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Yellowstone Announces End to 2014 Bison Slaughter Following One-Man Blockade


Comfrey Jacobs appeared in U.S. federal court today for his first arraignment after being arrested for blocking the road to Yellowstone National Park’s bison trap on March 6.

Jacobs blocked the road before more wild bison could be loaded onto trailers destined for slaughter facilities. Jacobs handcuffed himself to a hunter orange 55-gallon barrel filled with concrete, and wire-mesh webbing spanning the entrance to the roadway. 

Jacobs was charged with three offenses: disorderly conduct, breaking a closure and interfering with a government operation. He was offered a plea bargain: if he plead guilty he would be charged $1,000 in restitution, be placed on unsupervised probation for five year and be banned from Yellowstone National Park for five years.

Jacobs did not accept the plea bargain, as he is awaiting further legal counsel. There will be a continuation of his arraignment on April 2. If Jacobs chooses to go to trial, he will be tried by a judge and not a jury of his peers.

The goal of Comfrey’s decision to block access to Yellowstone’s bison trap was to prevent more of America’s last wild, migratory bison from being shipped to slaughter. Jacobs stalled slaughter operations for more than two hours.

Comfrey’s action demonstrated strong public opposition to the buffalo slaughter and has drawn an incredible amount of media and public attention to the issue. The day following Jacob’s blockade, Yellowstone National Park issued their only press release for this year’s controversial bison operations, announcing that the Stephens Creek bison trap was empty and Yellowstone had no further plans to capture this season.

July 4th: March to End Illegal Surveillance

When: July 4th @ Noon
Where: Colorado State Capitol

The 1st Amendment is our permit to march. The only rights we have are the ones we fight to keep. All are welcome.

In solidarity with Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning. BRING WHISTLES!

We demand that the surveillance of any person be done with the direct oversight of the international public and that whistleblowers and truth tellers be protected from prosecution!

We demand the full freedom of press and privacy as promised by the U.S. Constitution! We demand all our constitutional rights!

The Patriot Act has accelerated the widespread use of illegal surveillance in violation of the spirit and letter of the 4th Amendment.

We demand the PATRIOT Act be repealed and the National Security Agency be fully investigated on the issue of unwarranted surveillance!

We ask for the involvement of all people in a sign-carrying march at Civic Center Park to HALO camera HQ (13th and cherokee/ police hq) on Independence Day, July 4, at high noon, to demand greater public awareness of surveillance and persecuted whistleblowers!

Meet at the Capitol!

Occupy Denver opposes white supremacy, this march is governed by Occupy Denver's anti-oppression committments.
We support a diversity of tactics when dealing with bigotry in our community.

Camping Ban Proves to be Counterproductive and Cruel

Survey finds law criminalizes activities necessary for homeless survival without providing alternatives.


The Report:
The Denver Camping Ban: A Report from the Street

Press Release:
Camping Ban Proves to be Counterproductive and Cruel

Denver Commission on Homelessness and Report Release Events







Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL) is a coalition of individuals and organizations working hand-in-hand with and for the homeless on the impact of the “Urban Camping” Ban. The “Urban Camping” Ban authorizes the police to require the homeless go to a shelter or move along whenever they are caught protecting themselves from the elements or face criminal sanctions. The ordinance went into effect on May 28, 2012. DHOL works to insure that Denver’s homeless community has access to public space, adequate services, and a political voice in the City of Denver.

Documents from DHS/FBI Attempted Seizure of Colorado Indymedia Server

Approximately two years ago, the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI attempted to seize the Colorado Indymedia server because somebody posted a communique here taking responsibility for the breaking of windows at an ICE office. If you want to read more about the incident and our response, see our article at

I filed Freedom of Information Requests to the Loveland Police Department, the Department of Homeland Security, and a couple other agencies to find out more about the investigation that almost took our site offline. I received a couple dozen pages of records. Because of the contents of these records, we now have conclusive proof the DHS/FBI agents that visited the organization that hosts our server (Denver Open Media) lied to them about having a warrant to seize the server. While I am not in the least bit surprised that they lied about this (and they are certainly allowed to under the law), we now know for certain that it was a lie. This serves as another reminder that you should always double-check the claims that police make.

I've posted the records here in case anybody else may find them useful in researching political repression in the area. Please note that you cannot use any personal information from the records of Loveland PD or other state agencies for business/solicitation purposes per C.R.S. 24-72-305.5 (see

Records from CIAC (Colorado Information Analysis Center/Fusion Center)

Records from the FBI

Pictures of the vandalism from the Loveland PD:

Loveland PD Records

Help fund Wild Roots Feral Futures 2012!

Wild Roots Feral Futures is an informal, completely free and non-commercial, and loosely organized event operating on (less than a) shoe-string budget, formed entirely off of donated, scavenged, or liberated supplies and sustained through 100% volunteer effort. 

This year, we are reaching out to the greater community in an appeal for funding donations. All proceeds go directly to acquiring essential collective supplies and food, as well as reimbursing trainers, speakers, teachers, performers, medics, and others who are traveling long distances to provide us with their services, knowledge, skills, and expertise.

Donation records & expense reports will be openly reviewed on the ground at Wild Roots Feral Futures by the organizers' collective and any other attendees/participants interested in such transparency and accountability.

Every dollar helps. Thank you in advance!

Why It's Time to Repeal Colorado's "Three Strikes" Law

Like many, prehaps most, prisoners Caveman is not too bright. He has other virtues, among them a great sense of humour and that is important when you find yourself serving life in prison. Caveman didn't rape or kill anybody. He is instead one of a large number of non-violent offenders to be serving a life sentence as a habitual offender in Colorado's state prison system. He says it happened like this. Like many, probably most, prisoners Caveman has a drug problem. In his case with meth. Because meth is expensive, Caveman has sold a lot of it over the course of his life. He never became a big drug dealer but he managed somehow to pay for his dope habit. He also managed to get himself arrested, repeatedly, and go to prison, repeatedly. The last time Caveman was out of prison he decided he was going to make the stuff himself. Other prisoners had told him how easy it was to make meth on your stovetop and he resolved to do just that. Did I mention that Caveman isn't too bright? He must have forgot one of the steps in the receipe, or something, because Caveman, much as he wanted to, did not make meth on his stovetop. He made fire. Of course he tried to put it out. But he didn't have a fire extinguisher, and when he threw water on the blaze he created on the stovetop it just got bigger. Maybe if he'd made it to highschool he would have known not to throw water on a chemical fire, but he hadn't and so he did. So instead of making meth on his stovetop Caveman burned down his landlords house.

Is Bigger Better

The HomewardBound Shelter is filled beyond capacity every night of the year.
Now plans are underway to build a larger facillity for its residents...but
Is Bigger Better?

Russell Means to Attend Buffalo Harvest at Fort Lewis College

By Carol Berry, Indian Country Today Media Network, March 7, 2012

Russell Means, a prominent Oglala Lakota activist, actor and cancer survivor, is one of several elders scheduled to attend a buffalo harvest March 16 to 18 at Fort Lewis College (FLC), in southwestern Colorado.

“I am very honored to be present at the upcoming buffalo ceremony,” Means told ICTMN. “I look forward to speaking to the students.”

Means is currently undergoing a periodic medical checkup at a Scottsdale, Arizona clinic where he received targeted radiation therapy for throat cancer. He says a combination of that therapy and traditional healing methods have left him “essentially cancer-free.”

Undercover and Unaccountable: The Western Slope Drug Task Force

One of the biggest casualties of the four-decade long war on drugs is our freedom. The Drug War has been used to gut our Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights, to lock-up millions of non-violent offenders in our booming Prison Industrial Complex, and to extend an ever growing network of secret police and paid informants.

The use of undercover police and paid informants is a notorious area for graft and corruption. Since these undercover operations are secret there is little or no oversight of their actions.

A glimpse into the secret world of the Drug War is available by looking at the Arrest Affidavit for Steven Anthony Valles, who was convicted of selling meth in 2007.

GJPD Officer and Drug Task Force member David Arcady swore under oath in the affidavit that he used an unwitting accomplice, Jennifer Williams, to make meth buys. Williams, according to Arcady, was three months pregnant when they bought meth from Valles. Arcady swore that after the buy “Williams then opened the bag and took some methamphetamine out of the bag as payment for the completion of the deal,” but that “the general rule is not to allow any drug to get away.”

Arcady states under oath that during the buy, “Williams advised that she used a hypodermic needle and it was good (meth).” William then showed UC (undercover) Arcady “where she used the needle and the UC in turn showed her where he used the needle.” They then discussed “how and where ‘they shot up’ at and how to avoid a knot on the vein.”

So peace Officer Arcady, is using a pregnant woman to make meth buys. He is paying her in meth, and he is shooting up. Hmmm. Law and order at its finest.

GJ Activist Unearth Toxic Waste in Roosevelt National Forest

    Over the weekend of July 9th and 10th a short-bus full of activists associated with Confluence Media Collective, and Grand Junction Earth First!, unearthed five dump truckloads of illegally buried toxic waste in a pristine meadow, just yards from the Larime River. The US Forest Service is now investigating the situation, and has pledged to clean up the waste.

   Last summer and fall, Doug Harding, currently of Grand Junction, was working for Eagle Feather Construction, out of Roberts, Idaho, when he was ordered by project manager to dig the pits and bury the waste. “I was told to make it look like we were never there,” said Harding.

   “I knew when I did it, it was wrong, but I needed a job,” said Harding, “but I’m out here today to set things right.”

    The waste stems from a $555,071 federal contract from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, to replace outhouses at four campgrounds in both the Roosevelt and Arapahoe National Forests. The Forest Service now admits that the waste from the popular, Tunnel Campground, was instead dumped nearby in a meadow. 

    Eagle Feather Construction and its sister company Peace Pipe Construction specialize in Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management contracts around the country. Eagle Feather Construction is right now re-building the outhouses at Kelly Dahl Campground near Denver.

    “If there were more people like Doug Harding in this world, willing to stand up and do the right thing. We would live in a better society and have a healthier environment,” said GJ Earth First! activist Ian Lafferty.

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