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First Resurrection: A History of Islam in America
3 years 31 weeks ago

We must tell our own stories. Or someone else will tell them for us.

First Resurrection: A History of Islam in America is a narrative documentary shining a light on the histories and identities of American Muslims.

Even if you are not Muslim, this film is important because American Muslims have made a major contribution to oppositional currents in the United States. Now we can hear the story as told by the participants, rather than liberals on PBS.

Super Sneak Peak here:


Little Black Cart Newsletter September 2012
3 years 32 weeks ago
We are exhausted after the exciting events of the last month, having taken LBC to Los Angeles and Seattle and had friends table for us in Victoria and Minneapolis. Thanks to our friends we are able to travel far beyond what we are physically capable of. Friends! This month we are introducing a new imprint along with our September title. The imprint is called Repartee and will be comprised of new theory, history, and other intellectually-challenging material. The Repartee imprint will be distinguishable from other LBC Books imprints because of its simple and elegant presentation and challenging content. We are proud to announce the publication of our friend Duane Rousselle’s book After Post-Anarchism a critique of post-anarchism. This book takes post-anarchism to its limit through a reading of the philosophy of Georges Bataille, a philosophy that allows for new ways of conceiving anarchist ethics not predicated upon essentialist categories, foundationalist truth-claims, or the agency of the subject in the political context. Here are our five (other) most recent titles Anarchy 101 – Anarchy 101 – This book derives from the website of the same name ( and introduces the reader to a conversation about the possibilities of anarchy. Anarchy is many things to different people: a vision, a plan, a conversation, a process. It is the editor’s view that anarchy is best understood, and is most helpful, as a tension, a question, a rejection. This text operates from that premise. Treatise on Etiquette for the Younger Generations – By Raoul Vaneigem – Vaneigem sought in his Treatise on Etiquette for the Young Generationsto elaborate the subjectively-experienced, phenomenal connections between most of these same aspects of capitalist society.
Happy Birthday Occupy: Some Things to Consider While Setting Goals for Year II
3 years 32 weeks ago
tina braxton

I had some plans to write an essay about new social movements, and people who are new to social movements, and the problems and challenges they face. Everything is new at some point, and all people, no matter what they are trying to do, have to start from somewhere. And that is better than not starting at all.

In view of all that has been said here about Occupy Denver and Occupy Boulder, I think their fledgling flights have been better than we might have expected, considering the world many of the Occupiers (the younger ones) have grown up in. If we are going to compare Occupy with the social movements of the 1960's, it is essential that we compare background experiences, as well as results. And the current crop of disaffected youth have been severely shortchanged, in a process that started long before they were born. That process was partly a response to the movements of the Sixties--an effort to make sure it wouldn't happen again. The changes have mainly been in the areas of education and media. They were and are a form of psy-ops, intended to interfere with perception and thinking.

These changes have not been as successful as the designers had hoped, else there would be no Occupy. But the effects have still been profound. Education in the late Fifties and through the Sixties was a reaction to the Soviet launch of Sputnik, at a time when the U.S. was more interested in putting fins on cars.

Sark Flexner pointed out that the rising rate of youth suicide and the current economic recession
3 years 34 weeks ago

Sark Flexner pointed out that the rising rate of youth suicide and the current economic recession, high unemployment, and socio-economic factors, including urbanization and immigration issues are closely linked.

September 10, 2003 by the World Health Organization the first "World Suicide Prevention Day, in order to let the public concern of suicide, the World Health Organization and the International Association for Suicide Prevention called on Governments, Association for Suicide Prevention and agencies, local communities, medical workers as well as volunteers, added to the day of the local action together to improve public awareness of the importance of the problem of suicide and to reduce the suicide rate of consciousness.

Nearly a million people a year commit suicide
3 years 34 weeks ago

Upcoming World Suicide Prevention Day September 10, the United Nations said the number of the world to die by suicide than murder and war led to the sum of the number of deaths.

WHO mental health and drug abuse department heads  a press conference held in Geneva, according to a joint news website, pointed out that the global average every 40 seconds, one person commits suicide, the problem of suicide to the world has caused tremendous health and social burden.

"The number of people who die by suicide, more than the sum of the murder and war led to the death of this problem is usually associated with shame and silence, unable to enter the public eye. Nearly a million people every year worldwide, suicide, and is equivalent to this figures 20 times, tried to commit suicide, a phenomenon that has caused serious physical and psychological consequences. "Sack Isner said.

According to UN statistics, the number of people died by suicide in 1998 accounted for 1.8% of the total number of disease deaths are expected in 2020, this proportion will rise to 2.4%; increasing number and proportion of young people in the suicide deaths. Statistics show that 15-year-old to 44-year-old population, suicide is one of the reasons leading to death of the three, the second leading cause of suicide is the leading cause of death in young people aged 15 to 19 years old.

Massacre of striking miners in South Africa
3 years 36 weeks ago

All these disgusting proclamations only serve to hide the fact that Mandela and his ANC party now in power have historically worked to keep not only capitalism, but even – in the name of “reconciliation”, the status of economic and social domination of the white bourgeoisie – intact in South Africa .

Apartheid is gone, legally blacks have the same rights as whites, but the reality of exploitation, oppression, poverty and racism has not changed for the overwhelming majority of the population of South Africa. The only difference is that a thin layer of bureaucrats, businessmen and capitalists could integrate into the bourgeoisie, that black union bureaucrats are maintained, sometimes handsomely, to betray the interests of workers and that black mercenaries were recruited to “improve” the activity of the police.

On Thursday, August 16 this was again demonstrated by the police massacre using automatic weapons of 36 striking miners in Marikana at Lonmin, which mines metals in the platinum group. There were also many injured and more than 250 strikers were arrested. The country had not experienced such a massacre since the days of apartheid ...
Reinforced by the massacre and thinking that the strikers were prostrated by the bloody repression, they issued an ultimatum: return to work or dismissal.

How President Obama Created Paul Ryan
3 years 37 weeks ago
Workers Action

Paul Ryan is suddenly a household name after becoming Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate. Before that, Ryan had only become right-wing leadership material in the last year, based on his proposed national budget that hacks away at the core of many national social programs, including Medicare.

No one deserves more credit for Ryan's rapid rise into stardom than President Obama, who opened heavy political doors for the aspiring Republican vice president, none more weighty than that Pandora's box of "entitlement reform" — cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and other social programs.

Destroying these programs has been on the Republicans agenda forever; however, for decades there has not existed an environment to implement them — political suicide would've been the result.

For example, the Republican Eisenhower and Nixon presidencies make the modern Democratic party look like right-wing Republicans: Eisenhower taxed the wealthy at 90 percent; Nixon over 70 percent, both never dared discuss cutting either Social Security or Medicare in public.

Now it seems that anything is possible.

But it was the Obama Administration that started the "yes we can" motto to cutting Social Security and Medicare. Although Bush Jr. had similar ambitions, he froze in the face of massive opposition. Obama has obliterated this opposition, akin to his predator drones dismembering a Pakistani funeral.

An Introduction to Modern Slavery
3 years 37 weeks ago
Modern slavery should need no introduction. Modern slavery already intrudes into every aspect of life, debasing all it touches. It is the underlying organizing principle for all major economic institutions east and west, north and south. Its support and defense are the unspoken but automatically-understood objects of all major – and the vast majority of the minor – social, political and cultural institutions. Its infrastructure and demands extend into the deepest levels of modern consciousness, coloring our dreams as well as our nightmares. Yet modern slavery is largely invisible. Modern slavery is officially non-existent. It has been tossed down the memory hole. It is not spoken of in polite company. Every institutional and government functionary, from the lowest levels of bureaucratic purgatory to the upper levels of elite power, knows instinctively that any explicit mention of its name as a contemporary reality means instant social death within the hierarchy. It is a rare day when it is acknowledged in any public context, even by the most radical or reckless of iconoclasts. http://modernslavery.calpress.or...
Will 2012 be the Final Election of Lesser Evilism?
3 years 37 weeks ago
Workers Action

Just when the Obama campaign couldn’t appear any less inspiring, Paul Ryan was put forth as the Republican vice presidential candidate. Suddenly team Obama was supplied with enough political munitions to scare every last American over the possible Ryan destruction of Medicare, Medicaid, cuts to Social Security and the various other evils inherent in his proposed national budget. Consequently, many Liberals and Leftists across the spectrum are now focused on preaching the horrors of a Republican presidential victory and thus the necessity of re-electing Obama.

But critical thinkers are immune to scare tactics. It’s no coincidence that the Obama campaign is not running on its own merits, but the lack of merit of its opponents. Many Obama supporters, such as leftists Bill Fletcher Jr. and Carl Davidson, argue that Obama’s record doesn’t matter, because this election is about defeating the right wing’s “white supremacy and political misogynism.”

For progressive economist and former Labor Secretary under President Clinton Robert Reich, Ryan’s budget represents the nightmare of “social Darwinism”, and therefore Obama must be elected.

This writer will not argue with the above points about the far right, since there obviously exists deep elements of racism and misogynism in its camp. But voting for Obama is no way to fight these evils; quite the contrary.

Voting for the Democrats does not empower working people to fight against right-wing extremism. Instead, working people are forced to give away their power to a political party that is in no way beholden to them, since the Democrats have a corporate agenda divorced from the needs of the vast majority of working people. There is no way to hold Democrats accountable once they’re in office, especially when they’ve all but stopped making campaign promises to working people.

Many Reasons Libertarians, Greens, Dems, Socialists Oppose Romney
3 years 38 weeks ago
Not Romney
Whether you are a Democrat, Libertarian, Green, Socialist, Tea Party member or other, here are some of many reasons to vote against Mitt Romney. Please multipost this article. *********************************************************************************** Chickenhawk and father of 5 chickenhawks, warmonger and US bankrupter, attacker of Social Security contracts government made with people, treason with Chinese government, wealth comprised of stolen pension funds and corporate assets raiding, bloater of national deficit, hider of tax records, tax evader, outsourcer, a man who banks offshore , staff having removed 12 hard drives from Massachusetts governor’s office, directed destruction of Olympics records, violated SEC rules re Bain Capital, supported LDS racism in 1968, LDS denial of women's rights supports premeditated judicial murder, opposes medical marijuana, brutal to many kinds of animals, illegal acquisition of Clear Channel, profiteering from political ads carried on Clear Channel, legally questionable foreign fundraisers, questions regarding Olympics coins minted with his image, decadent lifestyle includes 2 story garages with car elevators, Romney operative vote fraud in Maine etc., general Republican vote fraud, Dr Strangelove re use of nuclear weapons, supporter of nuclear power, opposer of wind power, supporter of offshore and ANWR drilling, and of toxic Keystone Pipeline bringing Canadian tar through US, associater with other bankster criminals, relationship of multiple sclerosis to being dominated, Mormons believe in war but are exempted as missionaries, Mormon capital funded purchase of Bain Capital etc. flipflops on prolife prochoice, on TARP, and many other issues. ************************************************************************************* 1. CHICKENHAWK FATHER OF FIVE CHICKENHAWKS Romney is a chickenhawk (someone who has never gone to war but promotes sending others into harm's way).
Get The Internationalist, Summer 2012!
3 years 38 weeks ago

The Internationalist Summer 2012

Get The Internationalist, Summer 2012!

A new tabloid issue of The Internationalist is hot off the presses!

Get your copy, 24 pages of revolutionary Marxist theory and analysis: ask an Internationalist supporter or send $0.50 to Mundial Publications, Box 3321 Church Street Station, New York, NY 10008 USA

Articles in this issue:

* What Happened to the Arab Spring?
Storm over the Middle East
U.S./NATO Imperialists Hands Off Syria!

* The Empty Election Promises of "Mr. Deportations" Obama

* Las huecas promesas electorales de "Mr. Deportaciones" Obama

* Portland Trotskyist Study Group Fuses with Internationalist Group

* Labor Must Clean Its Own House: For a Class Struggle Opposition in the Union Movement (by the Portland Trotskyist Study Group)

* Anaheim Cops on Murderous Rampage Against Latino Youth

* Thousands Protest Racist NYPD "Stop and Frisk"

* Greece: Battle Over Anti-Worker Austerity Comes to a Head

* Brazil Prepares for Militarized Olympics Repressing Poor and Working People

* Teachers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Stop Work to Stop High Stakes Test

* Mexico: Defeat the Bourgeois Repression of the PRI, PAN and PRD! Workers to Power!
Mission Impossible: #YoSoy132 Proposes to Clean Up the Electoral Farce

* Quebec Student Strike: Defeat the Capitalist Attack

Out of the Slump: The Only Road
3 years 38 weeks ago
Workers Action

A real analysis of the United State’s economic history is rarely discussed by politicians or media alike, since the conclusions that would be inevitably drawn would be out of step with what politicians are currently advocating.

In fact, the current recession is only one more step — though a big one — along the same economic degeneration that has been underway since the end of the post war boom of 1945-1973. The Democrats and the Republicans cannot and will not be able to solve the problems of capitalism in the era of crisis that we’re stumbling through, a crisis that promises to evolve into Great Depression levels.

The post-World War II capitalist “golden age” came about from the destruction caused by the war. It was precisely this destruction that opened up big markets for reconstruction and expansion of markets for the United States. As some wag stated, “War is the health of the nation.” It was capital accumulation, mainly in the advanced capitalist countries, that provided the boom for western capitalism in an otherwise declining system.

America’s economy roughly doubled during the war, from a GNP of $88.6 billion in 1939 to $135 billion in 1944, which established its hegemonic position in the postwar system ( Now, capitalism, and capitalism alone, knows the peculiar problem of “overproduction” — too many goods produced without a market able to absorb them. The world capitalist class overcame this problem by engaging in what is now called “globalization”: Lowering tariff barriers, engaging in more world trade, increasing the world division of labor, etc., all this has allowed capitalism to overcome its problems for a period.

Keynes and the Illusion Avoiding Economic Slumps

“NO!” means “NO!” EDU response to Tentative Agreement
3 years 38 weeks ago
Workers Action

Workers Action Introduction

The following statement was produced by Educators for a Democratic Union (EDU), a progressive caucus in the San Francisco teachers union, United Educators of San Francisco (UESF).

After enumerating a series of concessions recently negotiated by UESF in bargaining a tentative agreement, the EDU caucus statement correctly urges all UESF members to vote NO on the tentative agreement. In the wake of almost all unions accepting concessions without a struggle, the following statement presents an inspiring counterexample to this trend.

As is typical across the country, state and local funding for education has been reduced, and administrations are implementing cuts and demanding concessions from teachers. Meanwhile budget deficits are depicted as if they were acts of god, entirely out of the control of humans.

In reality, however, the situation is quite different thanks to endemic political corruption. For example, in 2011 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors awarded Twitter a $22 million tax break over a period of six years. Then the Board outdid itself in corporate largess by awarding Zynga a tax break that was worth “$30 million to $50 million in local taxes in the first year alone…” (The New York Times, “Lobbyists Play Outsize Role as Political Fund-Raisers in San Francisco, June 12, 2011).

How do these quite profitable corporations fare so well while education is slashed and hacked to pieces, and the public good is desecrated? The lobbyists for these corporations help almost all the members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, including the most progressive member, John Avalos, raise money for their election campaigns (see The New York Times, “Lobbyists Play Outsize Role as Political Fund-Raisers in San Francisco, June 12, 2011).

The Dark Heart of the Libor Scandal
3 years 38 weeks ago
Workers Action

Though, for most, the London Inter-Bank Offer Rate (Libor) interest rate fixing scandal appears to be distant and far too complex to understand, its potential consequences may be as economically devastating as a world war.

The Libor is used to set payments on $800 trillion worth of financial instruments. It sets the prices that people and corporations pay for loans and receive for savings. Given that the fraud impacted $10 trillion in consumer loans, the Libor scandal will likely leave a long list of previous financial scandals that contributed to the Great Recession look like child's play.

It also pulls back the curtain on the mechanisms behind the world economy, its anti-social priorities, its willingness to gamble away the future of billions of people, and the government's collusion in these operations. The Libor scandal reveals that the "invisible hand" Adam Smith spoke of in explaining how a capitalist economy regulates itself has been transformed into the trained hand of a swindler.

The Libor and its Problems

The Libor sets interest rates that banks charge one another to borrow on a daily basis. Sixteen (now eighteen) large banks submit their assessment of what they anticipate credit would cost them. The four lowest and four highest calculations are thrown out, and the interest rate is determined as the middle figure among the remaining assessments.

While the method that the banks use to determine the figure they report to Libor is largely arbitrary, it is, nevertheless, assumed that they won't take advantage of the process to game the system. This is a rather remarkable leap of faith since there are billions of dollars of profit if the banks can find a clever way to sidestep the rules. In contrast to popular knowledge, the Libor expects honor among thieves.

Syria’s “Liberated” Future: Ethnic-Religious Cleansing and Genocide
3 years 39 weeks ago
Workers Action

A fascinating shift has happened in the U.S. mainstream media: After a year of anti-Syria war propaganda and lies, glimmers of truth are making their way into the public’s view. This may be too little too late: the country is being torn at the seams into the nightmare of ethnic-religious cleansing and massacres.


After non-stop war mongering, The New York Times took a second to wipe the blood off its hands to report the true state of things in Syria. Apparently, the previous, ongoing reports about the Syrian army indiscriminately massacring citizens in the city of Homs was simply a lie, repeated over and over.

It now turns out that the exact opposite was true.

In actuality, many of the refugees fleeing Homs were persecuted Christians, attacked by members of the Free Syrian Army, who have been killing religious minorities in an attempt to recruit hard-line Sunnis in Syria as they wage a religious war against the Syrian secular state.

The Background

Because the Free Syrian Army did not emerge from a popular revolution — but instead the pocketbooks and arsenal
of Saudi Arabia — the war to destroy the Syrian government had to be waged as an ethnic-religious war. Saudi Arabia has a long history of exporting its rare extremist form of Sunni Islam, Wahhabism, as a political tool to help overthrow unfriendly governments.

The U.S. has a long-standing alliance with Saudi Arabia in this effort, a dynamic that, over the years, has given birth to both the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The U.S. refuses to stop using this strategy because it’s incredibly effective at overthrowing “unfriendly” governments, while keeping large sections of the Middle East stalled in the formative years of Islam, which keeps a good check on any political activity from working people, since in Saudi Arabia protests, labor unions, and civil rights are illegal.