.

Ward Churchill Response to CU Pres. Hank Brown’s Recommendation to Dismiss

President Hank Brown has quite predictably recommended that the Regents of the University of Colorado (CU) fire me – not, he claims, because of my constitutionally protected statements about 9/11 but because of my scholarship. However, as hundreds of academics around the country have pointed out, CU’s “investigation” has all along been merely a pretext, transparently catering to the political and financial interests which dictate “educational” policy at CU.

Key Facts

1. The evidence has established that the University had received no formal or written complaints about

125 Years of Dissent: An Alternative History of the Grand Valley

###from the Red Pill's upcoming issue Vol. 5 No. 11###

Though Grand Junction has long had a reputation as a conservative town, since its inception in 1882 there has been a minority that have actively dissented against that status quo and agitated for a better more equitable future. From Railroad strikes, to underground newspapers, to Blacklisted Dalton Trumbo and from anti-nuke protests in the Ô60s to antiwar protest in the 1990Õs and the 2000Õs Grand Junction and its surrounding region has a rich history of dissent and citizen activism.


Youth Activist Arrested; Police Blame Protesters

Youth Activists Assaulted; Police Blame Protesters

On Saturday, May 19th, members of the Grand Junction Underground Action Alliance (GJUAA) engaged in a peaceful protest outside of the Solaris Square Building (home to the Navy, Marine and Army recruitment offices) and were assaulted by the property manager, James Graber.

The Red Pill Vol. 5 No. 1

Lawsuit filed in death of Denver jail inmate

By Julie Poppen, Rocky Mountain News
June 25, 2007
Hours before 24-year-old Emily Rae Rice died at the Denver Jail, she called her mother and complained she was freezing and couldn't feel her feet.

The allegation is one of several Rice's family makes in a lawsuit filed Monday in Denver District Court.

The family claims that on the afternoon of Feb. 18, 2006, a jailhouse nurse told Rice, whom he suspected of being drunk, to "sleep it off." That same nurse told Rice to "stop being dramatic" when she collapsed during a prolonged check-in, the suit says.

Tell The Denver City Council: 'We Demand to Protest at the 2008 Democratic National Convention'

June 20, 2007--The Troops Out Now Coalition (TONC) is outraged at the Denver City Council’s June 11th decision not to hear arguments for a proclamation to assure that protesters’ First Amendment rights would be protected during the Democratic National Convention in Denver in late August 2008.

Pridefest Wrap-up

On Saturday and Sunday the 24th and 25th of June, thousands of people attended the Denver Pridefest. Considering it has been ranked as one of the top 10 in the country, it is no surprise. Not only was this a massive gathering, but it took place on the very steps of our government buildings which represented a large step for GLBT acceptance in our community and (at least Sunday) there were no misguided preachers, homophobic protests, or clergy members trying to save souls.

Regents to vote on firing Ward Churchill… It's time to speak out.

In the next few weeks, the Board of Regents of the University of Colorado (CU) will vote on the dismissal of Professor Ward Churchill. This is the final opportunity for public input in this process.

Over the past two and a half years, many of you have opposed CU's attempts to fire Ward. Ward and I have engaged in this struggle not for the sake of his job (he will always write, speak and teach), nor because we enjoy battling bureaucracy, but because it has become emblematic of contemporary efforts to silence those who insist on discussing uncomfortable truths.

Shut Down Guantanamo

Taken on the 4th anniversary of the Iraq War. Photo by RbR Imaging.

Groups protest drilling of San Juan Mountains

Friday, May 25, 2007
DURANGO, Colo. (AP) -- Environmentalists, residents and elected officials opposed to new gas wells in the San Juan Basin of southwestern Colorado have appealed plans for new wells on federal land, including roadless forest areas.

The appeal filed Monday says the U.S. Forest Service violated federal laws by inadequately assessing the energy development's potential impacts on air quality, wildlife, old-growth forests, water and human health and safety.

Anger at Coach Fuels Racial Divide in Rural Colorado

LA JARA, Colo. — The photograph, of four popular high school students standing side by side, each clutching a gun in one hand and giving a stiff-armed Nazi salute with the other, terrified many people in La Jara and the surrounding poor farming communities of the San Luis Valley. Its discovery further intensified a bitter racial divide between supporters of a longtime coach, who is black, and a largely white group of students and their parents.

Fans ousted for Tibet protest

By Vanessa Miller, Daily Camera
June 15, 2007

A group of mostly Boulder protesters said their First Amendment rights were violated when they were "forcefully removed" from a Colorado Rapids match against the Chinese National Team for waving Tibetan flags and banners.

Tenzin Dhongyal, a Tibetan living in Boulder, said he and 13 other protesters were grabbed and shoved in the Rapids' new Commerce City soccer stadium Sunday for raising flags and banners.

Colorado Rapids officials said the signs violated a clear rule outlined in the team's fan guide.

Moms Hold "Nurse-in" After Breastfeeding Woman is Hassled at Elitches

About a dozen mothers breastfed outside Elitch's amusement park in Denver on Saturday in a peaceful protest. "It's not meant to be anything sexual, it's meant to just feed your child," said Tammy Lantz, Colorado Breastfeeding Task Force.

Homeless Man Says Shelter Threw Him Out Because He's Gay

Homeless Man Says Shelter Threw Him Out Because He's Gay
by Newscenter Staff

Posted: June 14, 2007 - 7:30 pm ET

(Denver, Colorado) a 34-year old homeless Fort Collins man says that he was told to leave a shelter because the pastor who runs it will not allow gay men to stay there.

John Garon tells the Coloradan newspaper that he had been staying at Open Door Mission for about three weeks when he was suddenly told by the director, the Rev. Richard Thebo, that he was no longer welcome.

Recreate 68 Denounces Plan to Hide the Homeless During the DNC


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