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**This is a reprint from, the Intermountain Jewish News web site, regarding an August 19th action done by Front Range Jewish Voice for Peace at the JEWISHcolorado (formerly Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado) offices. We went to deliver a petition to the Federation to demand that their leadership condemn the massacre on Gaza, Operation Protective Edge, which occured throughout July and August of 2014.


In Andrea Jacobs’ article “Activists invade JEWISHcolorado” (Aug. 29), Janet Sherman, the Israel programs coordinator of the former Allied Federation, was interviewed.

However, Sherman was not present in the downstairs offices where we, members of Front Range Jewish Voice for Peace, were gathered.

When I was welcomed into the building, Susan Weinberger, the federation’s outreach coordinator, came down to meet me. The only people in the office were some members of the office staff and Susan.

When Andrea Jacobs reached out to us she asked for someone who was present at the action and we more than willingly obliged, which is why Neal Feldman was interviewed. We were honest and confident enough in our action to provide the perspective of one who was present.

Sherman claims that I entered under false pretenses. Actually I was not using pretense. I really had just moved to Denver and wanted to talk about federation programs, namely the one called “Social Iron Dome” that gives donations only to Israel but ignores Palestinian suffering. After I was buzzed in, other members of Jewish Voice for Peace entered. We, as a collective, wanted our voices to be heard. We are not just one person, but an entire group that has a different opinion from JEWISHcolorado policy.

Justice for Ryan Ronquillo! Marchers Force Cops to Retreat

Saturday, August 30, 2014, in Denver.

Oil Train Week of Action July 6-13, 2014

Please repost far and wide.

Are explosive Bakken crude oil trains coming through your town? / Actions you can take now!

July 6, 2014 marks the one year anniversary of the first major oil train explosion in Canada which took the lives of 47 people. The week of July 6-13, 2014 is an international week of action to mark this anniversary and make sure these folk’s lives were not lost in vain. Your actions should not be limited to this one week as we are dealing with an entrenched oil and rail industry and don’t settle for anything less than the a complete ban on any oil shipped by DOT 111 and DOT 111a cars.

Actions are being posted on

When you organize a protest please contact us at

We have come up with tactics here in Vancouver, Washington to take this from a defensive to an offensive fight against the oil by rail industry. Please consider using these tactics as they are and will be effective. If you begin using this tactics please contact us so we can help document your work. If you need tech support contact us.
Take care, matt landon with Vancouver Action Network

Check out this map to see if oil trains are coming through--

Oil trains are bad because they have blown up at least 8 times in the last year killing innocent railside residents and polluting the environment. As the US and Canada have increased their oil extraction and production--and as resistance to oil pipelines becomes more effective--the use of trains to transport oil has skyrocketed, leaving communities vulnerable to explosions, oil spills, and unmonitored oil train air emissions. We must take action now to stop this trend!

January 5th: Everything for Everyone, and Nothing for Ourselves!

A tradition has started to form in Denver of street demonstrations on the 5th of each month. On January 5th, folks will take to the streets under a united banner declaring “Shit's Fucked Up and Bullshit”, a phrase meant to draw together the wide array of concerns that fuel the anger burning within many across this nation. Austerity, warfare, surveillance, evictions, foreclosures, layoffs, police terror, and many other symptoms of late stage capitalism are wreaking havoc on our lives.

January also marks the 20th anniversary of a massive uprising centered in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico. On January 1st, 1994, armed Mayans and peasants launched an insurrection unlike any in modern history. The Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN or Zapatistas) seized cities, villages, and land that had been stripped away from the indigenous peoples of Chiapas by centuries of colonization and imperialism.

The Zapatista Rebellion, taking inspiration from Mexican anarchist and peasant revolutionary leader Emiliano Zapata, still thrives today, two decades after they first drove the Mexican military out of their territories. Through two decades of struggle, ranging from armed battles to street demonstrations, land expropriation to prison breaks, the Zapatistas and their revolutionary struggle continue to serve as an inspiration to those struggling against predatory economic, political, and social systems across the world.

July 4th: March to End Illegal Surveillance

When: July 4th @ Noon
Where: Colorado State Capitol

The 1st Amendment is our permit to march. The only rights we have are the ones we fight to keep. All are welcome.

In solidarity with Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning. BRING WHISTLES!

We demand that the surveillance of any person be done with the direct oversight of the international public and that whistleblowers and truth tellers be protected from prosecution!

We demand the full freedom of press and privacy as promised by the U.S. Constitution! We demand all our constitutional rights!

The Patriot Act has accelerated the widespread use of illegal surveillance in violation of the spirit and letter of the 4th Amendment.

We demand the PATRIOT Act be repealed and the National Security Agency be fully investigated on the issue of unwarranted surveillance!

We ask for the involvement of all people in a sign-carrying march at Civic Center Park to HALO camera HQ (13th and cherokee/ police hq) on Independence Day, July 4, at high noon, to demand greater public awareness of surveillance and persecuted whistleblowers!

Meet at the Capitol!

Occupy Denver opposes white supremacy, this march is governed by Occupy Denver's anti-oppression committments.
We support a diversity of tactics when dealing with bigotry in our community.

Fridays: Boycott The Palm

When: Fridays at 5 p.m.
Where: The Palm, 1672 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80202 (map)

This action seeks to highlight the role of The Palm and the Colorado Restaurant Association in pushing an ordinance through the city council that criminalized the survival act of sleeping by our homeless friends. Wendy Klein, the sales manager at The Palm, testified for the Downtown Denver Partnership in support of the “Urban Camping” Ban. Detailed information on the impact of the “Urban Camping” Ban on the homeless can be found at Denver Homeless Out Loud.

Wendy Klein, sales manager at The Palm, spoke in strong favor of the ordinance criminalizing homelessness at the April 30, 2012 city council public hearing about the “Urban Camping” Ban. She also brought the unanimous vote of the Colorado Restaurant Association in support of the ban to the City Council.

According to Kline who could only refer to the homeless as they or it, “they are lining up outside our doors even as we speak this evening placing their property on our property to save their nights real estate so that they will have a safe, warm place to sleep impeding our guests and even those who are walking back and forth from the restaurant…Now with the warmer weather descending, we are seeing it come back in full force. Our people are asking us what we can do.”

The wealthiest “movers and shakers” in Denver meet to eat, socialize and make deals at Palm Restaurant.

Camping Ban Proves to be Counterproductive and Cruel

Survey finds law criminalizes activities necessary for homeless survival without providing alternatives.


The Report:
The Denver Camping Ban: A Report from the Street

Press Release:
Camping Ban Proves to be Counterproductive and Cruel

Denver Commission on Homelessness and Report Release Events







Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) is a coalition of individuals and organizations working hand-in-hand with and for the homeless on the impact of the “Urban Camping” Ban. The “Urban Camping” Ban authorizes the police to require the homeless go to a shelter or move along whenever they are caught protecting themselves from the elements or face criminal sanctions. The ordinance went into effect on May 28, 2012. DHOL works to insure that Denver’s homeless community has access to public space, adequate services, and a political voice in the City of Denver.

Farewell, Richard

Richard Myers, union activist, writer, labor historian, graphic artist, photojournalist, poet, and proud worker, passed from this world on Thursday evening.  His loss leaves the Denver social justice community stunned and heartbroken.

Richard was born and raised in Nebraska and came to Denver in his youth.  He worked in a factory for 33 years, where he also began a career as a union activist.  Richard served as a steward in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.  Later he joined the Industrial Workers of the World, where he played a vital role in making the Wobblies an important player in the Colorado social justice community.  For two years, Richard also served the IWW as Branch Secretary of the Denver General Membership Branch.  He joined the fight for grocery and retail workers, with the United Food and Commercial Workers.

Richard worked passionately for many other causes and could always be found where people were fighting the good fight.  He was one of the founders of Colorado Indymedia and a major participant in our predecessor, Rocky Mountain Indymedia.  His poster art has been an important feature of almost every radical and progressive campaign in the area, for decades.

Need Denver action in support of Mainers attacked by Denver-based Big Gas

Coloradans, can you help Mainers fend off a Denver-based Big Gas attack on Penobscot Bay?   Creative actions needed to confront BIg Gas in its home habitat.

LPG gas distributor DCP Midstream LLC, a BIG natural gas port, pipeline & megatank operator, is close to getting its OKs to transform and industrialize our bay's estuary, heart of the Maine lobster ecosystem, by establishing the east coast's biggest Liquified Petroleum Gas terminal in the our bay's brackish waters..


Denver Protest for the People of Gaza 11.15.12

Video by Jason Bosch --thanks Jason!

Denver For Gaza 11.15.2012 from Jason Bosch on Vimeo.


Also, some excellent pictures by Chris Steele





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