The March For A World Without Police and Zombies by Phillip Reynes

The March For A World Without Police and Zombies by Phillip Reynes

Police chief WhiteIt was a beautiful fall night this past Saturday as people gathered for the third anuual March For A World Without Police. The police presence was oppressively heavy which made me wonder at the judgment of our new lair and chief; oh, excuse me I mean Chief of police, who supposedly is a reformer but to anyone here this night seemed to want to provoke trouble. Chief White has a credibility problem with this community ever since the march in February where he at his press confrence fragrently lied about the arest and the reasons for it at the March. COIMC took over 1,1oo pictures on that march and nothing he said about water balloons full of urine or excrement was true!! That was not a good start for Chief White and this march just serves to show that he thinks dissent can be quelled through intimidation.

August 21st: All in the Streets Against the Police

Tuesday August 21st


La Alma Park (13th and Mariposa)


Justice for Kevin Ryberg!

End Denver police terror!

Free Amelia Nicol!

Solidarity with those resisting state repression in the Northwest!

On July 31st, metro area police murdered yet another unarmed person. 22 year old Kevin Ryberg was shot multiple times while being held in the back of a Denver police cruiser while it was en route to the District 2 police station in Northeast Denver.

Ryberg is alleged to have assaulted the officer driving the car. Police claim he was able to slip out of his handcuffs and somehow get through a metal and plexiglass security wall that specifically exists to protect a police officer from a passenger attacking them. A second police vehicle came up alongside the car. It is unclear which officer shot the suspect, and how the events transpired.

At least one of the officers involved in the shooting, Randall Krouse, has a history of lying about suspects assaulting officers, not to mention using racially inspired epithets against suspects. According to the Denver Post, “In January 2006, Krouse used a Taser on the neck of a handcuffed drunk, Kenneth Rodriguez, 46, who ended up serving four days in jail after Krouse filed a report falsely accusing the suspect of assaulting another officer. A videotape of the incident showed Krouse asking, "Understando Taser?" before using the Taser while escorting the belligerent but unarmed Rodriguez into a holding cell.”

The dust has barely settled on this most recent shooting, but already it is hard not to think of the various incidents in recent history where Denver area law enforcement have killed unarmed suspects. The names of Alonzo Ashley, Oleg Gidenko, Marvin Booker, and Emily Rice are but a few that most in Denver might be familiar with.

Greater Denver Area: Call for an Anarchist May Day

So far the IWW has called for a “General Strike” in Denver, the website denver general strike has actions posted, but not even the Denver IWW, which launched the idea, has any of its own public plans for marches, rallies, parties, etc. on the site yet. I hope that they come up with some, preferably coordinated with the migrant community.  I have no illusion that the general strike will succeed in a significant portion of the population joining, or doing much to shut down the city. Currently the one and only event listed is the Occupy march at 12:30, and a possible address from political prisoner Siddique Abdullah Hasan at the same march and rally. However, many anarchists do not feel safe at Occupy events and see it as a place of heavy surveillance, political co-optation, and social repression. Furthermore, after Denver ABC’s official withdrawal of legal support, supporting Occupy feels to many of us autonomous anarchists as a form of betrayal to part of the anarchist community. Finally, the Occupy movement does not represent, although it may have certain affinities with, the vision and values of many anarchists. Supporting the Occupy movement can leave a dirty feeling for many of us.

Spring Time for Occupy by Phillip Reynes

Spring Time for Occupy by Phillip Reynes

Yes it was a beautiful day this Saturday. The sky was blue with just a few clouds and the breeze was nice, just right, as I walked to Lincoln Park. It was 10:00 and the march was not scheduled until noon and yet there where already people waiting, waving signs, talking, enjoying the beautiful morning, their spirits where high. Everyone had a smile. I looked around and noted with a smile that chalk was back. Yes, over the winter writing slogans in chalk on the sidewalk had gone away – due to the snow and damp – but it was back and the sidewalks where again covered. A sure sign the spring has arrived.

“Unite Occupy”, “revolution is the only solution”, and “elected officials are traitors and prostitutes” where scratched on the sidewalk along with a host of other slogans. Signs where being made and stacked up in preparation for the days march as people chatted and enjoyed the day and shared in a common purpose.

The Fuck the Police March, Arrests, and The Who by Phillip Reynes

The Fuck the Police March, Arrests, and The Who by Phillip Reynes

The Fuck the Police March (FTP) was attacked. I was there and saw no provocation. At least three where arrested. It was a hard thing to have to watch. People being hurt by , as one marching chant said, the army of the rich – the chant was "Police, the army of the rich." When the police ruched in the batons hitting and pepper guns pointed at people from point blank distances you could feel the violence they where trained to inflict. It of course could have been so much worse but for those hit, manhandled and arrested I guess that's a moot point.

I had seen the girl, in the photo above, at the front of the march. She was probably 18 but her youthful face and big smile and bubbly demeanor made her look young and add to the the fact that she probably weighed less then 100 pounds gave her the appearance of a girl. Contrast this with the 220+ pound storm trooper who is slamming her with his baton for the sake of it. The site of it made me so mad!!

Saturday started like any other Occupy Saturday at the park. There where the usual people there when Colorado Indy Media arrived at 10am. The Occupy the Moment people, a Buddhist group was there meditating and it was a beautiful day. Not much was going on at the park and people seemed to be taking in the fine weather. The Occupiers had had a tough week weather wise and the mood was relaxed as I made my way around talking to the protesters. People where just waking up and everyone seemed to have a smile.

Immigrant Issues and the Saturday Occupy Rally by Phillip Reynes

What a beautiful Day i thought as I walked from my car to the park to cover the rally. It was brisk, cool, but sunny and I felt refreshed as I approached the Occupy protesters. I reflected upon the article I read in the Denver Post – such a right wing rag really, though to right wingers they would think the thought crazy; but what do you expect from people who do not read or even understand simple concepts, like socialism, or left wing – about the new police chief meeting the demonstrators and telling them that all “encumbrances to the side walk must come down.”

I had yet to talk to any one about it at occupy but the thought made me laugh, boy he (the new police chief) and Hickenlooper and the Mayor must really be out of touch I thought as I walked up. They do not understand how angry many people are.

What did I see before me as I approached? More “encumbrances” then where there when the new police chief spoke to the movements leaders. I smiled. Some where of cardboard and others appeared to be of cardboard but upon closer inspection where reenforced with wood to make removal more difficult. This made me happy, as all civil disobedience does against an unjust system.

Community March & Rally Against Police Brutality!

Join West Denver Copwatch, Aurora Copwatch, the hood, the barrio, the community, and concerned folks for a tour of police brutality.

Denver Law Enforcement has been brutal for years, however the situation has reached a pinnacle.

We will be marching to the sites of the most recent incidents of brutality

The march will be begin at 20th St and Little Raven where Mark Ashford was brutalized.

It will continue to 15th street and Larimer where Shawn Johnson and Michael DeHerrera were viciously assaulted.

The march will end at the Van Cise Justice Center where Marvin Booker was murdered by the hands of Denver deputies, and the rally will ensue.


Where: Gather at 20th and Little Raven

When: Saturday August 28, 2010 @ 2:00pm, Step off @ 2:30pm

Bring your love and your rage

Contact info:

Denver Protests Ongoing Imperialist Wars

Denver Protests Ongoing Imperialist Wars


October 7 was the 8th anniversary of the start of the current war in Afghanistan by the United States. A number of national groups in the remaining U.S. anti-war movement called for actions. Locally the Denver Anti-War Network (DAWN) called for a march many months ago, and it kicked off this day. Many activists gathered for two separate events in Denver on October 7th, a march against the Afghanistan war, and a “Justice and Peace Jamboree” right after the march.

About 50 people mobilized for a rally and march that started at the Denver Federal Courthouse downtown. A rally was held there for an hour. A street theater was held about the situation in Afghanistan. The crowd consisted of nominal anti-imperialists, anarchists, national liberation supporters, and anti-police brutality activists, along with RAIM members and supporters. As it was a broad-based march against the war in Afghanistan, there were many who advocated First Worldist, pro-Amerika politics. RAIM provided many anti-imperialist, anti-Amerika, anti-troop, and pro-Third World signs and slogans to promote our politics. After the rally the march then set down 16th Street mall. It was small in comparison to previous anti-war rallies, but was spirited and opted for more charged slogans. “Number One Terrorist, U.S. Imperialists” were chanted by a large majority of the protesters for much of the march. The protest itself stayed on message, the notable interject of the so-called health care debate in the march was a sign brought by a RAIM comrade: “The Real Health Care Crisis- Amerikan Imperialism.”

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