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Jefferson County Courts Grants Custody Of A Child To A Man Convicted Of Child Abuse And Several Domestic Violence Charges.
3 years 17 weeks ago
On July 23, 2010 the Jefferson County Courts awarded Bryan Ray a writ for assistance to gain full custody of his 4 year old child, Samantha Ray. Regardless of Bryan Ray's criminal record, the courts overlooked this because the mother, April Ryan had no knowledge to appear in court. Bryan (father) claimed he mailed the hearing to mother, but showed clearly on his court documents that he mailed this to an address never on file. April (mother) has had full care of Samantha (child) since birth and has no criminal record other than traffic violations. On numerous occasions April has proved to the courts that Bryan was unfit as well as brought to the courts attention Bryan's criminal record, including eight different domestic violence charges, child abuse charges for beating a three year old with a frying pan, motor vehicle theft and a DUI. On August 4, 2010 April was required to relinquish her child to the father or she would be charged for abduction of the child. Bryan's only contact with the child was through visitations at Karlis Family Center in Lakewood and visitations on the weekends for a period of six months of the child's life. April and Bryan went back to the court on October 18, 2010 where April was told that she had to do visitations through a facility for three weeks, following into 50/50 due to leaving the state of Colorado with the child. Regardless to April showing the courts that she had “good cause” for leaving the state in accordance to the reenactment of congress in 1980 for the PKPA. (Survey’s show that since domestic violence is a pattern of power and control, when victims attempt to break free of the domination, many batterers are desperate to reassert control. During this time period, batterers often perpetrate “separation assault” to prevent survivors from leaving, to retaliate for the separation, or to force survivors to return.
Announcing 40 Scholarships in Authentic Journalism in Mexico, May 2011
3 years 18 weeks ago
Ten Days of Intensive Training in Central Mexico: Video Production, Investigative & Online Reporting, and Movement Strategies for Journalists

By Al Giordano

We’re on a roll, kind readers. Narco News’ School of Authentic Journalism is coming back, again. The next session will be held May 11 to 21, 2011, in Mexico City and surrounding mountains.

This will be the largest School of Authentic Journalism to date, with 40 students learning from 36 (or more) professors (many of whom are themselves graduates of the school since 2003, and all of whom consider ourselves permanent students, too). This session will build upon the February 2010 school’s work with intensive training in production of viral video, investigative and online reporting as well as deepening our understanding, as journalists and communicators, of the strategic dynamics of the social movements and civil resistances that we report.

The theme of the 2011 school is “Movement Strategies for Journalists.” Let me introduce you to some of our confirmed professors for this session. First, I’ll mention those with extensive experience organizing their own communities and nations and winning political and social battles against powerful interests.

The Shortwave Report 12/17/10 Listen Globally
3 years 18 weeks ago

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Denver, Thursday: Emergency Demonstration in Solidarity with Georgia Prison Rebels
3 years 18 weeks ago

Thursday December 16, 6pm
Emergency Solidarity Demonstration with Georgia Prison Strike Rebels
Downtown Denver “Justice” Center
Colfax and Elati

Hundreds of prisoners in Georgia have been on “strike” for nearly a week, refusing to work, leave their cells, and in many instances, eat.

They are demanding payment for their labor (Georgia currently pays prisoners nothing for prison labor), better living conditions, decreased costs for phone calls and stamps (Georgia’s costs for these “privileges” are among the highest in the nation) access to education, access to programs that curb substance abuse, and other improvements to the physical conditions of prisoners’ lives in Georgia’s penitentiaries.

Folks on the outside need to step up and show some solidarity with the prisoners of Georgia! Demonstrations have happened in Atlanta and other large cities in the south, with a large demonstration in Richmond slated for the weekend.

Denver Anarchist Black Cross, a social movement defense organization active in the Denver Metro area, is calling for people of conscience in Denver to show solidarity with the courageous rebels in Georgia, who at this very moment are facing extremely violent reprisals for their actions. In several facilities, heat and hot water have been turned off to the cells of striking prisoners, and violent beatings and cell entries have become the norm.

Bring signs, your feelings of love, solidarity, and rage at the prison industrial complex and the ongoing repression and criminalization of poor and working people across the country as we connect the struggle in Georgia’s prisons to the conditions here in the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center, where Marvin Booker was murdered by guards in July.

Socialism Alive and Kicking in Los Angeles
3 years 18 weeks ago

The Socialist Party Los Angeles Local held their organizing meeting this past Saturday, December 11th, in Westchester, California. Future goals, including recruitment strategies and Party messaging plans were discussed. Four committees were established to target key issues in the Los Angeles community: a Feminist & Family Services committee led by Lynn Lomibao and Rich Fuller; a Muslim Affairs committee led by Mohammed Arif; a Youth Action committee led by Justin Simons; and a Gay and Lesbian Affairs committee led by Lauren Avery.

“It’s exciting to see a diverse group of L.A. residents – from Socialists and Independents to Anarchists – come together to talk and take action,” said Lynn Lomibao, co-chair of the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local. “We are building a united front against the systems that disempower and disenfranchise working folks.”

Those in attendance discussed their draw to the Socialist Platform, and shared ideas regarding future Los Angeles operations. Among those in attendance were former professors, columnists, former Socialist Party VP nominee Stewart Alexander, anarchist and Communist Party community leaders, and others actively engaged in civic affairs. The Socialist Party Los Angeles Local plans to schedule their next meeting to occur late-January.

"Congratulations to the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local! Their first organizing meeting had a great turn-out and everyone present contributed thoughts on how to build the Socialist Party in Los Angeles County,” said Stewart Alexander, the Socialist Party’s 2008 Vice Presidential nominee. “The Los Angeles Local has a strong team as they move forward building the SP in Los Angeles County."!/profile.php?id=100001681580141

How do I do to get indymediaperu to remove a difamatory content from their website?
3 years 18 weeks ago
Can anyone tell me how to contact the web master for to take off the internet a difamatory content published when that was open publishing and done by a teenager? please let me know.thanks send me any email to
Free Julian Assange! Hands Off WikiLeaks!
3 years 19 weeks ago
The Internationalist  
December 2010 

Sinister Attack on WikiLeaks to Cover Up Imperialist Crimes

Free Julian Assange! Drop All Charges!

Julian Assange, presenting WikiLeaks' release of files on Afghanistan war in London, July 26.

Julian Assange, presenting WikiLeaks’ release of files on Afghanistan war in London, July 26. (Photo: Getty Images)

The December 7 arrest in London of Julian Assange, the founder and editor-in-chief of the Internet investigative site WikiLeaks, is a threat to freedom of the press and an attempt to silence critics who expose the bloody deeds of imperialism. We are convinced, along with many others, that Assange is innocent of the trumped up accusations of the crimes of rape and sexual molestation that are being manipulated by Swedish authorities to request his detention and extradition. It is clear that sinister forces are pushing the persecution of this courageous man, and his life could be in danger.

We have no hesitation in naming the criminal forces who are behind this frame-up: first and foremost, the United States government of Barack Obama and its military and spy agencies. They have enlisted U.S. corporations such as Amazon, MasterCard, PayPal and others, Swiss banks and the complaisant Swedish, British and Australian governments in their war on WikiLeaks. They seek to silence whistleblowers who have not only caused them diplomatic embarrassment but also lifted a corner of  the veil on Washington’s Murder, Inc. If the would-be masters of the world cannot stop the leakage of information through judicial/police methods, they will surely resort to other means.

Being Subpeonaed by the FBI for Visiting Israel and Palestine
3 years 19 weeks ago
Being Subpeonaed by FBI for traveling to Israel and Palestine Sarah Smith statement at Chicago press conference December 6: Friday morning, December 3, I received a phone call from an FBI agent. He asked if I had about 30 minutes to sit down and speak with him so he could ask me some questions. I asked about what and he said he “was not at liberty to discuss it.” I then asked if I needed a lawyer present and he said it was up to me but that I was not in any trouble and that they just had a few questions. I felt something suspicious about him telling me he wanted to ask me some questions, but he would not tell me what these questions were. So I said that I had to consult a lawyer and check my schedule and that I would get back to him. I reiterated that it would be easier for me to meet him if I knew why an FBI agent wanted to sit down with me. He then said that it had to deal with the trip I took this summer. He then emphasized, “I think you know which one I’m talking about.” The trip I took last summer was to Israel and Palestine. I am Jewish and wanted to see first hand what life is like for Israelis and Palestinians. If I went on the standard tour to Israel, I would not be shown how Palestinians live. So I went on a tour that showed me both worlds, Israel, and the Israeli occupied Palestinian West Bank. I went with 2 Palestinian-American friends. You would think Jews and Palestinians going together to visit Israel and Palestine is something the U.S. government would encourage. Instead, we are now being ordered by the FBI to go before a Grand Jury for going on that trip. The US government says it supports peace between Israel and Palestine. It says it supports separate Israeli and Palestinian states. So why does the FBI investigate us because we went to see the Palestinian land?
The Shortwave Report 12/10/10 Listen Globally
3 years 19 weeks ago

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The latest Shortwave Report (December 10) is up at the website in both broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quickdownload or streaming form (4.9MB) (28:59)
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Calling All Activists - Join Us on the Ground in Palestine!
3 years 19 weeks ago

Activists Pull Down Settlement Fence in Beit Ommar, Palestine


Join the Palestine Solidarity Project in Beit Ommar, Palestine, and become part of the growing international movement to support Palestinian non-violent resistance. We are in need of volunteers to join us this winter and spring as we struggle to end the Israeli occupation in all its forms and to promote justice and self-determination for the Palestinian people. We have a wide range of programs lined up for the next few months, and are looking for dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers to help make our goals a reality.

This winter we will be planting 3,000 trees in the Saffa region of Beit Ommar. The land in Saffa has been destroyed by settler attacks, and is now under threat of annexation by the neighboring Bat Ayn settlement. By planting on Palestinian land marked for annexation we hope to deter settlement expansion and support farmers as they remain steadfast on their land.

US inequality and New Zealand, a human rights perspective
3 years 19 weeks ago
New Zealand has been given another chance to free itself from discriminatory collectivism while the US seems to be still battling with it. NZ was saved by the emerging truth of human rights omissions and one of life's miracles, the major Christchurch earthquake (no one killed). The past 20 years in NZ was based on the simple idea that 'the collective is everything and the individual is nothing' driven by the bureaucracy, the status seekers, and supported by governments not, as often believed, by the corporations, the wealth seekers, who however have benefited considerably.
Saturday Dec. 11: Benefit breakfast for 27 Social Centre!
3 years 20 weeks ago

Saturday December 11th
Benefit pancake and waffle feed with mimosa bar!
27 Social Centre
2727 W. 27th Ave Unit D

Your favorite home of the Denver Zine Library, Sent(a)mental Studios, P&L
Printing, Denver ABC, Denver IWW, Bread and Roses Workers Cultural Center,
Comite Defensa del Pueblo, Build Up Books, and the 27 Housing Collective
(and future home of Denver Community Health Collective and Improbable
Pictures) is having a benefit pancake and waffle feed!

Join us for a fundraising breakfast at the 27 Social Centre on Saturday
December 11!

We've been open for 7 months and have never asked you for any money to
stay open! This fundraiser is borne of a necessity as the 27 Social Centre
will be housing several new projects in the building as of January, and we
need to do some construction to make room for our new friends!

Between new walls and increased heating bills, we need you to show some
love to the 27 Social Centre!

There will be a pancake bar where folks can choose various delicious
toppings to put on their pancakes, and a mimosa bar...

$5-15 sliding scale! Bring the kids, they eat for FREE!

Tell everyone you know. Pack the house! Support your local anti-capitalist
social center!


The Shortwave Report 12/03/10 Listen Globally
3 years 20 weeks ago

Dear Radio Friend,
The latest Shortwave Report (December 3) is up at the website in both broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quickdownload or streaming form (4.9MB) (28:59)
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Keynesian economics on the ballot in midterm votes
3 years 20 weeks ago
To revive an economy during a downturn, Keynesian economics requires that govt must spend when consumers will not. John Maynard Keynes, who was British, would be disappointed within the current British government, which is enacting severe cuts in govt spending. Americans of the conservative persuasion see British resolve and the unpopular fiscal policies of the Obama administration as signs that Keynesian economics is on the way out.

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Court of Appeals: CU, Regents Cannot Be Sued for Violating U.S. Constitution
3 years 20 weeks ago

From the Ward Churchill Solidarity Network (WCSN)

Nov. 23, 2010. The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that the University of Colorado and its Regents have absolute immunity when firing a tenured professor in violation of the First Amendment.

Attorney David Lane responds:
It is truly unfortunate that our most cherished freedoms are left in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats in black robes to protect. We are less free today because the Colorado Court of Appeals has given the go-ahead to the Regents to fire any professors they wish after running them through a sham “due process” procedure. A jury of Professor Churchill’s peers found that the Regents violated the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and the Colorado Court of Appeals is letting them get away with it. Their made-up justifications ring hollow in light of the freedom lost by their actions.

Ward Churchill summarizes the ruling:
The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) is wrong.
The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) is wrong.
The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is wrong.
The ACLU of Colorado is wrong.
The Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) is wrong.
The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is wrong.
The National Coalition Against Censorship is wrong.
Latina/o Critical Legal Theory is wrong.
And Federal law doesn’t apply in Colorado.

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