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Taxing the Rich and Its “Left” Critics
2 years 48 weeks ago
Workers Action

In a recent article published on the website of Socialist Viewpoint, Chris Kinder criticized those on the left who call for raising taxes on the rich. Identifying himself as a Trotskyist, Mr. Kinder displayed particular displeasure with Trotskyists who embrace this demand. Yet, as we will argue, his arguments fundamentally deviate from the political-strategic framework established by Marx and Engels and developed by Lenin and Trotsky.

“‘Tax the rich’ is far from a transitional demand,” Mr. Kinder argued and added: “Demanding taxation of the rich presumes the continued existence of the rich! But revolutionists seek to expropriate the rich capitalists as a precursor to creating an egalitarian, socialist society.”

This argument was further developed when he added: “Furthermore, ‘tax the rich,’ by presuming the continued existence of the exploiter class, cuts off any avenue to being a ‘bridge’ to a revolutionary program. As Trotsky explained in The Death Agony of Capitalism..., a transitional demand should help the masses to ‘find the bridge between present demands and the socialist program of the revolution.’”

Mr. Kinder continues his critique by noting that taxing the rich has been promoted by liberals, and, unlike transitional demands, can be won within the framework of capitalism. By improving the lot of the working class it can then defuse their revolutionary impulses.

He also argues that “it’s not a particularly internationalist demand,” since it would only benefit the workers of a particular country.

Houston Janitors Strike for Economic Justice
2 years 49 weeks ago
Workers Action

Echoing the story of David vs. Goliath, janitors in Houston are on strike and taking on such corporate giants as JPMorganChase and Exxon Mobile in an effort to pressure the janitorial companies they employ to agree to the workers' modest demands. It is these big business behemoths that are the real powers behind cleaning contractors such as ABM, GCA, ISS etc. By striking against these contractors, and publicly targeting these contractors' employers, the janitors are using their collective power in a showdown that has great significance for not only the Labor Movement but all workers.

The janitors are members of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1, which has a membership of 3,200 in Houston. Currently, these workers' wages top out at $8.35 per hour. On average, they make under $9,000 a year. The government defines the poverty line as an income of $22,314 for a family of four and $11,139 for an individual.

The janitors are asking for a $10.00 per hour starting wage. In response, the contractors offered a combined 50 cents an hour raise over the course of a five-year contract. With the growing cost of living over this time, these workers would sink even further into poverty if they accepted this. The contractors' proposal was nothing more than an insult.

Not content with merely insulting their employees, the contractors began to back up their position with injury. The janitors were subject to captive audience meetings where their jobs were threatened if they participated in union activity. Management warned that they would call for an immigration audit if the employees didn't quiet down. In addition, they also withheld paychecks of some union supporters. In all, 13 Unfair Labor Practices have been filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

PHILIPPINES: Akbayan calls on Sandiganbayan to issue warrant of arrest against Arroyo
2 years 49 weeks ago

AKBAYAN (Citizens Action Party)

Akbayan Chairperson Risa Hontiveros called on the Sandiganbayan today to issue a warrant of arrest against former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) in connection with the plunder charge filed against her and several others before the anti-graft court by the Office of the ombudsman.

Hontiveros said the Sandiganbayan has original jurisdiction over cases for plunder, while the Ombudsman acts as the prosecutor.

“Since the Rules of Criminal Procedure applies suppletorily to cases filed with the Sandiganbayan, Section 5, Rule 112 of the Rules of Court can be applied which states that within ten (10) days from the filing of the information for plunder, the Sandiganbayan justice shall personally evaluate the resolution of the Ombudsman and its supporting evidence. If the court finds probably cause, it shall issue a warrant of arrest,” Hontiveros said.

Hontiveros said the Sandiganbayan already deemed the case has probable cause when it issued a hold departure order against Arroyo.

“The plunder case has probable cause. It is rock-solid. It won’t take long for Arroyo to realize that she has simply jumped from the frying pan and into the fire. The Sandiganbayan has no reason not to issue a warrant of arrest against Arroyo. We look forward that the anti-graft body will swiftly act on this issue,” Hontiveros added.

Recently, Akbayan called on the Sandiganbayan to expedite the plunder charge against her, which they said will land Arroyo in jail.

Grassroots to Aveda: ’Safe Fracking’ Won’t Fly: You can’t Put Lipstick on a Pig
2 years 49 weeks ago

On Thursday at rush hour at five New York State store locations of the cosmetics
giant, Aveda, customers were greeted by more than the smiling make-up-caked faces
of customer service representatives. On that summer day, environmentalists rallied to
challenge the corporation’s support of Environmental Advocates of New York (EANY),
an Albany-tied organization that has taken an increasingly prominent role in the widely
disparaged industrial practice of fracking. Activists drew attention to EANY’s support for
regulated fracking (or ‘safe fracking’, as the industry has called it). EANY’s Washington,
D.C.-based parent organization, the National Wildlife Federation, also came in for some
bruising criticism for their support of this polluting practice.

“Aveda should know that consumers of its goods are being informed about their
partnering non-profit, Environmental Advocates of New York. EANY sits on Governor
Cuomo’s Hydrofracking Advisory Panel,” said Robert Jereski, an environmental
activist handing out literature outside Aveda’s swanky Flatiron District salon in New
York City. “This panel includes other promoters of ‘safe fracking’ such as the Natural
Resources Defense Council and Riverkeeper. It does not represent the vast majority of
environmentalists who oppose fracking and want it banned and criminalized.”

Environmental activists rallied outside of Aveda stores in 5 locations across New York
State including in New York City and issued the following demands to Aveda:

Demand that EANY resign from and publicly denounce Governor Cuomo’s ‘safe
fracking’ Advisory Panel, which is tasked with “developing proper regulations”
(for ‘safe fracking’);

Profane Sass arrested for inciting in Park City Utah
2 years 50 weeks ago

Portland based conscious hip hop artist Jeremy, and the band Profane sass, had an encounter with the park city, utah police. While playing their set on the street, the police arrived and ordered them to stop. The band finished up the song they were on, and this enraged the po-pos, who called in for an additional 8 officers. The crowd booed and chanted free speech slogans. The police singled out Jeremy, and Tomas, who were both snatched away, and are charged with inciting a riot. Bail was set for $5,700 for each, an exhorbitant fee that they need help with. The judge will not be in for arraignment until next tuesday! The popular underground band has a lengthy tour schedule that they are on, and this majorly disrupts and jeopardizes their remaining dates, several of which are in Colorado. If you can help with bail,please do so by calling Eric or Roger at 970-245-3720. Jeremy and Tomas are prisoners because their rights to free speech and assembly have been grossly violated. Any probono lawyers are especially sought after. This is a clear case of judicial overreach, and cannot stand. More information will follow as we get it.

Call to action against Newmont Mining Co. / Solidarity with Cajamarca
2 years 51 weeks ago

Four people are dead and many more injured following protests over a proposed gold mine in Peru. A series of anti-mining  protests has seen the government impose a state of emergency three times in the last year.  A state of emergency has been declared in northern Peru's Cajamarca province and two neighboring provinces. The protests, which surround the US-based company Newmont Mining Co.'s gold mining project, have left four dead and many more injured.
Newmont Mining has a history of corruption in peru.  Freedom fighters in Cajamarca are being tortured and murdered in defense of their communities and mother earth. They need and deserve our immediate solidarity.

Newmont Mining corporation's head quarters is located at:
6363 South Fiddler's Green Circle
Suite 800
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
T: 303.863.7414
Wiki Newmont Mining, shit is fucked up.



  An Oakland Anarchist

Urgent Request -- Help Hire Lawyer for the Cleveland 5!
3 years 2 weeks ago

We are friends and family members of the "Cleveland 5," the five guys here who are on trial, accused of trying to demolish an area bridge. We are working to support these young activists, in whatever ways they need. Thus far, what stands out as the most pivotal thing is that the boys need a good lawyer, who cares about the case, has relevant experience and goes the extra mile for it. As it stands, they're all being represented by public defenders, with varying degrees of apparent interest in the case. We have been in communication with a local attorney with an inspiring record of civil rights work, but to hire him, we need to raise $20,000 immediately.
We're not going to lie -- this is a desperate situation. The trial date is set for this September, only three months from now. This time frame will make building the case (reviewing evidence, making investigations, filing motions) incredibly challenging. The deadline for filing motions for their trial is June 30th, we need a lawyer, and investigative team working around the clock. Every day that we're not able to hire a lawyer is a day closer to that deadline. These boys entire future hinges on what happens right now. Worse yet, they are being held in solitary confinement, which aside from being brutal treatment in itself, also means that they are severly limited in how much they can speak with their lawyers and supporters -- less than one hour a day. Quick action is essential. We are all putting our personal savings on the line, and we ask that you help us support these guys by chipping in as well.
Any amount is helpful. If you don't have money to contribute, get in touch with us at to discuss other ways you can help support the five.

Homestead Media and Black Apple Media Announce Delayed Colorado Independent Film Production of “Dutchman’s Run”
3 years 3 weeks ago
Dutchmans Run Team

Homestead Media in partnership with Black Apple Media announce that they will be pushing the start date of principal photography for their independent film: “Dutchman’s Run”.

After much consideration, principal photography has been delayed for “Dutchman’s Run”, in order to allow for better potential filming opportunities in the summer of 2013 or other, not yet determined, production dates. Producer Angie Gaffney, had the following to say about the team’s decision:

“The development of “Dutchaman’s Run” has been a consistent independent film venture since its conception and launch in 2011. Although it was a difficult decision to alter our production timeframe, it is in our best interest to take the time we need to ensure a successful production, develop new relationships, and incorporate the schedules of interested parties.” – Angie Gaffney, Producer

All casting applicants will be contacted regarding the adjusted timeframe and their resumes and headshots will be deferred to summer 2013 or a potentially later date. Once future production dates are determined, all applicants will be contacted with audition details and submission processes directly.

Immediate updates regarding newly announced production scheduling can be found online at:

Twitter: @dutchmansrun

For more information, or to inquire about interview availability, please contact Nikki Williams at:

About Homestead Media:
Formed in 2010, Homestead Media emphasizes collaboration and seeks to strengthen a tight knit community of artists with a focus on independent, entertaining, and thoughtful narrative filmmaking.

Brazil: great President, Congress bad.
3 years 6 weeks ago

While Dilma Roussef hits each day more, "pulling" the leveling of interest of the Brazilian public debt to international levels and begins to devise an industrial policy firmly grounded in a serious exchange rate policy and in science and technology, in addition to important tax cuts, Congress is the scene of successive corruption scandals, all them originated in the corporate funding of campaigns and in "not very corporate" funding of campaigns, and approves, with a rapporteur funded by the agro-business, apocalyptic Forest Code: A million square KM to the devastation.
*1 mile = 1,6 KM
About five Brazilian states such as Paraná, is what the Chamber of Deputies booked to destruction, sonn, approving the new and regrettable Forest Code.
The Legal Amazon is about 5.2 million square km big, almost 62% of Brazilian territory, and the new law reserves 20% of the properties to general cultures, as soy or cattle.
As the soil of the Amazon is very thin, brought by the waters and built by the forest with rotting logs, leaves, carcasses, feces, seeds and other natural features, the felling of trees stops soil fixing and the multimilenar reconstruction of the ground and exports the soil in the form of soy, or disaggregates it with the weight of thousands of heads of cattle livestock.
The only acceptable form of cultivation in the Amazon are Agroforestry Regenerative Analog Systems, of Ernst Götsch, that exploit the forest sustainably, its active pharmacological principles and make a policultural agriculture inside and around the forest, with economic results far superior, usable by much more people, eternal and without bequeath a desert to our children and grandchildren. The work of Götsch is easy to find on the web, including YouTube and numerous masters and doctoral theses (coming in english soon).

A War on the Poor
3 years 7 weeks ago

Joe's home now. After spending 8 years in the Marine Corps, several of those years on the ground in Iraq, he doesn't like the government much. I guess he's earned that right Joe's home now, but some 6,000 young men and women won't be coming home again. Some of those men were Joe's friends. I beleive he watched some of them die. Eight years is a long time. So I'm not too surprised that Joe is a little different from most folks. He's not a drunk, though he raises a glass sometimes. He's not on drugs. Sometimes he smokes a joint, but far as I know he doesn't do hard drugs. But for some reason he can't really hold on to a job. I'm not to sure why, his service record was good. He did his job over there well enough. Guess it's different being back after all that. He tried school for while. Don't really know why he stopped doing that. His grades were fine. Joe's not stupid, actually he's real smart. But after a couple of semesters he dropped out. Maybe he's just that way. Maybe he was like that before the war. I didn't know him back then so I can't say for sure, but I suspect not. Can't say I really know what happened to him over there. He doesn't talk about it and I don't ask. But he's a real good guy as far as I can tell. He's homeless now. Been that way a couple years now, going city to city, sleeping in brush, occasionally getting some day labor to get a pack of smokes. He got real involved with that Occupy protest while he was on the coast I hear. The other young people, made him one of their spokespeople, had him writing their press releases and giving interviews to all the radio, TV, and newspaper people that come wanting to know what they were protesting about. Everyone liked him. But then the cops came and shut down their camp out there. Joe come out here after that.

Civil Rights Abuse In Canon City
3 years 7 weeks ago
Communique: redecoration in the Highlands neighborhood
3 years 9 weeks ago

After a day in the sun and streets of Denver and a rowdy-as-hell May Day demo, some queer anarchist demons of the nights let their hair down and gave some gentrifying fucks a much-needed makeover. These comrades are sick of seeing property prices in the formerly working-class Highlands neighborhood skyrocket, all due to yuppies, their condos, and the corporations that invade to please them.

These comrades grew tired of seeing that ugly beige Starbucks on Federal, so they gave it a new paint job. Five paint bombs gave the storefront a beautiful facelift; a concrete planter was also liberated into a few pieces during the action. The queer demons of the night attacked Starbucks for the role they play in gentrification, but also for their co-opting of queer struggle. Starbucks recently endorsed a push for gay marriage, an assimilationist goal of white, cis-gendered, upper-class gays. We have no desire to become part of the system that destroys us, and we will never assimilate to the society of oppression built and maintained by heterosexism and cissexism. This action was also carried out in solidarity with the Starbucks Workers’ Union of the IWW, and their struggle for recognition.

Later that night, this merry band of queers attacked a police car parked outside a private residence with another paint bomb. Cops are also part of the gentrifying force in the Highlands, harassing the working class and defending the property of yuppies and corporations (a lot of good that did for the Starbucks). Pigs have a long history of attacking queer folk, from the Compton Cafeteria riots and continuing today. While not a direct confrontation, the message gets across: we know you’re in our hood, and we don’t like it. Either quit your job, or put a bullet in your own head.

GM eyes cuts after record half for earnings
3 years 9 weeks ago
Earnest Brown


First-half earnings for General Motors Co. reached $6.3 billion, reports Automotive News. Yet according to Automotive News, General Motors CEO was not happy. General Motors cutbacks will soon follow. Source for this article: Despite record first-half profit, GM plans major cuts

Cause of slashes at GM

As General Motors is at the lowest in the industry for earnings with the 6 percent margins, which Morgan Stanley calculated before interest and taxes, it will need to cut expenditures, as reported by GM CFO Dan Ammann. There are only a few businesses with lower operating margins. This contains Toyota, Renault SA and PSA Peugeot Citroen.

General Motors spokesman Jim Cain explained what GM’s next goal is on its way to getting to the top of global sales again. He said that the next goal is to beat Ford and Volkswagen AG’s 7 percent margin.

All of the programs are being reviewed by General Motors, as reported by ABC7 Action News Detroit. The company is making cutbacks everywhere. Cutbacks in marketing, production consolidation and jobs will occur probably. Turning down the thermostats in company offices may even happen.

“Ford’s North American margins are easily 2 percentage points better than GM’s,” said Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas. “We think that gap can narrow.”

Low income predictions

A team of industry analysts told Bloomberg that GM’s third-quarter net income would likely drop $2.16 billion from the previous year, to $1.6 billion.

There are increases in commodity costs and engineering and marketing costs. That means earnings are being cut into, as reported by Jonas. Production slashes can be expected with higher dealer inventories, lucrative buyer incentives and production cuts.

Open Letter to Mayor Hancock from Occupy Denver
3 years 12 weeks ago
tina braxton
The Floor Is Actually White
3 years 12 weeks ago

People can be labeled all kinds of things during a single lifetime, and those labels may or may not help them depending on the person and the situation. Cumulatively labels make up one's reputation which is essentially like a resume of one's past deeds – past deeds remembered. As one goes through their life they collect labels, some that are there because they actually earned them and others certain people outside of themselves stuck on them. People can't fight off all unfair or untrue labels and many do fade as time goes on and we grow up and get older.

his own face

A young person may have been labeled chubby, for example, yet over time lost weight and just by looking at them it is obvious to anyone they are are no longer the same physically. After a while that label can fade and people see them as something else, whether that thinness is good or bad. That is what is wonderful about life, it is always changing causing potentialities to arise and fall. Whatever the present, there is always the future and possibility for reorganization, rewriting and morphing all over into something else. That's life's beauty.

Bringing about changes to one's own reputation can be easy. As life goes on one grows what was once your reputation becomes old news, and the new person you are is what people see, think about and discuss. For most folks it's just that simple, we work hard in life to do things and get things we want, and in doing so our reputation and the labels people see when they look at us, morph.

For some other people however, the process is not simple. They need to put in extra effort with regards to their reputation because of something they have done or because of something that was done to them.

Neither is necessarily more difficult, it depends on the person.