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Oscar Grant: Denver stands in solidarity with Oakland

Justice for oscarDenver, January 8, 2010: At the same time that crowds started to gather in Oakland to respond to the verdict in the trial of BART police officer Johannes Mehserle, residents of Denver rallied in opposition to the murder of Oscar Grant and to the occupation of our neighborhoods by the police.

Denver Anarchist Black Cross put out a call for a solidarity demonstration to start at 7pm local time at the Sheriff’s Department headquarters at 13th and Cherokee in downtown. OscarAbout 35 folks showed up with 2 hours notice with banners and signs that read “All cops are murderers” and “From Oakland to Denver, we will always remember”.

After spending half an hour at the Sheriff’s Department, the crowd moved to a busier intersection outside the U.S. Mint at Colfax and Cherokee. After another half hour, and many honks, raised fists, and cheers of support, the group marched to the corner of Broadway and Colfax, one of the busiest intersections in downtown Denver.

New infoshop to open in Denver: Call to collaborate!

Since the closing of Unity Infoshop several years ago, Denver has lacked a specifically anti-authoritatian community space. While several spaces exist that help to strengthen a local anarchist movement, specifically anarchist spaces do not exist in the Denver metro area.

With the opening of the 27 Social Centre this May, the humble foundations for a new anarchist and anti-capitalist community space have been laid. Now, in an attempt to really develop this space into one that can help strengthen and even expand local struggles against domination, a small crew of folks are organizing for an infoshop and lending library to be housed in the 27.

We're calling for collaboration from any folks that are interested in helping ensure that quality anarchist literature, books, and other forms of culture and education are available in a large quantity through a local infoshop project. We will be hosting an open meeting at the 27 Social Centre (2727 W. 27th Ave Unit D) on Wednesday July 14th at 6pm.

Please join us to help vision and organize for this new project!

If you aren't interested in helping organize, but want to help out, any donations of books, magazines, periodicals, or other materials would be greatly appreciated and vital to the existence of this project.

In love and solidarity!
Some Denver Folx.

White Supremacist group leaves threatening message on musician's voicemail

On June 30, 2010, as I sat at the coffeehouse where I often go to use the Internet, I decided to search my own name via the Google search engine, to see where some of my articles, videos, music and other items may have been reposted, reproduced, linked and/or embedded online. I'm a songwriter and performer and I post my music on YouTube where I have a channel, and much to my dismay I found one of my more controversial songs, which I wrote in 2008 but did not record until 2010, embedded on a white supremacist social networking site for the National Socialist Movement (NSM) called "White American Revolution."

In order to deny them the opportunity to make either myself or the City of Denver, Colorado, a target, as well as to prevent them from using it as some form of propaganda, I chose to disallow embedding of the song, which is called "White Flight" and is about neo-liberal urban gentrification in general. After disabling the embedding option, quite literally only one day later, I received a hateful and threatening message in my voicemail on my cell phone. I attached the .mov file with the audio to the story and the following link is to a YouTube video with the audio recording of the voicemail message I received on July 1st, 2010, around 10 P.M. or so at night (the message contains language that may be considered disturbing and offensive, listener discretion is advised):

Here is a link to the video containing the song "White Flight."

Following the Call of the Woods: Some Impressions of Wild Roots/Feral Futures 2010

The Wild Roots/Feral Futures gathering took place nestled in the rugged San Juan National Forest of southwestern Colorado, stretching from the first quarter moon on Saturday, June 19th, through the Summer Solstice on the 21st, to the full moon on Saturday the 26th, although many camped out days prior and stayed past the “official” end of the gathering. Billed as “a rewilding gathering of rebel tribes and Earth warriors”, Feral Futures essentially an opportunity to unplug from the consumerist, urban milieu in which most of us live and struggle from day to day, and instead visualize and practice living in communal simplicity, freed from Civilization's technology and social hierarchy and in connection with the rhythms of Nature.

FBI/DHS Attempt to Seize Colorado Indymedia Server and Silence Our Users

UPDATE JULY 09 2012: Some public records requests were made about this investigation and have been posted to

On Jun 17, Colorado Indymedia was contacted by Special Agent Adam Kowalski of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)/Department of Homeland Security (DHS). As part of an "ongoing investigation" by Federal Protective Services, they attempted to seize the Colorado Indymedia server, believing that we kept logs (such as IP address access logs) that could identity users on our site. Our servers are graciously hosted at Denver Open Media who was approached by Kowalski. Kowalski claimed he had a court order but refused to leave a copy at Denver Open Media. He was told to contact the system administrators in order to obtain the logs as Denver Open Media does not have the ability to consent to a seizure or search of our property.

As of this date, we do not have a copy of the court order if it even exists. It's likely that this was just a bluff as it's well-established that cops, the FBI, and other law enforcement can lie in order to illicit consent and lying about court orders is no exception.

We told the FBI that "Colorado Indymedia does not retain this [identifying] information because we strongly believe in the First Amendment right to free, anonymous speech. Frequently communities outside of our society's mainstream feel more comfortable expressing their views in an anonymous setting. Like all Independent Media Centers, Colorado Indymedia exists to serve these communities, and thus strives to maintain the anonymity of its users."

Less than Equal: The Criminalization of Immigrant Workers

by Tom Gomez

David Miljares came to the US from Mexico in the early 1980’s. He hoped to find streets paved with gold; instead he found work as a migrant laborer. Sometimes Miljares says he earned as much as $40 a day picking crops in the broiling sun. Often though, he earned far less. A whole day’s work in a pesticide laden field sometimes brought only $20. Once Miljares claims he spent two weeks cleaning land in eastern Oregon with dozens of other undocumented workers and didn’t get paid at all. Eventually Miljares turned to crime and became a thief. At the age of 25 he was given a 28 years sentence for multiple counts of residential burglary and illegally re-entering the US. Now 41 and in prison for the past 16 years, Miljares is one of hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants incarcerated in US prisons.

Unlike Miljares however, many, if not most of the undocumented immigrants in the criminal justice system, are in prison for no more than using false documents to work and drive, lying to police about their immigration status, or illegally re-entering the US; often having been deported usually to be reunited with wives and children. Others however are in prison for serious crimes, and will be here for a long time. No one believes that criminal aliens like David Miljares serving time for serious felony charges should be set free. But the cost of housing undocumented immigrants in US prisons is prohibitively high. Should he serve his full sentence the government will have spent $840,000 on Miljares alone. Few undocumented immigrants justify such expense.

Denver joins in world protests of Flotilla massacre

As I write this there is a crowd gathered in front of the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver holding a demonstration in protest of the massacre of civilians committed by the Israeli military on Monday, May 31, 2010, aboard the Mavi Marmara as it sailed in international waters en route to Gaza to deliver much needed humanitarian aid in defiance of the Israeli State's illegal blockade, which has claimed countless Palestinian lives. 

The protest is being held in solidarity with massive protests around the world over this heinous crime committed by the Israeli military. The crowd is relatively large and the press was present from television news outlets. The signs are large and visible along with Palestinian and American flags. 

The number of people killed aboard the Mavi Marmara is still not confirmed, last I heard it was around 20 or more, and most recent reports from eye-witness/activists who have returned to Turkey and Greece say the Israeli military opened fire on the Freedom Flotilla prior to their soldiers' boarding the Mavi Marmara, according to a report yesterday by the Guardian/UK ("Israelis opened fire before boarding Gaza flotilla, say released activists," published Tuesday June 1, 2010, by Dorian Jones from Istanbul, Turkey, and Helena Smith in London.)

The demonstration gathered on Lincoln and Colfax at 5:30 P.M. and will likely run until dark, so if anyone reading can join the crowd there is still time. Thank you to everyone attending and expressing solidarity with the victims of the flotilla massacre and the people of Gaza still under siege after more than a year of Israel's illegal blockade. 

Corporate Media Spin: 'Juggalo' stigma taints double stabbing

Around 6:00 p.m., MST, on Monday, May 31, two people were stabbed outside Wendy's on Colfax Ave. and Emerson Street in Denver, Colorado.

The two victims were on their way to attend the Insane Clown Posse (I.C.P.) concert at the Fillmore Auditorium next door, at Colfax and Clarkson, when a fight broke out that ended with two people stabbed and one person fleeing the seen, who was later taken into custody by Denver Police. The witnesses, a group of young women, adolescent ages, who were not attending the concert but came downtown to look at the many artistic face-paint designs displayed traditionally now by fans of I.C.P., often known as "Juggalos" and "Jugalettes." They explained that two men started yelling at one another, then some unidentified person hit another person with a rock over the head just shortly before a man pulled out a knife and stabbed another man. Then, according to local corporate media reports, the person attempted to flee the seen and was chased by another man, presumably a friend or acquaintance of the first victim. The alleged perpetrator then stabbed this individual as well. The young women began explaining that I.C.P. fans are "not peaceful people." They speculated the stabbing was part of some kind of "I.C.P. gang" issue, however, another man who was not only a witness but allegedly spoke to the victims' friends, when I asked the young women to elaborate, the man interrupted and explained that the incident had absolutely nothing to do with 'Juggalos' per se. He explained that the fight that broke out was actually a domestic dispute - two men fighting over a woman with whom they both allegedly had relations. This, naturally, would therefore have nothing to do with the band I.C.P., a very controversial hip hop group whose fans have been tagged as gang members and placed on gang lists by police around the United States. 

GJ Police Admit Guilt

On May 7th three GJ Police Officers were placed on administrative leave following allegations that police slashed tents, bike tires, and other things at a well-established houseless camp. Over three weeks later the police remain on leave as the investigation dragged on. But on Saterday May 29th GJPD dropped eleven brand-new tents to The Bad Water Flats Collective house where member of Housing First! No More Deaths! could then distro the tent to the victims. We view this as an admission of guilt and we expect further consequences in the future.


Loca Media Round-Up (so far)

NBC 11:

Daily Sentinel:

CBS 5:

ICE Facility Attacked in Loveland

Over the weekend of the 15th of May, an ICE field office in Loveland, Colorado was attacked.  Every window and door was shattered, totaling around twelve panes in all. 

The unmarked facility is one of many such hidden ICE buildings in the U.S. that attempt to operate in secrecy.  One tactic used by ICE to maintain this secrecy is to take people from their homes in the middle of the night to be "processed" before taken to privately-owned ICE prisons. 

By operating in secrecy, ICE is able to maintain this particular sub-station within a shopping and residential district without revealing the repression used to create and sustain borders.

This action was taken in the climate typified by SB1070 in Arizona and local anti-immigrant sentiment.  However, the ICE office would have been targeted regardless of legislation.

Resistance and attacks against manifestations of borders, prison and power will continue as long as families are separated and people are imprisoned, deported, and harassed.

As others have said-


Solidarity means attack.

Wild Roots Feral Futures: News & Updates!

Greetings from the Ute territories of occupied Turtle Island, known (for now) as the American Southwest.

The Wild Roots Feral Futures organizers collective has been hard at work preparing for this year's event, which is shaping up to be one wild time! Many things have come together, many things continue to do so, and many thing still need to. At this time, less than one month before the gathering, we felt it was worthwhile to update you all on some of the recent developments surrounding the event, as well as provide various other random notes, thoughts, and observations. Please re-post and forward far and wide.

Discussion/ride share board:

New discussion board (INCLUDING RIDE SHARE BOARD!) at

Site Location:

The exact location and directions to Wild Roots Feral Futures, taking place in the San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado (in National Forest), will be announced some time in early June. The site is along a river and features old growth Ponderosa Pines, natural hot springs, and much more. Close-by towns to shoot for would include Pagosa Springs, Bayfield, and Durango, Colorado. For more information, email the organizers at

Organizer's Meetings:

Semi-public meetings for folks interested in getting involved are taking place on a weekly basis in Durango, Colorado, every Wednesday. Contact the organizers at for more information.

High Country Earth First! Bioregional Rendezvous & Organizer's Conference, June 24th & 25th at WRFF:

May 26: Protest Uranium Mining Conference in Denver, and Support Indigenous Resistance!

Please forward widely.

Support New Mexico Indigenous Leaders in Protesting the Expansion of Uranium Mining and the Nuclear Cycle of Destruction!

Demand a Clean Up of This Toxic Legacy and Respect for Sacred Lands

Wednesday, May 26, Noon

Grand Hyatt Hotel

1750 Welton Street, Denver, Colorado

On May 25-27 a delegation of Navajo community leaders will come to Denver to protest US Government support for expanding the nuclear industry that has already had a devastating impact on Native American and Chicano communities in New Mexico.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the National Mining Association will host a “Uranium Recovery” conference designed to make it easier for mining companies to move forward with a new era of uranium mining.

When the uranium boom ended over thirty years ago, mining companies skipped town and left New Mexico with a devastating legacy of sick communities—including high rates of cancers, respiratory diseases, reproductive disorders and miscarriages. They also left contaminated water, soil, and air. There are still hundreds of abandoned uranium mines in New Mexico, largely located on Navajo land and Pueblo lands, and state and federal agencies are only now beginning to inventory those mines and begin the cleanup process.

ICE Office Attacked

The entrance to an undisclosed/pseudo-secret ICE office in downtown Colorado Springs was attacked Saturday night.  The office, ironically, is located within a bank building.  No Deportations! No Borders!

Several banks attacked

A dozen or so banks were attacked this weekend in the place righteously ignorant liberals and slavishly resentful conservatives call Boulder. The method of attack: really strong glue, applied generously to card readers and other vulnerabilities. As the Gulf bleeds out yet another death knell for marine life on this planet, as imperial wars wage on louder than ever, and as capitalism attempts to recover and tighten its grip, we recognize that it is these institutions which drive the destruction and dispossession as much as any other, while somehow doing so with a benign acceptance in this and many communities. As long as there are banks, anarchists will attack them. More importantly, as individuals continue to fight back against their oppressors in Oaxaca, in Thailand, Kyrgistan, and everywhere else with revitlazed rigor, and as individuals here in the occupied territories of Turtle Island begin to show the world what we are really capable of, we look forward to the day when our ravenous love of freedom and mutual aid, our tireless drive to create space for alternate social relations based upon equality, justice, consciousness, and horizontality; we look forward to the day when all these things present uneqiuvocally the answer to the question, "What do we do... when we've glued everything?"

With Love and Adhesive,


- MILIEU, or Marauding Illegalists for Liberatory Industrial Epoxy Usage

Three Officers on Administrative Leave For Slashing Homeless Camp

<code>Three Grand Junction Police Officers were placed on administrative leave on Friday May 7th under allegations of damaging homeless peoples’ property. The officers are under criminal investigation by the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department and under internal investigation at the PD.

On Monday May 3rd, GJ Police Officers were in the area of a well-established homeless camp near the confluence of the Gunnison and Colorado Rivers. Some residents were denied access to the area by the police during their visit. No known residents were in their camps at the time. Residents later returned to slashed tents, scattered belongings and slashed bike tires. On Wednesday, Jacob Richards, long time Red Pill editor and contributor and Housing First! No More Deaths! activist, filed a complaint about the incident. By Friday, three officers were placed on leave. The story was picked up by all local media outlets, the Denver Post, and even hit the AP wire.

The fact that the GJPD are conducting an internal investigation and the Sheriff’s Department is investigating the matter criminally indicates that the powers-that-be may actually be taking this seriously.

Criminalization and harassment of the homeless is nothing new to Grand Junction. Police officers and the law itself target the homeless. The City attempted to virtually illegalize flying a sign in the city in the summer of 2009 as an emergency ordinance, but was shut down by the power of the people. In July of 2009, two undercover GJ police officers were ousted from the organization Housing First! No More Deaths!. Panhandling within a median began became illegal in the fall of 2009, and overnight Colorado West Park became a median without any formal process.

As odd as it may seem, the system might actually bring some form of justice for the houseless, and some accountability to the GJPD.

Wells Fargo Smashed Up in Denver in May Day Attack

In the latest hours of May Day, a gang of masked anarchists and anti-authoritarians attacked a Wells Fargo in Denver. This rage-fueled rupture took place for a number of reasons, including blah blah blah blah blah GEO group blah blah blah blah prisonocracy blah blah blah corporate pieces of shit sucking the blood of the human race blah blah blah blah blah... Fuck Wells Fargo.

A whole bunch of windows were shattered with a wide variety of stones procured from the lovely landscaping areas around the bank. In a true display of diversity of tactics, larger rocks were thrown through doors and first floor windows, while smaller rocks knocked out panes thought to be out of reach. All participants dissolved safely into the night, a May Day properly celebrated.

Solidarity with all those that got wild for May Day, the fighters in Greece, our comrades in struggle in Oaxaca and all seeking total liberation from capitalist totality blah blah blah blah blah blah blah


some anarchists

The 2010 school walkout, massive!

Several schools missed hundreds of students today as not only was it "senior ditch day," it was rumored, but one of the most historically significant, largest and most vibrant protests called students out of their classrooms and into the streets against the newest American pariah state, Arizona. 


One week after Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R-AZ) signed Senate Bill (SB) 1070 into law, thousands of students around the United States participated in school walkouts akin to the 1968 school blowouts that famously marked the rise of the Chicano movement in Los Angeles, an inspiration that spread rapidly around the U.S., and a fire that still hasn't dimmed as of yet. It's looking like it is only picking up momentum, enough to burn out that unconstitutional law in Arizona, as today's school walkouts are in concert with May Day (May 1st), "International Workers Day," for which an even larger critical mass is expected to turn out, and the theme this year is what is becoming an apparently fast-spreading and mostly spontaneous (self-motivated/grassroots) world-wide boycott of the State of Arizona. Not merely by not visiting but by not buying produce from Arizona, and other materials. A state with world famous amenities attracting tourists from all over can't withstand the blow delivered by a loss in the workforce, a loss in visitor profits from tourism, divestment and a drop in exports of produce and other useful materials. 


Perhaps Gov. Brewer believes the personal cost doesn't outweigh the benefits, but politically her signing that bill was probably the most ridiculous political blunder by any Governor since ... George W. Bush? Sarah Palin? Pick one. What a sad state of affairs.


A Call to Attack SB1070 and Prisons everywhere, on and beyond May Day 2010

By Marek A. Edelman

Let us not be melodramatic or ironic, SB1070 is some fascist shit. For years now ICE has been rounding up our fellow workers, stealing them from their families, children, and communities, often regardless of their immigration status. In 2009, 380,000 people were detained in 350 facilities, and the roundups continue. Detainees are held for months, even years, in conditions often worse than prisons built for "citizens" (although many who are "legally" in the US end up there anyway). Along the US-Mexico border, defense contractors have built massive walls at the safest crossing points, forcing migrant workers to make perilous desert crossings. Many will not make it alive.

Come Celebrate May Day!

On Saturday, May 1st Denver Anarchist Black Cross will be commemorating
International Workers' Day with local allies and our broader communities.

We would like to invite you and all of our local anarchist networks to
come out and celebrate with us! This will be a space for rejoicing in the
beauty of our struggles and building stronger networks for the struggles
to come. We are proud that a multitude of organizations, communities, and
families will be participating in this celebration and hope to see
anarchists well represented in the ranks!

At 10:00am we will be gathering at the front steps of the capital building
(broadway and colfax) and then marching to Skyline park (16th and
arapahoe), where there will be local organizations tabling, speakers, and

We are asking for everyone participating to respect that this is intended
to be a safe, celebratory space and withhold any actions that could
potentially bring police repression onto event.


Local graphic designer assaulted by Denver police

By Christy Ellen

Denver resident Eric Winfield said he doesn’t hate cops.
Not in the slightest.

However, on Oct. 28, 2007, the graphic designer and artist said he
was assaulted by three.

“I wouldn’t react any differently to a cop right now,” said
Winfield, 29. “But those three? They are just bad at their job. I
don’t want to see someone lose their job, but they did a piss poor job
of policing. That’s the bottom line.”

It was early Sunday morning at 1:45 a.m. during the World Series
in Denver when a fight erupted outside of the now-defunct La Rouge
Nightclub, at 14th and Market Streets downtown.

Winfield — quipped with his 24-by-36-inch canvas painting — and
two friends bypassed the incident en route from his sister’s apartment
to the car.

Suddenly, Winfield said he was tackled from behind, slammed on the
ground and pinned down by a 320-pound police officer.

“I remember flashes of white light from getting hit in the face,”
he said. “When I was on the ground and the one police officer was
kneeing me in the crotch I was just thinking ‘Oh my God, this is
really happening? I’m already on the ground, why knee me in the
crotch? How is this actually happening?’”

Three Denver police officers, collectively weighing 780 pounds,
repeatedly hit the 160-pound, six-foot-tall Winfield in the face,
kicked him in the ribs and crotch and kneed him in the back, he said.

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