Amy Goodman arrested


Amy Goodman, popular host of the DemocracyNow! program that airs on satellite, cable and other network feeds, including Channel 12 television in Denver, has been arrested at the Republican National Convention in Minnesota. The DemocracyNow! team was filming tear gassing, pepper spraying, and firing of rubber bullets. The DemocracyNow! team was tear gassed and pepper sprayed, then arrested.



DemocracyNow! website:


Twin Cities Indymedia reports: Amy Goodman has now been released. Many others, including journalists, are still being held.

Massive police raids on suspected protestors in Minneapolis

"There is clearly an intent on the part of law enforcement authorities here to engage in extreme and highly intimidating raids against those who are planning to protest the Convention... Targeting people with automatic-weapons-carrying SWAT teams and mass raids in their homes, who are suspected of nothing more than planning dissident political protests at a political convention and who have engaged in no illegal activity whatsoever, is about as redolent of the worst tactics of a police state as can be imagined..."


Federal government involved in raids on protesters

More extraordinary than these extreme raids is the fact that they are generating so little attention and even less outcry.


Raids, raids, raids in the Twin Cities

Houses raided, 5 arrested; critics decry crackdown


Police raids enrage activists, alarm others


5 arrested, dozens detained in pre-RNC raids


Police crackdown: Rolling out the raid carpet


City inspectors board up raided home for ‘code violations’


Police seize ‘propaganda literature,’ staples, curtain rods, and caltrops from raided home on 17th Avenue


Police raid headquarters of RNC protesters


Police target protesters at RNC convention


LiveWire - Breaking news from the streets


The police state reveals a heavy hand in Minnesota

I don't anticipate that Colorado Indymedia will attempt to follow every raid, arrest, or home invasion this week of the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis/St. Paul. But this may be a typical example:

A van full of activists from Texas was pulled over on Lake st. and 11th ave. in Minneapolis by police with drawn shotguns on Saturday afternoon.


Wide Spread Multi-agency Raids Continue in St. Paul

Wide Spread Multi-agency Raids Continue in St. Paul


An unscheduled, emergency video from Submedia:


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