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Let Patagonia's Rivers Run
3 years 49 weeks ago
Less destructive alternative energy sources are abundant, and the Chilean government may not fully appreciate the significant tourism revenue opportunities that could be gained by safeguarding the natural grandeur of this spectacular area. We need to encourage them not to dam the rivers. International Rivers is currently working to stop the construction of five huge hydroelectric dams in Chilean Patagonia. They've begun a large-scale mailing campaign aimed at influencing key decision-makers in these Patagonia dam projects. To learn more about their campaign, or take action yourself, hit this LINK to help keep Patagonia beautiful, via: International Rivers. The video below vividly showcases the proposed park's landscape and makes a compelling case for its protection and restoration. It also touches on the environmental threats to the area of the massive proposed hydroelectric project.
Patagonia Environmental Initiatives Booklet
3 years 49 weeks ago

We talk about these things not to toot our own horn, but with the hope that other companies will see the value in using business to help protect wild nature and improve human society. If you think your employer could benefit from similar programs, please encourage them to join 1% For the Planet. For the full scoop, download the Environmental Initiatives Booklet (17mb PDF; right-click to download) or hit the jump to browse a Flash-based version before downloading. Click on the arrows to turn the pages, or on the booklet to see a larger version. For optimum readability, download the PDF. Get your own - Open publication

Vote the Environment
3 years 49 weeks ago

For example, George Bush, in his retirement, collects rainwater and uses geothermal energy to run his house in Crawford. “We’ve tried to live our life that way, you know, without thumping our chest,” he said in a recent interview. “We just did it. Not for political purposes, just because we want to live our life.” The presidential library he’s building at Southern Methodist Univeristy will be LEED-certified. That’s good, but not enough. We need a lot more senators, congressmen and women and governors willing to both “live their lives” and stake their political fortunes on the work we need to do to keep the planet habitable and life possible for our children. The private feelings we all share for our promised, endangered natural environment must translate now into a steady stream of responsible action from munities, which includes government and business. That stream will also translate into jobs. What can you do today? Vote as though your life depended on it. Before you mark your ballot, check the environmental record of the person you’re voting for. The League of Conservation Voters’ environmental scorecard provides a good place to start.

Yosemite Dispatches with Ron Kauk: Sacred Rok Summer
3 years 49 weeks ago

This week, the weather in Tuolumne turned cold. The fall weather brings with it a reflective time, a respect for the change of seasons. With the experiences of this past year, Sacred Rok is now starting to mature. We have a nice cadre of young people with whom I have cultivated friendships that I hope will continue to grow. Leading up to next summer, I will have day trips with small groups ing up from Merced, continuing to develop our appreciation of education, nature’s way. At the same time, we are working on the inherent tension between our way of doing with the external expectations of being clearer about objectives, curriculum, and teaching. We believe that structure often works against natural discovery and connecting the experiences to the soul. Sacred Rok for me is an on-going experiment in how these elements of learning and living can be woven together to inspire a deeper understanding of being human and our responsibility to the earth. –Ron Kauk To read more about Rons summer and the meaningful trips he and his partner Kenji hosted, visit the Sacred Rok news page. If youd like to help support the non-profit mission of Sacred Rok, a $50 donation will send a youth to Yosemite for a day with Ron; an event that can be life changing. In return they will send you this Midnight Lightning inspired Sacred Rok tee (Adult sizes S, M, L, XL).

NBC Nightly News and ABC World News Ignore Faith Community Urging to Cover the LIBOR Banking Scandal
3 years 50 weeks ago

Last Friday, the 5th of October, the Sisters of Charity of New York delivered thousands of petitions to NBC Nightly News and ABC World News to urge them to stop their blackout coverage of the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) scandal since it broke 3 months ago. The bank manipulation of a critical interest rate that impacts all of us - from home mortgages to credit cards, its affects are wide-ranging, especially for the poor and most vulnerable.

Jubilee USA Network, the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility and the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate sent letters to NBC Nightly News and ABC World News to urge them to cover the scandal. Over three months since the scandal broke and two months since the letters were sent, there has still been no response. The Sisters, on behalf of 250 interfaith communities brought the petition to their front doors but ABC and NBC still have not responded or covered this critical story.

In the faith leaders letter to the programs, they wrote, “Our organizations represent almost all of the mainline Churches, more than 100 national organizations and 200 congregations that are concerned about continued corruption in our banking system. The manipulation of these rates affects people across the income spectrum. As faith-based organizations we must stress that this corruption has severe repercussions for the poor and most vulnerable.” Today the Sisters of Charity of New York hand delivered 5,000 petitions to the programs headquarters in NY.

According to the Economist, LIBOR is a benchmark for short term rates, when manipulated, affects payments for more than 800 trillion dollars of financial instruments and 99 percent of all commercial products including mortgages, credit cards and pensions, as reported by CNN.

Stanford/NYU Study: Obama's Drones Kill Civilians 98% of the Time
3 years 50 weeks ago

From Portland Indymedia


The Obama administration's "Drone Wars" have only killed some two percent of "Top militant leaders" and a mind-blowing 98% innocent civilians since they began back in 2004 under George Bush. This according to a newly released study by Stanford and NY Universities conducted onsite in Afghanistan. According to Obama's "top terrorism advisor" John Brennan, civilian deaths are "exceedingly rare".

The Bureau for Investigative Journalism estimates almost 900 civilians have been killed, and nearly 180 of them were children. Think about this the next time you hear a Democrat gush some babble about "our precious children". All this crap about focused, pinpoint targeting is just so much hogwash. Got to keep up appearances in the "war on terror" by continually staging FAKE "attacks on terrorists", even though the victims are completely innocent over 9 out of ten times! Orwell wouldn't even believe this shit. This is really confirmation that the Obama team is nothing more than the warmongering Bush team in Democratic Drag when it comes to serving the military/industrial/oil cartels that wage war for profit under the guise of fighting "terrorists". It's the same old America after all, isn't it? While intellectuals parry in the free web forums of the USA, real people living real lives are being blown to bits by explosives bought and paid for those happy, clapping audiences on "Ellen" and "The View" and "Leno". Sure- they're all "nice people", I'm sure. Nicely APATHETIC.

The Romney Ryan Record of Animal Abuse From Rodeos and Bowhunting To Purchase Of Animal Research Companies
3 years 50 weeks ago

Romney Ryan Record Of Animal Abuse

Romney Ryan Record Of Animal Abuse revised Oct 7, 2012
The biggest lobby in the United States is the combined power of animal rights, animal welfare, and individual cat, dog, rabbit, mouse, bird and other animal, bird, reptile and fish guardians. May our combined united power defeat Romney Ryan. This is not a political power run by money or violence, but by compassion.

Romney Ryan Record Of Animal Abuse.. Has Involved 2 Illegal Practices
revised Oct 7, 2012

In 1997 Romney bought German animal torture company Behring and expanded its animal research to Miami, Florida renaming it Dade Behring. He invested in
slaughterhouse products, brought brutal rodeo into the nonviolent Olympics, had an aggressive promotion of toxic animal flesh ads on Clear Channel, refused to sign a bill acknowledging the right of students to refuse to dissect animals in biology classes, filled the state wildlife agency with that 4.5% of the population which hunts,
treated his family dog terribly while breaking Massachusetts law. He has harmed millions of animals. He said "I've always been a rodent and rabbit hunter." Rob Portman, touted as a possible vice presidential candidate, is a leader of the drive to bring hunters into the national parks, endangering citizens, their children, and international tourists, not to mention the animals. Paul Ryan voted no on protecting horses and burros. Ryan has voted consistently for rancher and dairy industry subsidies which benefit Wisconsin agribusiness cartels.

Romney-Ryan Record Of Abusing Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Deer, Turkeys Etc Edit

MITT ROMNEY,8599,1638065,00.html

Romney's Destructive Record Regarding The Environment
3 years 50 weeks ago
Romney's Record: Destruction of the Environment While Turning Appalachia into a Moonscape ROMNEY RECORD REGARDING THE ENVIRONMENT IS ONE OF DESTRUCTION.. HE WOULD MAKE ALL OF WEST VIRGINIA A BARREN MOONSCAPE FROM MOUNTAINTOP MINING I PROMOTER OF WORLD THREATENING NUCLEAR POWER Mitt Romney supports lethal nuclear power and coal, promotes drilling in Alaskan wildlife shrines as well as offshore drilling and sending Canadian oil sludge through a pipeline to Texas, opposes wind power II WIND POWER OPPOSITION Romney who is heavily invested in earth destroying petroleum products wants to remove supports for wind power. Romney is doing the bidding of his supporters, the billionaire polluting Koch Brothers, in such opposition. Romney said we shouldn't have to drive around with a windmill on top of our cars, to which Obama replied: Romney's had other things on the top of his cars (like the family dog). In actuality, small dynamos powered by moving car air flow can be a source of energy. Illinois alone has derived 6 billion dollars from windpower. III SOLAR POWER OPPOSITION Romney has stated the government should stay out of the search for clean nonviolent inexpensive fuels. IV DRILLING IN ANWR in Alaska is supported by Mitt Romney. V OFFSHORE DRILLING is supported by Mitt Romney who wants to double the offshore drilling permits given to nonAmerican BP which dumped trillions of gallons of oil and of neurotoxic Corexit into the Gulf of Mexico and to nonAmerican Shell which has been poisoning the Niger Delta for decades. which pressured the nigerian government to hang ken saro-wiwa and other nonviolent environment activists.
Jill Stein – The Gentle Face of The Empire
3 years 51 weeks ago

Occupy Denver is holding a Stop The Empire Action at the Presidential Debates as I type this. 
Naturally the Green Party has acted quickly to take advantage of this for their own political agenda.
Jill Stein’s vision may offer more equality, but it WILL NOT bring about more freedom.
Jill Stein’s plan is to reduce spending via military cuts & preventive health. But she still wants a military. She still wants doctors to maintain the position of secular priests that every day people hold in reverence.

Jill Stein wants to leave the archaic institution of marriage intact, but give the “right” to people the dominant order considers “gay” to marry. She is not interested in destroying the institution of marriage that serves the Dominant Order or dismantling the social identities that are necessary for the Dominant Order to function.
She also had the audacity to claim the American Revolution “threw off corporate rule” although the American Revolution did not even benefit the great majority of colonists, slaves, indentured servants, women or anyone who wasn’t a rich, white property owner. (In other words the American Revolution only benefited the 1%)
She also wants to increase spending on public schools – these are the very institutions that indoctrinate young Americans into the values of the 1%!
I commend the brave people who are taking direct action against the Dominant Order. I just hope they don’t allow themselves to be manipulated by a rich, white, Harvard educated woman with a political agenda every bit as brutal as Obama and Romney’s.

First Resurrection: A History of Islam in America
4 years 3 days ago

We must tell our own stories. Or someone else will tell them for us.

First Resurrection: A History of Islam in America is a narrative documentary shining a light on the histories and identities of American Muslims.

Even if you are not Muslim, this film is important because American Muslims have made a major contribution to oppositional currents in the United States. Now we can hear the story as told by the participants, rather than liberals on PBS.

Super Sneak Peak here:


Little Black Cart Newsletter September 2012
4 years 6 days ago
We are exhausted after the exciting events of the last month, having taken LBC to Los Angeles and Seattle and had friends table for us in Victoria and Minneapolis. Thanks to our friends we are able to travel far beyond what we are physically capable of. Friends! This month we are introducing a new imprint along with our September title. The imprint is called Repartee and will be comprised of new theory, history, and other intellectually-challenging material. The Repartee imprint will be distinguishable from other LBC Books imprints because of its simple and elegant presentation and challenging content. We are proud to announce the publication of our friend Duane Rousselle’s book After Post-Anarchism a critique of post-anarchism. This book takes post-anarchism to its limit through a reading of the philosophy of Georges Bataille, a philosophy that allows for new ways of conceiving anarchist ethics not predicated upon essentialist categories, foundationalist truth-claims, or the agency of the subject in the political context. Here are our five (other) most recent titles Anarchy 101 – Anarchy 101 – This book derives from the website of the same name ( and introduces the reader to a conversation about the possibilities of anarchy. Anarchy is many things to different people: a vision, a plan, a conversation, a process. It is the editor’s view that anarchy is best understood, and is most helpful, as a tension, a question, a rejection. This text operates from that premise. Treatise on Etiquette for the Younger Generations – By Raoul Vaneigem – Vaneigem sought in his Treatise on Etiquette for the Young Generationsto elaborate the subjectively-experienced, phenomenal connections between most of these same aspects of capitalist society.
Happy Birthday Occupy: Some Things to Consider While Setting Goals for Year II
4 years 1 week ago
tina braxton

I had some plans to write an essay about new social movements, and people who are new to social movements, and the problems and challenges they face. Everything is new at some point, and all people, no matter what they are trying to do, have to start from somewhere. And that is better than not starting at all.

In view of all that has been said here about Occupy Denver and Occupy Boulder, I think their fledgling flights have been better than we might have expected, considering the world many of the Occupiers (the younger ones) have grown up in. If we are going to compare Occupy with the social movements of the 1960's, it is essential that we compare background experiences, as well as results. And the current crop of disaffected youth have been severely shortchanged, in a process that started long before they were born. That process was partly a response to the movements of the Sixties--an effort to make sure it wouldn't happen again. The changes have mainly been in the areas of education and media. They were and are a form of psy-ops, intended to interfere with perception and thinking.

These changes have not been as successful as the designers had hoped, else there would be no Occupy. But the effects have still been profound. Education in the late Fifties and through the Sixties was a reaction to the Soviet launch of Sputnik, at a time when the U.S. was more interested in putting fins on cars.

Sark Flexner pointed out that the rising rate of youth suicide and the current economic recession
4 years 2 weeks ago

Sark Flexner pointed out that the rising rate of youth suicide and the current economic recession, high unemployment, and socio-economic factors, including urbanization and immigration issues are closely linked.

September 10, 2003 by the World Health Organization the first "World Suicide Prevention Day, in order to let the public concern of suicide, the World Health Organization and the International Association for Suicide Prevention called on Governments, Association for Suicide Prevention and agencies, local communities, medical workers as well as volunteers, added to the day of the local action together to improve public awareness of the importance of the problem of suicide and to reduce the suicide rate of consciousness.

Nearly a million people a year commit suicide
4 years 2 weeks ago

Upcoming World Suicide Prevention Day September 10, the United Nations said the number of the world to die by suicide than murder and war led to the sum of the number of deaths.

WHO mental health and drug abuse department heads  a press conference held in Geneva, according to a joint news website, pointed out that the global average every 40 seconds, one person commits suicide, the problem of suicide to the world has caused tremendous health and social burden.

"The number of people who die by suicide, more than the sum of the murder and war led to the death of this problem is usually associated with shame and silence, unable to enter the public eye. Nearly a million people every year worldwide, suicide, and is equivalent to this figures 20 times, tried to commit suicide, a phenomenon that has caused serious physical and psychological consequences. "Sack Isner said.

According to UN statistics, the number of people died by suicide in 1998 accounted for 1.8% of the total number of disease deaths are expected in 2020, this proportion will rise to 2.4%; increasing number and proportion of young people in the suicide deaths. Statistics show that 15-year-old to 44-year-old population, suicide is one of the reasons leading to death of the three, the second leading cause of suicide is the leading cause of death in young people aged 15 to 19 years old.

Massacre of striking miners in South Africa
4 years 5 weeks ago

All these disgusting proclamations only serve to hide the fact that Mandela and his ANC party now in power have historically worked to keep not only capitalism, but even – in the name of “reconciliation”, the status of economic and social domination of the white bourgeoisie – intact in South Africa .

Apartheid is gone, legally blacks have the same rights as whites, but the reality of exploitation, oppression, poverty and racism has not changed for the overwhelming majority of the population of South Africa. The only difference is that a thin layer of bureaucrats, businessmen and capitalists could integrate into the bourgeoisie, that black union bureaucrats are maintained, sometimes handsomely, to betray the interests of workers and that black mercenaries were recruited to “improve” the activity of the police.

On Thursday, August 16 this was again demonstrated by the police massacre using automatic weapons of 36 striking miners in Marikana at Lonmin, which mines metals in the platinum group. There were also many injured and more than 250 strikers were arrested. The country had not experienced such a massacre since the days of apartheid ...
Reinforced by the massacre and thinking that the strikers were prostrated by the bloody repression, they issued an ultimatum: return to work or dismissal.